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All My Sons Moving is a family owned moving business that’s been in the moving industry for over 20 years. It’s interesting to see a company built by family members since it shows that they share the same passion for the moving industry. They surely love what they do since the business has been passed down for 4 generations till date. So you’d probably feel like there’s that personal touch in the service just like when you visit your local store.

While the dedication and passion to help you with your move is strong with All My Sons Moving, let’s just look at whether they would be the right fit for you. We’ll look at the pros if you pick them and also the limitations to hiring All My Sons Moving. So, let’s get right to it with our detailed All My Sons Moving Review feature.



Like we said earlier, All My Sons Moving is a family business that can help you with local and long distance moves. They can also be of help for non-residential moves such as commercial or corporate moves. They’ve been in the moving industry for over 20 years now and it’s the fourth generation of the family that is now managing the company.

So, there’s a chance that your forefathers may have used their service but in the year 2021, there’s the trendy grandson taking the shots. All in all, family members form the core management team at All My Sons Moving. Old fashioned and ingrained in values is the personality that the company portrays, so to an extent that’s the vibe that a customer can rightly expect.

In terms of where it all began, the company opened first in 1980 with headquarters set in the state of Texas, lying in the suburb that goes by the name Carrollton. This suburb is just 30 minutes away from the widely recognized city of Dallas. Don’t be mistaken that this means the company won’t be able to help you if you’re not in Texas. AMS can certainly assist you with any type of moves within the United States as well as international waters.

Another notable mention is that All My Sons Moving partners with several charities to give back to society. They are presently involved with - American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Toys for Tots and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. AMS is a sponsor for a couple of the projects initiated by these charities. For certain cases and in times of need, the company also volunteers their trucks and drivers to deliver donations.

They are also proud supporters of the Jude Dream Home Giveaway campaign of the hospital. Donating and pulling up their sleeves to help the less fortunate seems to be part of the company profile. Lastly, we’d like to mention that the company is ‘ProMover’ approved. This is a type of certification tag given out by the notable American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) to represent the professionals apart from rogue movers.

What Services Do All My Sons Moving Provide?


The tagline or short phrase that is closely associated with the company AMS is that they help families move. So, it’s not surprising that residential moves are one of the biggest services they offer. If you’re moving homes, they could assist you with tasks like packing, loading, unloading, hauling and transporting the items safely.


Now a commercial move requires more equipment and familiarity with moving heavy duty machinery. For instance, if you own a gym and need to haul the treadmill and other heavy equipment, you’ll need to opt for a commercial move. This is something that not all moving companies can assist with, since the level of difficulty is higher. If you want someone with the right equipment and expertise on moving furniture like file cabinets, printers and office chairs, then you can consider getting a quote from AMS.

Auto Moving

If you don’t want to leave your four wheeler or two wheeler behind, then you can opt for help with auto moving. They would be able to assist you with shipping your vehicle across town or state borders.

Moving Specialty Items

Now, if you have something fragile or valuable like rare antiques or expensive equipment, you’d want your move to take immense precaution to prevent it from getting damaged. For utmost care with specialty items, you can consider asking AMS, since they also deal with moving delicate goods.

Storage Facilities

You may or may not need a storage facility, but if you’re looking for one, then AMS would be able to help out with this aspect as well.


In A Nutshell

Be it a move that’s less than 35 miles or more, AMS has done that type of move for sure. You can even think of hiring them for a specific kind of move that’s not the standard residential type, but way more demanding in terms of service. What this could include is a commercial move where you have bulkier items that need to be transported.

The set of services offered by All My Sons Moving is similar to other companies its size. You can expect them to pay attention to smaller demands of the move and be of aid with logistics as well. They do give the vibe that they don’t only care about dropping the goods to your doorstep but also help with additional tasks like disassembling furniture, packing artwork or next day cleanup.

How To Contact All My Sons Moving?

Option 01

You can choose to get a free quote on their website and leave your contact details and email address on the form. Post that, you would get a call from a sales representative to discuss the quote and other queries at length.

Option 02

You can directly write them an email


Give them a call

Option 03

If you reside in Texas, you could choose to visit their office personally. Their office is situated on the following address:

All My Sons Moving Office Address

2400 Old Mill Road, Carrollton, TX 75007

Do note that their office timings are from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday. And they work from 8am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Why Choose All My Sons Moving For Your Move?

All My Sons have a laundry list of moves they can help you with. Whether you pick them for your local or out of state move, you would get a crew of professionals to work with. This is because they solely work with independent professional moving companies across the nation. So you would ideally be put in touch with a partner company that they trust and then you ultimately trust.

