How to Choose a Mattress?

We often fuss over mundane domestic chores, and simple decision-making at home becomes tumultuous. Whether moving into a new house or renovating the older space, comfort is everything, and nothing possibly can beat a good nap. That is precisely why a mattress should be chosen carefully in terms of comfort, budget, and requirement. Considering the bed contour, the space inside the room, the number of people sleeping on that bed, and many other factors, a suitable mattress can be selected.

Since we all know that a good mattress allows us to have a sound sleep and good fabric, cotton, wiring, and spring underneath can heal bad posture and joint pain, too, before moving into the nitty-gritty of parameters to select a mattress, let us peep into the reasons behind choosing the right mattress. A good mattress is nothing less than an excellent long-term investment.

Determining the Need for a New Mattress:

Before buying a new mattress, we must be looking into the very fact that we require a new mattress. Secondly, hygiene becomes a potent factor. Often when the synthetic cotton fiber is not used as the mattress stuffing, it gets prone to getting infested with bed bugs, which can be tremendously dangerous. The latest sleep science says that sound sleep is a quintessential medicine for all age groups since our ultra-modern super complex lifestyles need a daily dose of solid dozing. If the mattress has become harder and more uncomfortable and is hurting our back, neck, and hip, this is high time to change the mattress and get a new one instead. The innerspring coiling, if broken, would make the mattress surface undulating and uneven, which increases the discomfort. Mostly traditional ways of mattress inner coiling are prone to get disfigured within a short span of time.

“Happiness is waking up, looking at the clock and finding that you still have two hours left to sleep.” — Charles M. Schulz, (American Cartoonist)

You can consider buying a new mattress depending upon the mattress’s lifespan that you already have. The average lifespan of an air mattress is around seven years; hence, if you have been using an air mattress for more than 7-8 years, this is time for you to shift to comfort again. Similarly, if you have been using a waterbed mattress or pillowtop for more than 7-8 years, this is time to switch to a newer and better option. These days, mattress companies are conducting surveys to get to know their customers better and work upon the goods to make them more durable and enhance their utility. A hybrid mattress can easily be used for up to 10 years, and hence, there is no need to change it frequently. We can find the same kind of durability in latex foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses. It is better to scroll through and examine options before getting a new mattress. There are special fits in this sphere for orthopedic issues and older people.

“I love to sleep. Do you? Isn’t it great? It is the best of both worlds. You get to be alive and unconscious.” — Rita Rudner, (American Comedian)

The moment a mattress starts losing support and starts sagging, that is a red alert. This might severely hurt the back and neck; one should immediately grope for a newer option to be placed on the bed.

How to Choose the Best Suitable Mattress:

Budget: To choose the best possible mattress, the first step should be fixing a price floor and ceiling. To determine the budget must be the first step. That would keep us away from end-moment dilemma and confusion. To be budget-friendly is fine, especially when it is a heavily loaded renovation, but choosing the most economical option might have adverse effects in the long run. Remember, buying a mattress for the house is not an expenditure but an investment you are making.

On the other hand, we must not be burning a hole in our pocket, and hence, striking a balance is solicited in terms of the quality of the mattress and the quantity that we want to purchase. You can easily scroll through various options; you might sort and filter and make a permutation – combination with the budget in your head. Never be in haste while deciding to buy a mattress.

“A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting.” — Terri Guillemets, (Quotation Anthologist)

Do not go by the demonstration effect since a good mattress is anything but a Veblen good. It is anything but a luxury. A good mattress is necessary; hence, try not to be fooled by fancy lucrative marketing strategies floating around the market space. An expensive mattress will never ensure that it is always of supreme quality. Looking for a better dealer and negotiating is the only way out. We generally are supposed to pay more for organic and natural fibers since that takes sustainability.

“No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.” — Carrie Snow, (American Stand-Up Comic)

Choosing the Ideal Type of Mattress in Accordance with Overall Health Requirements and Durability:

Getting to know the innerspring and coiling is essential. A continuous spring grid underneath is highly avoidable as it cannot ensure comfort even though it is durable enough. An offset spring setup is susceptible to physical damage but is cheaper. Modern sleep technology suggests springs for encased mattresses and hardly damage even after being used for years. An encased spring setup is costly but would be worth all the pennies. A Bonnel spring network is a traditional setup of a spring grid within a mattress fiber which many people still avail. An even spring grid ensures air circulation within the cotton of the mattress, which keeps the mattress cooler at night to give us a sound sleep. An even grid of spring also ensures that the mattress stays bouncy enough.

Keeping up with Modernity:

The latest sleep technology has elicited the usage of latex foam that might be natural or synthetic. A natural latex mattress is eco-friendly, and sustainability is never out of fashion. But to keep the budget in the head, synthetic polymers are used along with natural tree sap to form artificial latex. Latex beds are the bounciest, and people who want cool and responsive beds can avail this option. In recent times the market has been flooded with these latex mattresses.

“When the going gets tough, the tough take a nap.” — Tom Hodgkinson, (British Writer)

Comfort is much Solicited and Inevitable:

Sound sleep for a few hours can ensure physical, emotional, mental health. Keeping this in mind, many opt for the memory foam that adjusts the body pressing points and evenly adjusts its surface with our body postures and movements. It balances out the weight too. We all must have watched those commercials where a kid jumps on the bed with a glass of milk or juice in his hand, and that does not even spill over the bed. Yes, that is entirely possible when memory foam beds have motion isolation. This is how science and research have been enmeshed with mattress technology and manufacturing. Convenience and comfort have to be prioritized.

