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Arpin Van Lines logo

Arpin is now part of​ Wheaton & Bekins

From delivering ice and coal to becoming one of the largest moving companies in the world, Arpin Van Lines has made a long journey. Yes, you heard it right, it started with coal and ice deliveries in Rhode Island. But it has gone beyond the borders of its home state and is today a global leader in transportation.

Arpin Van Lines also provides moving and storage services to corporate, government, and military moves. Let’s find out how this experienced company can make your move easier.



One of the oldest moving companies in the US, Arpin Van Lines has sustained well over a century. Founded in 1900 under the name Paul Arpin & Sons, this family-owned moving and storage company celebrated its 100th anniversary in the year 2000. Arpin went global when it opened its first international office in England. Success followed and the company kept featuring as the top moving company in the US.

Over the years, the Arpin Group did more than just help people move. Arpin Renewable Energy was established to implement green initiatives across subsidiaries of the Arpin Group. The company supports social initiatives like Save the Children, Habitat for Humanity, and the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.

Recently, in 2020, The Wheaton Group acquired Arpin, bringing 5 brands together. Today Arpin Van Lines falls under the same umbrella as Wheaton World Wide Moving, Bekins Van Lines, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, and Clark & Reid.

Their core philosophy ‘Creating Customers for Life’ rings true, because chances are the previous generations of your family too moved with them! Do a quick Google search and you’ll find them located somewhere near your city because they have 330 agency locations spread all over the US. Moreover, with 450 agents nationwide, you can easily find their services in your state.

Headquartered in Indianapolis (IN), Arpin Van Lines has locations in New Hampshire, Chicago (IL), Houston (TX), Orange County (CA), Moorestown (NJ), New Jersey, and New York. It won’t come as a surprise that the company performs over 14,000 general services administration (GSA) and military moves a year. You can easily find their agents in your neighborhood. Keep any worries aside, because the agents of Arpin Van Lines are trained to maintain the quality of service that Arpin Van Lines is known for.


What Services Does Arpin Van Lines Provide?

Household Moving

Arpin Van Lines takes the entire responsibility for your local or long-distance relocation. The staff is trained to give unparalleled service and personalized attention to the customers. In case you are moving for the first time and are clueless about the moving process, they will be your airbag as they educate their clients about the entire process and what they should expect.

If you don’t wish to spend precious time packing, they’ll do it for you. Toss aside those endless tutorials on disassembling and installing heavy appliances as the professionals of Arpin Van Lines provide furniture assembly and appliance installation services too. Once your belongings are loaded, trust the company with it. If your shipment isn’t delivered within the scheduled dates, Arpin Van Lines reimburses for each day it delays in delivering your items. You can easily track your shipment and call them anytime since their lines are open 24/7.

Here are the types of household moves they undertake:

  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance
  • Cross Country
  • Interstate Moving

Senior Moves

When it comes to moving and storage, senior citizens need special attention. More stress and less ability for physical labor make moving companies a necessity for people who want to move out after retirement. Arpin Van Lines understands this and thus makes senior moves less stressful. You can rely on the company as it trains its agents to be more compassionate while handling a senior move.

Most people move into smaller houses after their retirement, which cannot accommodate all their belongings. In such cases, decisions about what to keep, sell, and donate have to be made. If you are contemplating moving into a house after retirement or moving into a nursing home, Arpin Van Lines packs your belongings and donates items you no longer need. Be carefree about your retirement budget as the company provides a discount for Senior Moves!

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Military And Government Agency Moves

If you serve the military and have received an order for a permanent change of station, ring up Arpin Van Lines to sort your move out. The company boasts 100 years of experience in military moving services. The Arpin military relocation agents ensure the standards of a military move are met. So you can pay all attention towards serving the nation and leave the relocation to the movers.

Arpin Van Lines has helped many government employees move domestically and internationally. Government agencies have strict approvals and quality control standards when it comes to the relocation of federal employees. You can rest assured as the company meets the GSA requirements that are needed for a government relocation.

