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Company Overview

Tower Moving Systems is a moving broker with certified agents specializing in long distance moves servicing all 50 states. Their mission is simple: provide the best service and pricing for interstate moves.

With over 20 years of collective experience, Tower Moving Systems specializes in long-distance and local moves, including residential, corporate, and military moves. They also offer free storage and redelivery, full white glove moving services, and specialized soft crating for fragile items.

To make your long-distance move easier, Tower Moving Systems will assign a personal moving assistant to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Tower prides itself on being accurate, customer-focused, and highly rated in the moving industry. They have an A rating, accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, and a 4.5/5 star rating on Yelp and other review sites.

Tower Moving Systems is a top choice for anyone needing a reliable and professional moving company.


  • ➡️ Long distance moving
  • ➡️ Local moves
  • ➡️ White glove moving services
  • ➡️ Moving Insurance
  • ➡️ Vehicle shipping
  • ➡️ Storage


  • Personal moving assistant
  • Binding quotes
  • Transparent pricing
  • GPS tracking
  • Extra 15% discount for any military personnel and first responders
  • Free storage
  • Accredited with the BBB
  • Binding estimates


  • Deposit required at booking
  • No in home estimate

Why We Recommend Tower Moving Systems

Tower Moving Systems is a top choice for anyone in need of professional moving services.

There are several reasons why they stand out from other moving companies in the industry:

➡️ Binding Estimates

Tower Moving Systems provides binding estimates based on inventory, meaning that customers can be confident that the price they are quoted is the price they will pay, with no surprises or unexpected fees.

➡️ High attention to detail

The Quality Assurance Department at Tower Moving Systems has eliminated 98% of surprise price hikes on pickup, thanks to their thorough inventory process and communication with the customer.

➡️ GPS tracking

Tower Moving Systems have GPS tracking so that you know where your belongings are at all times. Customers can get in touch with their personal moving assistant to get updates and provide personalized attention and support throughout the entire moving process.

➡️ Great Customer Service

Tower Moving Systems’ commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail make them a top choice for anyone looking for a stress-free moving experience.

🏆 Customer opinion 

“Tower Moving Systems is a great company to work with. They helped me move from one state to another and the service was excellent. They were on time, efficient, and did such a great job. I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with moving or needs help packing or transporting their belongings!” 

Elias Murphy

What Moving Services Do Tower Moving Systems Offer?

➡️ Long-distance moves

Tower Moving Systems has a proven track record of handling long-distance moves with the utmost care and attention to detail. In 2022 alone, they serviced over 2500 long-distance moves and will do 20% more in 2023.

The team has over 20 years of collective experience in the moving industry and contracted relationships with top agents, customers can rest assured that Tower Moving Systems has the expertise to handle any long distance move.

They provide each customer with a personal moving assistant who will create a customized moving plan that meets their budget and needs, and they’ll guide them through the moving process.

➡️ Local moves

Besides their expertise in long distance moves, Tower Moving Systems offers top-notch local moving services. Whether you’re moving across town or just down the street, their professional movers will ensure that your move is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

They use specialized equipment and materials to protect your belongings in transit, and their team is trained to navigate tight spaces and challenging parking situations.

With a personal moving assistant assigned to each customer, Tower creates customized moving plans that meet each customer’s requirements. Also, your moving assistant can answer any questions and provide support throughout the moving process.

➡️ White glove moving services

For customers who require extra care and attention to detail, Tower Moving Systems offers white glove moving services. This service includes a full professional pack of your home and specialized packing of delicate items.

To ensure your possessions are well-protected when they are transported, Tower’s experienced movers use specialized equipment and materials, such as custom crates and padding.

Their white glove moving services also include additional services such as:

📦 Assembly and disassembly of furniture

📦 Packing and unpacking of belongings

📦 Loading and unloading

📦 Removal of all garbage/leftover materials

With Tower Moving Systems’ white glove moving services, you can trust that your high-value items will be handled meticulously, giving you peace of mind during the moving process.

