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Moving from Florida to New York

Want to escape the tropical heat of the Sunshine State? What better place to move to than New York with modern amenities and breathtaking landscapes! Surely the sunny weather in Florida is something that most people yearn for in other parts of the U.S, however, the different opportunities in New York definitely can’t be ignored.

Whether it’s the state’s good standard of living or plenty of job opportunities, New York is one of the most popular, busy, and bustling states of the U.S. Planning to move from Florida to New York? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of all the things you need to know before moving to The Empire State. Keep reading our guide on moving from Florida to New York that’ll help you plan your move in the most efficient way possible.


Factors To Consider Before Moving From Florida To New York

Weather Conditions

When speaking about the climate in Florida, the state is known for its intense thunderstorms and hurricanes. However, the weather in New York is totally opposite to that of Florida. Although you can be at ease when it comes to thunderstorms and hurricanes in New York, the state does have occasional cold storms during winters. So, every New Yorker has winter coats, gloves, and boots stocked up in their closets. In general, the state of New York is known to have a humid continental climate. But, if you reside in New York City, then you’ll get to experience a humid subtropical climate.

Here’s the difference in temperatures that you can expect in peak summers:

  • Florida in July - Average daily temperatures range from 74°F to 86°F.
  • New York In July - Average daily temperatures range from 71°F to 84°F.

The winters in Florida are considered to be the mildest in the U.S. However, the winter months in New York are known to be very cold and snowy, so don’t expect to see bright daylight as the state occasionally experiences snowstorms. The residents of New York usually indulge in ice-skating and most of them enjoy a Broadway show, especially during the winter months. So don’t let the cold winters deter you from moving to New York as the state has tons of things for you to do like dining at the most exquisite restaurants to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Here’s the difference in temperature that you can expect in peak winters:

  • Florida in January - Average daily temperatures range from 52°F to 68°F.
  • New York in January - Average daily temperatures range from 29°F to 40°F.

Few Things To Bear In Mind About New York’s Weather:

  • The winters in New York can be really snowy and windy. However, the residents don’t have to worry about the snow and slush blocking their path to the subways in the state.
  • Overall, the state experiences temperatures that fall in the range of 28°F to 85°F.
  • Summers in New York can be really humid, so if you’re planning to stay here, make sure to get an apartment or a house that has central air or mini-split systems. Otherwise, get ready to buy an AC for your house if you end up purchasing or renting the toastiest apartment in the state.

Cost Of Living

If you’re planning to move from Florida to New York, then the cost of living in the state is something you should consider when planning your budget. After all, your expenses are going to differ greatly if you’re relocating from the Sunshine State to the Empire State. The overall cost of living in New York is almost 16.4% higher than the U.S national average as shared by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

To give you an insight into your basic expenses in New York state, we’ve compiled a few statistics shared by 24/7 WallSt. One of your everyday basic utilities will be food and if you’re a single adult planning to live in New York, you’ll spend around $3,539 on a yearly basis. This is relatively high compared to the average expense of $3,240 that a single American spends annually. Speaking of food expenses, a family of four people will pay almost $10,220 for their food, which again is higher than the national average of $9,354.

Speaking of your basic expenses in the state, your healthcare costs surely can’t be forgotten. If you’re a single adult residing in New York, you can expect to spend around $5,018 annually for your healthcare which is higher than the national average of $4,266. This cost is almost $14,627 for a family of four people which is quite high compared to the national average of $12,950. Your transportation costs to commute in and around the city can also be considered as your daily expenses. If you’re keen on using your private vehicle in the state, you’ll have to spend almost $2.29 for every gallon of gas.

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Buying A House

One of the most important things to consider when planning your move to New York is your stay here. If you’re thinking of buying a house here, then be prepared to spend a few extra bucks on your real estate than you must have spent in Florida. It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that the housing costs in New York are on the higher end as compared to Florida because of its metropolitan amenities.

Median House Cost In Florida: $356,349 (as per Zillow)

Median House Cost In New York: $381,335 (as per Zillow)

Renting A House

Not everyone can afford to buy a house. And since the housing costs in New York are on the expensive side, you have the alternative to rent an apartment or a house. Do keep in mind that there are several factors that’ll affect the rent for your house. The kind of apartment you choose to live in, its amenities like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location of the apartment, etc will contribute greatly to the amount of rent you pay to your landlord.

