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Moving to a new place brings in a lot of responsibilities. Right from packing your belongings, and lifting your items to calculating your budget, there’s tons of work that you need to take care of. That’s exactly when professional moving companies can come to your rescue and help you with your moving logistics. One such trusted and recognized moving company is Mayflower Transit with over 90 years of experience in the moving industry.

Whether your move is local, long-distance, or international, you can approach Mayflower to assist you with your relocation services. And what’s better than a company that is experienced and at the same time reliable? Let’s just dive right in and have a look at the different kinds of services offered by Mayflower and how it stands out from the other moving companies.


What Services Are Provided By Mayflower Transit?

Mayflower claims to provide you with a peaceful moving experience. When someone claims to be experienced, trusted, and professional, you would have certain expectations that they would have to meet, right? Speaking of Mayflower, it has a wide range of services to help you with a stress-free relocation. Let’s look at the different kinds of services offered by Mayflower:

Caters to Different Types of Moves

Regardless of the size of your move, Mayflower can ease the burden off your shoulders with its experienced moving services. It has also partnered with UniGroup Inc and today is one of the most trusted and recognized movers in the United States. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of services they have to offer you:

  • Local Moves: If you need help with moving within your city, Mayflower will assist you with its local services. Once you approach them, Mayflower will connect you with its experienced agents who are acquainted with all the cities and metro areas in the country.
  • Long Distance Moves: For long-distance moves like moving across the country, Mayflower has access to almost all states in the United States. It will help in planning your move and moving your belongings and assign you a coordinator with whom you can discuss all your queries regarding the move.
  • International Moves: In case you’re considering Mayflower to move your household or office to a new country altogether, you can be at ease as it covers more than 150 countries internationally. Along with custom clearance, it will also assist you in tracking your shipment.
  • Corporate Moves: Mayflower acknowledges the struggle behind moving an entire office to a new location. That’s why it also specializes in corporate moving services to assist you with your employee or corporate relocation. Depending on the kind of services you need, Mayflower gives you the liberty to customize your move.
  • Military Moves: Military personnel and their families need to keep moving and that can be exceedingly tiring and stressful. Taking that into consideration, Mayflower is ever ready to assist you with your military moves as it’s a GSA (General Services Administration) approved carrier. Just so you know, Mayflower has moved about 225,000 military personnel in the past decade.
  • Small Moves: If yours is a small move that involves moving an apartment or a one-bedroom home, you can still approach Mayflower. It has a small moves program designed especially for you to help you in moving your small home. All you have to do is get in touch with the company and check if you’re qualified to avail of its small moving services.

Packing And Unpacking Services

Mayflower lets you choose from its full-service or partial packing services, so depending on your type of move, you can customize your moving services. Just ask it for a moving estimate and Mayflower will examine your house and help you plan your packing process according to your needs. To add to that, Mayflower also offers unpacking services, so you can get excited about moving to your new home while the company takes care of unpacking your belongings.

Mayflower also offers these additional services along with packing and unpacking:

  • Electronics Packing And Installation: You get help in packing and disconnecting several appliances like electronics, computers, etc.
  • Custom Crating Services: Your fragile items like mirrors, antiques, etc. will be taken care of with custom crating services before loading them onto the moving truck.

Storage Services

In case you’re planning to move but haven’t found a new home yet, you might want to pack and store your belongings beforehand. To save you time, Mayflower has short-term and long-term storage options to accommodate your belongings regardless of whether your move is a local, long-distance, international, residential, or commercial one. So you can go house hunting or redecorate your new home while it stores your belongings in its convenient storage facilities.

Auto Transportation Services

Whether you’re moving right across the state or to a new country, Mayflower will help you move your car along with your other belongings. You can either opt for its door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal transportation services. Depending on the type and model of your car and the size and distance of your move, Mayflower offers you both open-sided and closed-sided carrier equipment to choose from. Do keep in mind that the cost of your car transportation would depend on your car model and size, and the distance of your move.

Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

If you want to escape from the dozens of responsibilities related to moving that can cause unnecessary stress, you can opt for Mayflower’s full-service moving package. One of the best things about its full-service package is that furniture assembly and disassembly is included in it. So you can leave the heavy lifting in their experienced hands and focus on moving to your new home.