➡️ Moving insurance

Tower Moving Systems understands that your belongings are important and valuable, so they offer insurance options to cover them during the moving process.

All moves are insured for up to $10,000.00 at a rate of .60 cents per pound. This means that if any of your items are damaged or lost during the move, you will be compensated at a rate of .60 cents per pound of the item’s weight.

For customers who require additional insurance coverage, Tower Moving Systems also offers full valuation insurance at an additional cost. This insurance option protects your belongings if they are lost, damaged, or destroyed during the move.

💡Tip: It’s important to note that even with full value protection, there may be certain limitations and exclusions in the coverage, so it’s always a good idea to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions of any coverage offered by a moving company.

➡️ Vehicle shipping

Tower Moving Systems offers reliable and convenient door-to-door vehicle shipping services for customers who need to transport their vehicles to their new destination.

Their team of professionals is trained to handle all types of vehicles, including:

🚗 Utility vans

🚗 Sedans, hatchbacks, or SUVs

🚗 Luxury cars

🚗 Motorcycles

🚗 Caravans, and more.

All vehicles are transported in crates and containers designed to protect them in transit. The vehicle is securely strapped for maximum safety, and the wheels are blocked to prevent movement.

➡️ Storage

When moving, some customers may require storage for various reasons. For added convenience during this transition period, Tower Moving Systems offers its customers 30 days of free storage.

Whether you need to store a few items or your entire household, their storage options are flexible enough to meet your needs. With Tower Moving Systems’ free storage offer, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and secure while you move to your new home.

How Much Does Tower Moving Systems Cost?

Many factors can affect the cost of a move, including the distance, the number of items to be moved, the date of the move, and the additional services required. Tower Moving Systems has made it easy to get a quote to ensure customers receive an accurate estimate.

Customers can simply fill out a form on their website, and a representative will schedule a time for a moving coordinator to conduct an in-home estimate. The moving coordinator will go room by room to take note of all items that need to be moved and provide a customized quote based on the customer’s unique needs.

This quote includes all services provided, so there are no hidden fees or surprises. Tower Moving Systems offers binding estimates for long-distance moves and hourly rates for local moves. Their prices are inclusive of:

🚚 Tolls

🚚 Labor

🚚 Gas and gas surcharges

🚚 Basic valuation coverage

🚚 Disassembly and reassembly of furnishings

🚚 Loading and unloading of moving trucks

🚚 Removal of all garbage and leftover materials

💡What Is a Binding Estimate? It’s a guarantee that your moving price won’t change once you receive your quote unless you add or remove items from your inventory.

It’s important to note that even with full value protection, there may be certain limitations and exclusions in the coverage, so it’s always a good idea to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions of any coverage offered by a moving company.

Tower Moving Systems go the distance to provide detailed pricing estimates and a breakdown of the costs of additional services. With the binding estimate, the only additional charges that may apply are for specific services, such as:

➡️ $75 fee for each flight of stairs after the first flight

➡️ If the truck cannot park within 100 ft of the entrance, a $1 long carry fee will apply for each additional foot

➡️ In the case that the customer decides to pack the furniture themselves, but needs special packaging on breakable items, there is a charge for soft crates by the piece


Tower Moving Systems offers a range of promotional discounts. Including an extra 15% discount for any active military personnel, veterans, and first responders.

Booking Process

Tower Moving Systems have a simplified moving process to make it easy for customers to book their move. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of Tower Moving Systems’ booking and moving process:

➡️ Step 1: Initial Contact

After getting in touch with Tower Moving Systems, a customer service representative will call you to obtain some basic information about your move, such as the origin and destination of the move, the size of the move, and the desired moving date.

➡️ Step 2: In-Home Estimate

The next step is to schedule an in-home estimate. A moving coordinator will visit your home to take inventory of all items that need to be moved. This is done to provide a customized quote based on your specific needs.

➡️ Step 3: Booking Confirmation

After the in-home estimate, your moving assistant will send you a personalized estimate. Once you are happy and you are ready to book your move, you’ll be asked to confirm your booking by signing a contract and paying a deposit.