Monthly Median House Rent in Florida: $1,790 (as per Homesnacks)

Monthly Median House Rent in New York: $3,200 (as per Homesnacks)


Let’s take a look at your other utility bills in New York. If you want that current to be flowing in your house, you’ll have to see to it that you pay your electricity bills on time. Your monthly electricity bill can cost you around $103.60 in the state. When it comes to your water bill, you’ll have to keep around $70.93 as your monthly expenditure.


Job Market

It’s certainly obvious that the economy of New York makes it stand out more than other states in the U.S. The state’s powerful economy has recognition throughout the world and so you can rest assured that there are plenty of job opportunities here. Finance, information technology, tourism, energy, etc are some of the prominent industries in New York that contribute to the state’s overall economy.

Here are some of the top-notch companies that operate in New York:

  • IBM
  • Bank of China
  • Healthfield Operating Group
  • Deloitte
  • PepsiCo
  • JPMorgan Chase Co.

Surely Florida’s economy greatly comes from its tourism, finance, aerospace, and other industries. But New York, too, has a thriving economy that has gained it a reputation of being the financial capital of the world.

Let’s take a look at your median household income in both states:

  • Median Household Income In Florida - $47,212 (as per BestPlaces)
  • Median Household Income In New York - $58,687 (as per BestPlaces)

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In terms of the transportation system, it goes without saying that New York state has an extensive transportation system compared to that of Florida. The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is responsible for the highways, subways, railroads, and other mass transit services in the state.

When it comes to commuting options in Florida, the state doesn’t have widespread transportation services like New York. So, you’re likely to opt for traveling in a car or a private vehicle to get around in the state. Unlike Florida, you can avail of the different transit options right from buses, commuter rails, and cabs in New York.

Here’s a list of the main airports, railroads, and buses that support the transportation system in New York:


  • Newark Liberty International Airport
  • John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • LaGuardia Airport
  • Buffalo Niagara International Airport


  • Long Island Rail Road
  • Metro-North Railroad
  • Port Authority Trans-Hudson
  • Buffalo Metro Rail


  • Greyhound
  • MegaBus
  • Trailways of New York
  • OurBus
  • Short Line

All in all, there are several transit options you can avail of in New York state. But don’t forget the fact that the state is known to have excessive traffic problems. The two busiest highways in New York are New York State Thruway and the Long Island Expressway. Having your own vehicle might help you better navigate your way around these routes in the state.


New York’s Strong Points

  • Distinct four seasons throughout the state
  • High standard of living
  • Great transportation system
  • Booming economy
  • Rich history and many opportunities to see art, dance, and theater
  • Many hiking trails
  • Exquisite restaurants and shopping centers
  • Many historical museums and libraries

Top Cities To Move In New York

New York City (NYC)

Great diversity of people, rich culture, and a booming economy - all of these things make New York City one of the most sought-after places in New York state. And why not? Right from Central Park, Empire State Building to the renowned Broadway, there’s so much to keep you occupied in this city. Not just that, NYC is also home to several Fortune 500 companies including JPMorgan Chase, Verizon Communications, Citigroup, etc. And you won’t ever get bored here as the city has several places like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park Zoo, etc that you can visit.

Median Value Of Homes: $746,354

Monthly Median Rent: $4,140


Buffalo resides along Lake Erie in New York and is considered to be the second-largest city in the state. The city is known for its architectural wonders like Frank Llyod Wright, Louis Sullivan, etc. If you’re looking for a place that has a rich history and modern city-like amenities, then Buffalo has tons of things to offer you. There is no shortage of art galleries, museums, and entertainment centers here. And one surely can’t forget to mention the famous chicken wings here that most of the residents enjoy at the numerous restaurants and fast-food joints. The city is also home to top-notch companies like M&T Bank, Kaleida Health, etc.

