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Best Moving Companies in Nevada

Moving is going to be a difficult and long task as it has multiple variables that need to be taken care of. From planning to executing and everything else in between, things can get really messy and complicated. Hiring a moving company is the way to go about a move as a reliable moving company will help you cover all your bases. You’ll have fewer things to worry about and more time at hand to experience this process to the fullest.

Narrowing down on one reliable moving company in a big state like Nevada can get tricky as there are ample moving companies that provide moving services locally and even internationally. To help you figure out which companies you can look into and hire, we have listed the best moving companies in Nevada down below. You can choose the one that best caters to your needs!


 6 Top-Rated Movers In Nevada

  1. Triple 7 Mover
  2. Anytime Anywhere Piano & Moving Co. (AAPMC)
  3. Sky Van Lines
  4. Move 4 Less
  5. Red Carpet Moving Company
  6. Five Star Moving

Triple 7 Mover

Triple Seven Mover is a renowned moving company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company was established in 2008 and is a family-owned and operated business. They provide moving services and storage solutions for locals as well as interstate moves of all kinds. Some of the services they provide are local, long-distance, commercial, residential, senior, interstate, furniture, and even hot tub moves along with many others.

The company is known to not include any hidden fees and keep their transactions transparent. It's a strict rule that they believe in following. They have worked with families, business owners, corporations, seniors, and many other clients. The company has gotten a team of professionals to ensure that all of your belongings reach your desired destination in time and safely. They have services that cater to your individual budget and requirements. They ensure that you get the help you need when moving and the process is as seamless as possible. 


Triple Seven Mover Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews: 4.2/5

Angi: 4.3/5

Anytime Anywhere Piano & Moving Co.

Anytime Anywhere Piano & Moving Co. (AAPMC) is a moving company based in Reno and Tahoe, Nevada. As the name suggests, the company has expertise in piano moving. They have professionals working for the company that have been trained to move heavy items like a piano. AAMCO has the skills and the professionals that help you move all of your delicate items like the piano, hot tub, guns, and even antiques.

AAMCO has the expertise, experience, and training to ensure that all of your delicate items are unharmed and that they reach their destination safely. They have services like gun safe moving and removal, hot tub removal and moving, furniture moving, junk removal, piano moving, disposal & climate-controlled storage, etc. Although the company is fairly recent after being established in 2017, they have been successful in creating a well-established name for themselves.


Anytime Anywhere Piano & Moving Co. Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews: 5/5

Angi: 5/5

Sky Van Lines

Sky Van Lines is a widespread moving company with its headquarters in North Las Vegas, Nevada. They have six other locations spread across the states of Nevada and Texas. They deal with different kinds of moving services for homes, offices, corporates, antiques, employees, vehicles, fine arts, and more. The company has been in the works since 2016 and offers varied moving services for long, short, interstate, international, and local moves.

Sky Van Lines, as a moving company, believes in communication and it's one of their unbreakable principles. They believe that every move is different and every individual has different requirements. So they provide a wide range of moving services that cater to your requirements and your budget at Sky Van Lines. Once you get in touch with them, they will run you through all of their services and also give you a step-by-step breakdown of how they would go through with the move.


Sky Van Lines Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews: 4.7/5

Angi: 5/5

Move 4 Less

Move 4 Less is a locally owned moving company based in Reno and Las Vegas of Nevada state. They have been providing commercial moving services to their customers for over 15 years now. The moving company has been in the business long enough to gather the trust of their clients from various sectors through their expertise, experience, professionalism, and their trustworthy services. Move 4 Less have employees that are well trained, knowledgeable, and have expertise in the moving field.

The company has long-distance, short-distance, non-profit moves, commercial, residential, specialty, and senior moving services available for you. They also have storage facilities along with packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, assembling, as some of their prominent moving services. Move 4 Less will customize your requirements and suggest services that would fit your needs and budget as well. So you can easily reach out to this moving company, have a look at the services you need, and even get a quote to understand your budget.


Move 4 Less - Movers Las Vegas Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Angi: 3.9/5

Red Carpet Moving Company

Red Carpet Moving Company is a moving company based in Las Vegas and has an experience of over 10 years. It's a locally owned business that will work with you and plan every element of the move. They have experienced professionals who will understand your requirements and plan a move that not only fits these requirements but also makes your move super smooth and easy for you.