“No wonder Sleeping Beauty looked so good…she took long naps, never got old, and didn’t have to do anything but snore to get her Prince Charming.” — Olive Green, (Author)

A mattress must be suitable for almost everybody type, and so does a memory foam. It regains shape when we lift our body from the bed and presses itself equally at every inch of our body contour to be supported evenly.

Our bed is the only place we retire to at the end of the day, unwilling to deal with the day’s stress. Hence, sound sleep is of utmost importance. A good mattress is required to strike a proper balance between comfort and support.

What Danger might we Face if the Wrong Mattress is Used?

Our spinal alignment must be perfect when we sleep, and an old uneven mattress might distort that. The wrong shape or a hard one might mess without body posture. Who does not want quality sleep! An uneven mattress that is undulating and fiber or springs are jutting out does not look good in terms of the space’s décor. The wrong mattress can only lead us to insomnia and spinal issues.

“I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything till noon. That’s when it’s time for my nap.” — Bob Hope, (British-American Comedian) … That is how comfortable a slumber should be, perhaps.

These days, synthetic fiber mattresses are made to repel bed bugs, making them more durable and hygienic. The wrong mattress might mess with our form and posture. When we ask ourselves ‘how to choose a good mattress?” we will consider body type and sleeping posture. The moment mattress springs creak and poke us when we turn over; it is high time we go mattress shopping. If we still wake up stiff and tired in the morning, getting a new mattress might be an ideal decision.

Before going mattress shopping, we must consider whether we are back sleepers, side sleepers, or stomach sleepers. There are combination sleepers, too, and sleep scientists suggest a medium-firm mattress for them. Chiropractors recommend a firm hybrid or a foam mattress to people who sleep on their stomachs. Such firm mattresses might ensure proper spinal alignment. A pillow top mattress is generally a softer mattress, and hence that is highly recommended by doctors to side sleepers.

A mattress is not a random object manufactured but has a lot to do with science. Body types are significant parameters to be considered since people with lower body weights are suggested to sleep on softer mattresses. In contrast, people above 230 pounds are recommended to buy a mattress with better support. Ideally, the breadth of the mattress should be something around 12 inches to get firm support. It sounds like a lot of mathematics goes behind getting quality sleep to wake up fresh. If you are running after a lucrative deal or a flashy discount sale in the market, give it a second thought since the mattress is a long-term investment that you are going to make. Cracking a bad deal might cost you your comfort and health.

Consulting a chiropractor before buying a mattress is highly suggested if you face severe back or neck pain and even when you are an insomniac. Pregnant women must visit the doctor once to get the most suitable mattresses. You may read our article on Moving Tips when you are Pregnant.

Taller people should always go for a queen mattress since anything shorter than that must be discomforting for them. If your feet are hanging off beyond the edge of the bed, it is high time to get calculative about the length of your mattress since compromising a good sleep is criminal for physical and mental health.

A mattress might be an exciting purchase but should be a thoughtful one. Our complicated lifestyles increase stress, and that is more of a reason to invest in a good mattress that allows us to sleep well. A sound slumber is even better than medicine. Hence, while selecting a mattress, the attributes mentioned above must be kept at the back of the head to crack a good deal.

Frequently asked questions:

What do sleep scientists, doctors, and chiropractors consider before suggesting an ideal mattress?

Chiropractors are visited mainly by people complaining of neck and back pain. This is precisely why mattress manufacturing is backed by solid science. Doctors suggest bouncy mattresses that are firm enough to keep your spinal alignment in a neutral position. Traditionally very firm mattresses were suggested to treat back pain, lower back pain, neck and joint pain. Still, recently there have been researching and studies suggesting medium-firm mattresses to give pain relief. There are specially manufactured therapeutic mattresses available in the market to provide us with relief from backaches.

What is the ideal kind of mattress that we can opt for if we are on a strict budget and unwilling to burn a hole in the pocket?

One should be going for an innerspring mattress though it is hard to find one in the market. Innerspring mattresses are cheaper yet can be used conveniently for quite some years. Choosing a foam mattress can be another economical option, but a latex foam mattress might cost a lot; hence choose wisely.

Why are Hybrid mattresses so costly?

Hybrid mattresses are generally made of a combination of coil and foam. Manufacturing is more difficult as much research and calculation go behind it. It has to be manufactured so that the coil grid perfectly supports the even spread of foam.

What are the additional luxury features we can look for while buying a mattress?

If we do not want frills on our mattresses, we should be looking for better flippability. Pressure relief enhanced mattresses are expensive but accelerate our quality of sleep. These days mattresses have additional features such as pillow tops and thermoregulation too. Investing in a good quality mattress never goes in vain.

What innovation are individual companies bringing to manufacture mattresses according to client comfort and market need?

There is an array of companies that are innovating mattress making. Companies are manufacturing foam mattresses, adding a layer of gel or perforation to enhance internal air circulation. Airbeds and waterbeds are newer varieties available in the market.

Why is an isolation motion mattress suggested in general?

People sharing their beds with their partners or children or parents must not be disturbed while the others change posture or position on the bed. A mattress that is good at isolation motion is highly recommended in these cases.

Which kind of mattresses would best suit children and toddlers?

Suppose children and toddlers are supposed to have a safe and sound comforting slumber, then mattresses made of organic fiber should always be given priority. Encased spring grid mattresses are best suited for kids since they are moderately firm and soft enough to sleep comfortably. These mattresses are especially suited for kids since they have fewer chances of getting undulating surfaces with time. Kids are more prone to make accidental spillages of liquids; hence a waterproof mattress would be a better fit.

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