If you love watching the Military Makeover series on Lifetime, you’ll know that Arpin Van Lines is the one behind all those relocations. This mini-series is dedicated to the ones who have served in the US military. Way to go Arpin Van Lines!

Corporate Moving Services

Arpin Van Lines comes together with companies to provide relocation services to their employees. There are pricing packages for companies and moves come with protection. If your company doesn’t work with Arpin Van Lines, you can just let Arpin know. They’ll call up your company management and pitch to them! This works in favor of both the company and its employees.

International Moves

Moving from the US to Canada or beyond, things can get difficult. If you want to fly across the globe and want your belongings to follow you, well that’s covered too. Arpin International Group is the one to ring up for any international move. It has a staff comprising diverse ethnicities, and this multicultural aspect acts to your advantage. As there won’t be language or cultural barriers. They cover moves to the majority of countries, just go to the Arpin International Group website and you’ll see the list of countries they provide moving services to.

Storage Services

Many people need storage spaces to safely keep their belongings while they are away. Sometimes, basements, attics, or garages are put to use for other purposes than storage. New constructions, smaller homes, and apartments have less or no space for storing bulk goods. At such times people end up needing external storage for their items. If you are not moving but just need space to store your belongings, Arpin Van Lines has a solution for you.

The company has a massive 4.7 million square feet of moving storage space, which is possible because of its wide agency network. It’s the perfect solution if you are moving temporarily, going overseas to pursue your education, or for a job. Rather than dumping all your household items at a relative’s place, send it over to any of Arpin Van Lines’s storage facilities.

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Priority Relocation Service

A ‘fast pack and ship’ service, priority relocation is an ideal service for those looking to move a smaller quantity of items in a short time. Though it doesn’t seem like one, moving fewer items over a long distance can be a challenge. They make use of shipping containers to pack and ship your belongings. Choosing Arpin Van Lines will ensure everything is delivered faster, be it a small move locally, cross-country, or across the state.

Vehicle Moving

If you need your vehicle to be shipped over a long distance, Arpin Van Lines does it for you. The company has partnered with boat movers nationwide to make this possible. Once your vehicle is in their hands, you can just sit back and relax as they take care of all safety, cargo insurance, and claim records. So if you are moving to a state like Hawaii and are wondering who’s going to ship your car there, just contact Arpin Van Lines. Its vehicle moving logistics covers everything from a basic family minivan to a limited-edition sports car.

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Key Takeaway

You can ask for more services in addition to your moving and storage services. If you face a roadblock in your move, you can just ask the agent. Arpin’s network of vendors will undertake that task, however small it may be. So you don’t have to go looking for people to do any minor tasks involved during moving. If you aren’t moving, but just want to use a third-party service, get on a call with an Arpin rep. They’ll gladly guide you through it.


How To Contact Arpin Van Lines?

Option 01

There is a contact number on the top right corner of their website. Clicking on it will direct you to make a call via your phone. You don’t even have to type it out on the dial pad.

Option 02

You will find their email address on the contact page of their website. Shoot a mail regarding the kind of move you are looking at.

Option 03

On the same contact page, you will find a link that says ‘Click Here to contact us using our online form.’ Enter your email address, subject, and message. They’ll get back to you within 24 hours after you submit the form.

Option 04

Enter your ZIP code in the space under the title ‘Find an Arpin Agent’. Once you enter the code, it will show addresses, contact numbers, and websites of the Arpin agents nearest to your location.

Arpin Van Lines Headquarters Address:

Arpin Van Lines, Inc., 8010 Castleton Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46250, United States of America

Remember that the working hours at the headquarters are from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. The corporate office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Arpin Van Lines Fee Structure

Though Arpin Van Lines’ services are on the higher end cost-wise, there are multiple discounts available. The prices are worth of the quality of service and trained professionals they send to your disposal. Since they have invested in advanced training, your move will be logistically and practically smoother. There are no fixed quotes, all prices vary depending on your move, size of move, distance, and added services you want.