Specialty Items

There are certain items that are always at risk when it comes to moving them to a new place. It can be your piano, antiques, expensive chinaware, art pieces, etc. Mayflower can help you with moving these fragile and delicate items including things like moving your hot tub and grills in a safe manner.

Cleaning Services

Mayflower is right here for you in case you need a helping hand with the cleaning process in your new house. It offers a trash and debris removal service that usually comes with an extra cost or if you purchase its Plus 2 moving package. In the time span of just 30 days of your delivery, Mayflower staff will take away all your trash and waste.


How Much Does Mayflower Transit Cost?

The cost for your long-distance move would roughly cost you an average of around $5,000. Having said that, this cost may increase or decrease to a certain extent depending on the location, distance, size of your move, and the kind of services you opt for.

Unfortunately, Mayflower hasn’t given any approximate moving estimates for the moving costs on its website. But it has listed the different packages that come with several different services. Here’s a glimpse of Mayflower’s full-service moving packages:

Type of Package Price Services Included
Basic Package $225- Valuation protection up to $5,000
- Gold Standard Protection
- Identity theft protection
- Claims Assist
Plus 1 Package $425-  All services in the basic package
- $25,000 Additional Valuation Protection
- Debris removal
- Additional Delay Claim Payment for $250/day
Plus 2 Package $725- All services in the basic package
- $25,000 Additional Valuation Protection
- Basic wall mount disassembly (up to 2 TVs)
- Basic wall mount set up (up to 2 TVs)
- Additional Delay Claim Payment (for $250/day)


You can choose any 2 from the following convenience services that are available only if you purchase the Plus 1 or Plus 2 packages:

  • Debris pickup
  • Home theater stand mount set up and disassembly
  • Home theater wall mount disassembly
  • PC and network setup disassembly
  • Cleaning services (available only for the Plus 2 package)

Discounts From Mayflower Transit

One of the best things about considering Mayflower Transit is that you can expect to earn great discounts and rewards. If you sell your old home and purchase a new one, you can expect a cashback as Mayflower partners with CityPointe Real Estate Services. You will be connected with several real estate agents by the CityPointe experts and then you can choose a home that meets your needs.

The rewards are not limited to getting a cashback, if you purchase your new home with CityPointe and seek moving services from Mayflower, you are eligible for discounts on your mortgage. That’s not it, your CityPointe expert will also connect you with a loan consultant and help you get the best loan programs. Also, in case you need help with temporary housing, CityPointe will come to your aid as it has temporary housing solutions in over 180 countries.

Moving Protection Plans By Mayflower

One of the best things about Mayflower Transit is its moving protection plans that make them stand out from any other moving company. Here’s everything you need to know about the different protection plans offered by them:

Full Value Protection (FVP): Mayflower’s full value protection plan is designed to compensate for any kind of losses or damage to your items during the move. This is calculated by multiplying the weight of your item by $6 per pound. To give you a better perspective, in case your shipment weighs 6,800 lbs, then it would be multiplied by $6 accounting for  $40,800 as your shipment value. Make sure you don’t forget to fill out the high-value inventory form if you want full-value protection for your items.

Minimum Liability Valuation: All moving companies are required to include a minimum liability valuation by law. In case you have a small moving budget, you can opt for the Minimum Liability Valuation. But,  unlike the FVP, your compensation for lost or damaged items will be $0.60 per pound of your shipment’s weight. Just to give you an idea, if you have a TV weighing 30 lbs, then it would be multiplied by $0.60 per pound giving you a total value of $18.

Additional Protection Program: This is a program you can purchase along with your FVP even during the loading of your items onto the truck. Just get in touch with your Mayflower agent and check if you can avail of this program.

Pairs & Sets Waiver: If at all your pairs or sets like your glass or dishes are damaged during the move and cannot be repaired, Mayflower will compensate for that entire set or even pay you the replacement value of the item.

Mechanical Malfunction Waiver: In case any of your mechanical equipment is damaged during the move and not functioning, Mayflower will repair or replace that equipment but only after a thorough inspection.