The contract will outline the move’s details, including the move’s dates and times, the services included, and the price.

➡️ Step 4: Pre-Move Preparation

In the weeks leading up to the move, you will work with your personal moving assistant to prepare for the move. This may include packing and organizing belongings, coordinating with the moving team, and preparing the new home for your arrival.

➡️ Step 5: Moving Day

On the day of the move, the Tower Moving Systems team will arrive at your location at the scheduled time to begin the move. The team will carefully pack and load all items onto the moving truck, ensuring everything is well-protected during transit.

Your personal moving assistant will be in constant contact to provide support and update you about your belongings’ location using GPS tracking.

➡️ Step 6: Delivery

Once the truck arrives at your new location, the team will unload and unpack all items, reassemble furniture, and remove any garbage or leftover materials.

➡️ Step 7: Post-Move Follow-Up

After the move is complete, you’ll receive a follow-up call from Tower Moving Systems to ensure that everything went smoothly and that you are satisfied with the service.

You’ll also have an opportunity to provide feedback on the move to help Tower Moving Systems improve its services in the future.


Cancellation policy

Tower Moving Systems has one of the best reservation policies in the industry, which allows customers to change their pickup date as needed with just five days’ notice from their original date, free of charge.

If, for any reason, the customer cannot or decides not to use Tower Moving Systems’ services, their reservation deposit is 100% refundable up to seven days before the scheduled pickup date.

Customers can book confidently, knowing they can make changes or cancel their reservations without risk, ensuring their moving experience is as stress-free as possible.

Reviews / Customer Satisfaction:

Tower Moving Systems is committed to providing a stress-free and seamless moving experience for its customers and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. They have a 4.5-star rating on Yelp, a 4.7-star rating on Google, and an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Tower Moving Systems takes customer feedback seriously in response to any issues or concerns that arise. After a string of negative reviews related to surprise overages or price hikes on pickup, Tower Moving Systems created a quality assurance department to address these issues.

A quality assurance representative now calls each customer before their pickup to go over the inventory list again and ensure that there are no surprises for the customer. Since creating this department, Tower has eliminated negative reviews related to price increases from the original estimate.

Along with their top-notch customer service department, this commitment to customer satisfaction has made Tower Moving Systems one of the most trusted moving companies in the industry.

Tower Moving Systems at a Glance

DescriptionTower Moving Systems  information
MC #1260191
US DOT #3653476
Moving broker or carrierBroker 
Average customer service rating (out of 5)4.5
Years in business20
GPS tracking
Local and long distance moving services


What types of moves do Tower Moving Systems specialize in?

Tower Moving Systems specializes in providing top-quality moving services for both long distance and local moves. They offer various moving services, including residential, commercial, and military.

Is Tower Moving Systems a carrier or a broker?

Tower Moving Systems are moving brokers. They facilitate the moving process by finding a carrier to transport your goods. Tower has relationships with multiple carriers and can help customers find the best carrier to meet their needs. They can also provide estimates and coordinate logistics for the move.

💡What’s the difference between a broker and a carrier?
A broker is a middleman that helps you move your belongings by hiring other companies to do the work. They will book your move and then sell it to another transportation company. A carrier will handle your move directly.

Are Tower Moving Systems insured?

Yes. Moves with Tower Moving Systems are insured up to $10,000.00 at a rate of .60 cents per pound, which means that if any of your items are damaged or lost during the move, you will be compensated at a rate of .60 cents per pound of the item.

They do offer more comprehensive coverage at an additional cost.

Does Tower Moving Services provide packing and unpacking services?

Yes. Tower Moving Systems provides a full-service moving package. Customers can expect a team of professionals to handle all aspects of the move, from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking at the new destination.

If needed, Tower Moving Systems provides up to 30 days of free storage for customers.

What is Tower Moving System’s cancellation policy?

If, for any reason, the customer cannot or decides not to use Tower Moving Systems’ services, their reservation deposit is 100% refundable up to seven days before the scheduled pickup date.