Median Value Of Homes: $198,135

Monthly Median Rent: $1,146

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is a popular resort destination in New York. If you’re looking for a relaxed city that has a vacation vibe to it, this might just be the place for you. Some of the popular tourist attractions of this city are Yaddo Gardens, The Saratoga Automobile Museum, and many more. No wonder tourism is one of the biggest sectors here that contributes greatly to the city’s overall economy. The Ayco Company, Saratoga Hospital, SUNY Empire State College, etc are some of the major companies that operate here.

Median Value Of Homes: $448,407

Monthly Median Rent: $1,856


Looking for a place with a historic feel to it? Well, Albany in New York is such a place to live. Why, you ask? The beautiful architectural marvels like The Egg, Empire State Plaza, New York State Capitol, etc in the city speak for themselves. The city resides towards the west along the shores of the Hudson River. So, going on a cruise is something that many residents enjoy in Albany. The city has many top employers like New York State Insurance Fund, Excelsior College, St. Peter’s Health Partners, etc.

Median Value Of Homes: $252,795

Monthly Median Rent: $1,392


Rochester was once known as Flour City and is now one of the prominent metropolitan areas of New York. Today, the city boasts of its renowned educational institutions that draw many families and young professionals in the city. The University of Rochester, The Empire State College, Monroe Community College, etc are some of the best institutions here. When it comes to the city’s economy, some major companies like Monroe Community Hospital, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, ESL Federal Credit Union, etc operate in this city.

Median Value Of Homes: $203,384

Monthly Median Rent: $1,169


Things To Take Care Of When You’re Moving From Florida To New York

  • Since your move from Florida to New York is a long distance move, you’ll have to book your movers well in advance. We recommend that you book your movers at least 3-6 months in advance.
  • When planning a budget for your move, see to it that you get moving quotes from at least 3-5 moving companies. That will help you compare their costs and services and help you decide which company suits your needs.
  • Always check for red flags when booking a moving company. Some of the things to be mindful of include checking whether the company is licensed and insured, looking up their USDOT number, and checking their reviews on Better Business Bureau and other trusted online portals.
  • The distance from Florida to New York is almost 1,447 miles. So depending on your convenience, decide whether driving or flying there would make your move easy.

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Florida To New York Moving Costs

The average moving cost from Florida to New York can fall anywhere in the range of $3,000 to $6,000. Now, something to remember is that there are many other factors that will affect the overall cost of your move. For example, the kind of services you ask for like packing and loading your items and the location of your house will also influence your moving costs.

If you’re stuck with a tight budget, you can always choose to have a DIY move. So all the packing and loading will be done by yourself and you can rent a moving truck with a driver to escort you and your belongings to your new location. Otherwise, a hybrid move works best for those with a strict budget. You can hire movers only for packing your fragile and bulky items and you can do the rest. So, simply put, the more services you ask for, the greater your moving expense will be.

In order to get an accurate moving quote, you need to give all the details of your move to your moving company. So, make sure that you notify them about the date and time of your move, location, ZIP Code, and other important details about your move.

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Summing Up

There’s no doubt about the fact that New York state has something very unique and charming about it as compared to other states in the U.S. The bustling streets of the state and a thriving job market make it a perfect place to settle in. Does it tick off all the boxes on your moving checklist? If yes, then we’re here to help you find the right movers for your move from Florida to New York.


FAQs About Moving From Florida To New York

Is It Better To Live In Florida Or NY?

Living in Florida means getting to enjoy sunshine throughout the year. The beaches there give the state and its residents a vacation vibe all the time. New York, on the other hand, is a fast-growing state that has a busy nightlife, plenty of job opportunities, and lots of things to do. In terms of transportation, New York’s transit system is better compared to Florida. So, depending on what you’d prefer in a state, both states are good places to live in.

Is New York Or Florida More Expensive?

The overall cost of living when it comes to food, transportation, and healthcare is cheaper in Florida than compared to New York. To give you an insight, a single adult can expect to pay around $45,039 for basic necessities in Florida. This cost is almost $46,110 in New York for a single adult as shared by 24/7 Wall St.

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Should I Move From NY To Florida?

Florida has great weather, no income tax, and a low cost of living as compared to New York. So, if you can’t afford to live in the Empire State, then you can consider moving from NY to Florida.