To give you a perspective in terms of costs, we’ve gathered a few examples of how much you can expect to pay:

Origin Location Destination Amount
Los Angeles, CA Dallas, TX $3,171 - $4,105
Dallas, TX Chicago, IL $2,866 - $3,719
Chicago, IL Baltimore, MD $2,694 - $3,441
Baltimore, MD Orlando, FL $2,676 - $3,455

All the prices are just estimates, many other factors determine what your quote will be. There are 3 ways to get personalized quotes.

  1. A Ball Park Move Cost Estimator that involves calculating your moving cost depending on ZIP codes of the location of origin and destination, date of move, and type/size of your move.
  2. An In-home Estimate where a professional or a team is sent over to your home for a survey of your household items and their quantity. Depending on these, a customized quote will be presented to you.
  3. A Virtual Move survey in which a local agent surveys your belongings over Zoom, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger. Then they calculate a fast and accurate moving quote based on the survey.


Why Choose Arpin Van Lines For Your Move?

You can vouch for the services of Arpin Van Lines since it is a recipient of ProMover accreditation. Every time you research moving companies, you trust the Better Business Bureau. That gives you one more reason to choose Arpin Van Lines because it is rated A+ by the BBB. Additionally, the company is a member of the American Trucking Association Moving & Storage Conference, so you can be assured of its service standards.

Arpin Van Lines has ranked 1 in customer satisfaction for three years back-to-back. Unlike other moving companies, Arpin Van Lines is conscious of its carbon footprint. This stringent green policy has won the company many accolades. When it comes to customer reviews, Arpin Van Lines clearly leads. The company’s Facebook page shares reviews every Friday, which speaks great volumes about the happiness of its customers.

A few of the things you’d probably find appealing about Arpin Van Lines are:

The Upsides

  • They have a 6-Point Customer Care Program that is designed for the convenience of customers.
  • They offer discounts during the off-moving season, making moves during the off-season cheaper.
  • Contacting them is easy, as they have kept many routes to contact them open, on which they respond promptly.
  • Customers who had a good experience with them often prefer them for their next moves. Some have even moved only with Arpin Van Lines for many years.
  • There are many videos and blogs on the website to guide novices through their moving process.

The Downsides

Now let’s also look at the other side and some of the drawbacks of hiring Arpin Van Lines for your move.

A lack of Google Reviews is something we don’t like much. There is some negative feedback about the company on websites. The complaints are primarily about damaged goods, but most of these negative reviews are 2-3 years old.

Overall, the few aspects that we think aren’t great are:

  • There have been complaints of clumsy handling of goods, tampering with the inventory sheet, and missing items from their belongings.
  • Arpin Van Lines’ agents are spread all over the US but aren’t present in major cities like Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, New Orleans, Louisville, etc.
  • Since the family-owned company was taken over by a corporate group, it’s unknown if they will maintain the standards.

Our Take

Since Arpin Van Lines has an array of services, you can rely on them for your entire move. The goodwill of the company means a lot to the agents, and thus you’ll receive efficient service. You won’t end up spending a lot since they offer a personalized quote after studying all aspects of your move. Furthermore, you don’t have to run around at the last minute looking for companies, as all services revolving around moving are provided by them. Do your research, ask them for the quote, and go ahead if you think that Arpin Van Lines is the right mover for you.


FAQs about Arpin Van Lines

What More Services Do Arpin Van Lines Provide Other Than Moving And Storage?

Services like the assembly of playground equipment and pool tables, plumbing, electrical 1 disconnect / reconnect services, and maid services are all available. Arpin Van Lines provides these services through its network of vendors. Arpin Van Lines continues using the services of these vendors if their customer service scores are consistently good. Such close monitoring by the company acts as a guarantee of the services they provide you.

Do Arpin Van Lines Move Pets?

No, Arpin Van Lines doesn’t directly move pets. It has special relationships with professional pet carriers nationwide. So if you are moving with your pets, just ask your agent and they’ll give you the direct contact information of a top pet carrier. This way you don’t have to research a dozen pet carriers for your furry loved ones.

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