National Moving Companies

9Kilo Moving was first established in Canada back in 2005 and started out as a company that brought clients and movers together to create a mutually beneficial setup where customers got the best of what moving has to offer. Thanks to its astounding success through the years, 9Kilo Moving became a respected name in the industry.

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Different Types of National Moving Companies

Moving is not usually a fun activity and many people shiver at the thought of it. One step to ensure this does not happen is choosing the right moving company. You need to know what type of move you’re making (local, long-distance or cross-country) and this helps to determine what kind of moving companies to choose and hire. This also helps you evaluate the cost of moving. There are several types of affordable National Moving Companies:

Full Service National Moving Companies

This type of company provides all services that are needed in moving from one point to another. The movers pack, load furniture, and appliances into moving truck, deliver, unload and unpack your belongings. The owner doesn’t need to lift a finger. They pack belongings into packing boxes.

The company drives the truck to the new location and unload everything. Most of the time, these moving companies provide boxes for the move and also insurance for customer’s belonging. When you want stress-free move, you have to consider the full-service company. These companies are expensive than other moving companies but help to save time and effort.

Self-Service National Moving Companies

This type of moving company is cheaper and allows the customer to have control over packing their belonging and unloading. Customer packs their stuff and movers load and unloads your belonging at your new home, then the customer unpacks. Upack is one of the largest national moving companies in USA.

Do-It-Yourself Truck Rental Companies

As the name suggests, the customer does all the work. This company provides truck rental services; this means that the customer is responsible for all moving aspects including loading, packing, driving, unloading and finally unpacking. The company allows you to hire a truck that is large enough for all your belongings and also some basic moving equipment. It is cheaper as the cost of the heavy lifting is cut off as you do it yourself.

The company provides insurance and give precautions because you are responsible for driving the truck that you are not used to driving. There is a need to watch out for all buildings and trees to avoid breakage of goods.

Long Distance Moving Companies

It involves a move more than one hundred miles away from your previous place. These type of long distance movers also known as out of state moving companies help in relocating people who wish to move from one place to another. The cost is significantly high when moving long distance. They are also known as national moving companies, interstate movers or cross-country movers. To know more about the best long-distance movers in USA, click here.

The rate is based on the weight and cubic feets of the belonging and also the distance traveled. There is a need to have an in-house estimate when moving across the country. There are other companies that don’t offer in-house estimate which may not be fully licensed. We have the list of top cross country movers in USA who are capable of making your upcoming long distance move very smooth.

Specialized National Moving Companies

This type of moving company offers services in moving specific items which require special care. The items are usually delicate or expensive, they include piano, arts, wine collection, safes, pool tables, antiques, and automobiles. Many moving companies don’t offer this kind of services as they are not able to handle these specialized items correctly.

Commercial Moving Company

This type of moving company serves in relocating businesses, shops, and offices. Whenever your business needs to be moved, commercial movers help in this kind of move and have qualified professionals. That sort of moving requires man-power, specific packing, and equipment for packing. The company assigns a professional who plans the whole move and gives the quotation and also acts as a point of contact during the moving process. The process is expensive and complicated.

Local Moving Companies

These are companies that offer packing and moving services over a short distance of 30 miles within the same state. They usually charge by the hour. When relocating locally, it is always a good idea to look for companies that only carry out local moves as they can give you good deals. The moving cost depends on whether you need full moving services.

Auto Transport Service Companies

This is a perfect type of company that is involved in shipping your car if you are moving and do not want to drive your car from your old home to the new home. You hire the company to move your car from one place to another.


When moving, you don’t first realize the complexity and complications of moving process. Once the professionals are in place to give you details, it helps to create a picture in your mind. You also need to consider your budget when you want to choose the moving company. Always ask for professional movers if you are not able to handle the relocation process. Compare the services of different moving companies.