Acts Of God Waiver: There are chances that your items may get damaged due to natural conditions. With the help of this waiver, Mayflower will repair or replace the items damaged because of a natural disaster.

Additional Delay Payment: If the company delays the delivery of your shipment, then you can get a compensation of almost $250 per day from Mayflower. Just make sure you get in touch with your Mayflower agent and enquire about your eligibility.

Increased Destination Wait Time: Mayflower is willing to give you an extended waiting time of up to 4 hours just in case you’re not ready to receive your shipment. Do keep in mind that this offer is applicable only to certain packages.

Identity Theft Protection: To avail of this offer, you’ll have to check Mayflower’s tariff for all the important programs.


Why Should You Choose Mayflower Transit?

Nationwide Coverage

Regardless of where you reside in the country, you can approach Mayflower for your local, long-distance, international or corporate moves. The company boasts its 500 locations which are spread across 46 states in the United States. With such wide coverage and a variety of moving services, there’s absolutely no reason not to have Mayflower on the list of moving companies that you’re considering.

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Tracking Your Shipment

Doesn’t matter whether your move is a small or a big one, moving can cause a lot of stress and anxiety especially if you have some of your precious belongings to be moved. Well, you no longer have to worry about this as Mayflower allows you to track your shipments. The procedure is quite simple, just open the company website and under the ‘Shipment Tracking’ section, enter your last name and order number.

SnapMoves Program

Mayflower considers all kinds of moves as important regardless of whether it is a local or a long-distance one. If you have fewer things to be moved, Mayflower will help you with its SnapMoves program. If you want to move a 1-3 bedroom apartment, 1 bedroom house, studio apartment, dorm room, or storage unit, Mayflower considers it as a small move. You get a variety of services like guaranteed move dates for your schedule, moving quotes, customized services, and full value protection through this program. All you have to do is get in touch with a Mayflower agent and check whether you qualify for the SnapMoves program.

Packing Checklists

Along with full-service and partial packing services, Mayflower also helps you plan your checklist. You can check the company website and know everything about how to pack your items, and the materials you’ll be needing along with downloadable packing checklists. There is also a video library that you can check to go through the tutorials related to packing.


What Should You Consider Before Hiring Mayflower?

While Mayflower in general offers among the best moving services, it’s not perfect. So here are a few things that we like a little less about Mayflower Transit:

Mixed Reviews

Although Mayflower Transit is a certified moving company that boasts itself as America’s most trusted moving company, there are several complaints about its moving services. While many customers have given it a good rating, there are others who have reported their damaged items.

No Transparency About Moving Quotes

Mayflower doesn’t mention any approximate moving costs for its services. When you request a moving estimate, you will directly have to connect with one of Mayflower’s agents who will inspect your house and then give you a moving estimate.

No Packing Supplies Provided

In case you need packing materials for your DIY move, you’ll be out of luck as the company doesn’t sell any packing supplies. However, you can go through their website and download packing checklists or watch their packing tutorial.



Mayflower Transit does tick all the boxes when it comes to its different moving services and valuation programs. You can consider them for your local or long-distance moves and even customize your move according to your needs. In spite of the mixed reviews for the company, we want to remind you that at the end of the day, every moving experience is a different one. It all depends on the movers who assist you in planning and executing your move.


Is Mayflower Moving Legit?

Yes, Mayflower is an ISO-certified moving company and a certified ProMover as recognized by the American Moving and Storage Association. Its variety of moving services has made it one of the most trusted moving companies in America.

Are Mayflower Movers Expensive?

Mayflower doesn’t really mention any moving costs on its website. However, you have the option of requesting a moving quote where you will be connected with a Mayflower agent who will give you an estimate after inspecting your house. You can expect your long-distance move to cost you around $5,000. But this cost can either increase or decrease depending on the kind of services you ask for and the size and distance of your move.

Does Mayflower Transport Cars?

Yes, you can approach Mayflower Transit if you need help transporting your car to a new location. Depending on the size and location of your move, you can choose from its door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal transportation services.

Is United Van Lines Owned By Mayflower?

No, United Van Lines doesn’t own Mayflower. Both these companies operate under the same parent company known as UniGroup.


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