The company has expertise in residential or commercial relocation services. They offer you these services for local, interstate, or even international moves. So it doesn't matter what the scope of your move is, they have services that fit all kinds of moves. Some of the services that they provide include packing, local moving, interstate moving to ten west coast states, piano moving, furniture moving, loading labor, overseas forwarding and shipping, office relocation, new and used packing material sales, etc. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to them, and you’ll experience it first-hand from the moment you contact them for your move.


Red Carpet Moving Company Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews: 4.8/5

Angi: 4.8/5

Five Star Moving

Five Star Moving is an experienced moving company that was established about two decades ago. This moving company is family-owned and operated that thrives to meet the needs of the client. They do so by providing moving services that cater to the clients' individual requirements and that also fit their budget. Five Star Moving has offices in two cities in Nevada - Las Vegas and Reno. So you can get in touch with any of the offices as you like.

Five Star Moving has their services open for appointments all throughout the week and you can book an appointment via their website or just by giving them a call. They provide long-distance, local, commercial residential, loading, and unloading services. One important thing to note is that they are a labor-only moving company. This means that they will provide you with the labor to move, load and unload, and assemble your belongings without provisioning the truck or transportation. So if all you need are a few helping hands for your DIY move, then Five Star Moving is the company you can definitely get in touch with.


Five Star Moving Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews: 4.9/5

Yelp: 4.5/5

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Moving Company

Moving, as mentioned earlier, can be a really difficult process and a moving company is going to help you get rid of some of this stress. But, finding a moving company that you can work with will take you some time. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you do choose a moving company for your move within or out of Nevada.

  • Before you even start looking for moving companies, you need to look at the kind of move you have, the size, time, distance, and location. These are all important factors that will determine the kind of services you will need to avail of. Once you know all of this, you'll be able to narrow down the kind of services and company you're in need of.
  • Start asking people you know for any references they have. You'd be surprised to know how many people have gotten scammed by bogus companies and how many have had great experiences working with some excellent ones. This could be the starting point to start your research.
  • When looking for moving companies online, check for online reviews across different websites. You can also read the comments that people have left. That's one section that gives you honest reviews from people that have hired the company. Good reviews and feedback is always a good sign for starters.
  • Once you have found a few companies, you can then start calling them up, asking the questions, and getting estimates. Getting estimates for a minimum of three moving companies is important. This will give you a fair idea of what the move will cost you and which company has the best deal to offer.
  • You need to ask the moving company a bunch of questions before you sign any kind of contract with them. Ask them about any hidden fees, the kind of services they provide, the timeline, the process of the move, and anything else that you need answers to. This will give you a fair idea of whether the moving company will be able to provide you with the services you need or not. Because communication is key!

Summing Up

So now you have a list of a few of the best moving companies in Nevada. This is a list that will help you narrow down your final choice, but you need to know that there's a lot of research that you still need to do and a whole bunch of questions that you need to ask before you hire a moving company. You have to be thorough and be able to communicate the needs that you have. Keep these things in mind and you’ll surely find a moving company that fits your requirements and your budget.


FAQs On Best Moving Companies In Nevada

How Long Before A Move Should I Contact A Moving Company?

You need to contact a moving company a little earlier than just a few days before you move. Ideally, about two months prior to your moving date, you may contact the moving company. This will give you enough time to figure out what company to hire and give you enough time to get started with the move.

What Is The Most Reputable Moving Company In Nevada?

Five Star Moving, Red Carpet Moving Company, Move 4 Less, Anytime Anywhere Piano & Moving Co. and Sky Van Lines are some of the most reputable moving companies in Nevada. You may hire one of these moving companies for when you have to move out of your current home into a new one.

What Day Is Cheapest To Hire Movers?

Hiring movers can cost you big bucks and staying under budget can go for a toss. You can hire movers on weekdays as they are less busy and can offer you better deals. You can also hire them during off-seasons. That's when the prices on services are low and you get good deals as well. These are the times when hiring movers can be less stressful on your wallet.

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