Most of their positive reviews take the names of certain movers that were professional and worked in a timely manner. Now if you get these movers, you’re in luck and will most likely also leave that positive review because of how great the move was. The company website has a list of all the moving companies they’ve taken under their roof, so you can easily know the name of the company assigned to you. You would then need to do some more homework on the company All My Sons Moving is working with just to be sure.

To summarize few of the aspects of the company that you’d probably find appealing are -

The Upsides

● Customer service gets termed as satisfactory in the least.
● They get points for communication in a timely manner.
● They are absolutely transparent about the independent moving companies they work with.
● Reasonably priced quotes.

Now let’s not look at the company through rose tinted glasses, so let’s also bring out some of the drawbacks associated with AMS. Now the first noticeable issue is that they work with different movers across the nation, due to which the quality isn’t linear across all the companies but truly zigzag. The reviews are proof of the same. For instance, a simple glance at their reviews will show that they receive both extreme backlash and praise.


The Downsides

The backlash mostly points out to being overcharged beyond the initial quote mentioned. So, as per customer reviews, it’s probable they use the low ball technique where they reel you with a low offer and then eventually increase the quote once you book them. We suggest being extra careful and getting proper confirmation that the estimate provided won’t be fluctuating without reason. Be stern that you’d like a ‘binding estimate’ to avoid hassles where you’re informed about additional charges at the last minute.

Few of the other drawbacks you should know about are:

● They don’t have storage units in every single state but the option is limited to a few. You would need to confirm this before booking them.
● All My Sons Moving work with different independent moving companies across the nation. Not every mover is a quality moving company because of which they have a ton of mixed reviews.
● Their local moves are limited to roughly 16 states and still expanding so you have to check if you can get their service in the area you live in.
● The company website doesn’t have as many resources, guide books or quick access to ballpark quotes in comparison to competitive moving companies.
● They don’t really respond to every negative review, but only reply to each of the positive ones.

Key Takeaway

You might get a reasonable estimate in comparison to other moving companies with All My Sons Moving. However, you want to be careful that it isn’t a marketing gimmick meant to simply lure you in. As a customer, opt for a binding estimate and do some more research on the companies they work with in your area. Pick the best among the batch of independent moving companies AMS is associated with.

All My Sons Moving Fee Structure

Based on some digging we did, we found the average cost for an interstate move with All My Sons Moving to be roughly $5161. On the other hand, the typical costs for a local move is $1060. This average estimate is based on the reviews left on the website.

However, if you’re looking at getting an accurate estimate, you would need to personally reach out to the company. Post the walk-in house tour and depending on the difficulty of the move, an estimate would be carved for you. Quotes always vary on the season, distance and how big the move essentially is. A good rule of thumb is to always take at least 3 quotes before locking in on the mover you want to hire, so you could try getting a quote to see whether it’s good enough for you.

To give you a perspective in terms of costs, we’ve gathered a few examples of how much you can expect to pay:

Moving From Moving To Number of rooms Full service costs
North Carolina North Carolina 3 Bedroom $970 (local move)
Creedmoor, NC Burlington, NC 3 Bedroom $1418 (local move)
Texas Texas 2 Bedroom $800 (local move)
Texas Texas Partial Move $2500
Kansas Kansas 4 Bedroom $1400

Keep in mind that if you opt for full service, then the cost would be relatively higher. For instance, in the first two examples, both customers are moving within North Carolina from 3 Bedroom homes but there’s still a difference between the estimates. Things would always vary depending on the services you pick. If you do the packing by yourself, costs come down.


A full service move is calculated based on the following aspects:

● Weight
● Distance being covered
● Loading and unloading
● Full packing charges (you can opt for partial to bring down costs)

The company can also help you with getting a storage unit or specialty items but at additional costs. After such costs are taken into consideration, you can expect the estimate to increase. Typically, the quotes you receive are lower than other reputable companies like Wheaton World Wide Moving or Atlas Van Lines.

Our Take On All My Sons Moving

All My Sons Moving is not among the top tier or average companies in the moving industry, but it rather falls somewhere in between. The estimates provided by them are fairly reasonable so if you’re looking for an affordable company, then this could be it.

But just a heads up that, you have to ask for a binding estimate so that you’re not overcharged. Also, since AMS works with other independent companies across the nation, be sure to do a little research on the actual local company that will be responsible for your move.


How much does it cost to hire All My Sons Moving?

For a local move, it could cost you roughly $1060 to hire All My Sons Moving. If it’s an interstate move, the average costs fall somewhere between $4800 to $5200. Keep in mind that these are just ballpark estimates to give you an idea. To get an accurate estimate contact All My Sons Moving at 1-866-726-1579.

Does All My Sons Moving offer storage units?

Yes, All My Sons Moving offers storage units but the service is limited to certain states. It’s best to confirm the state in which they have units at the time of booking.


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