Psychologists have discovered moving house is one of the most stressful life events. It comes just after divorce and the death of your life partner. There are so many things to do and to consider while moving cross-country to another home, that most people feel overwhelmed and fall into depression and anxiety. Individuals and families planning to move house have to think their actions very carefully and to come up with an action plan to stick to. If they aren’t organized, they risk turning the whole operation into a huge mess. It’s easy to have valuable furniture items and other personal belongings destroyed by the clumsiness of the movers. Not knowing how to pack things properly may also result in damage and loss of some of your personal stuff. Moreover, moving to another state may require a lot of preparation, paperwork and excellent leadership skills.

Best Cross-Country Moving Companies

Sr. No. Cross Country Moving Company Name Website Logo
1 United Van Lines United Van Lines logo
2 Mayflower Transit Mayflower Transit logo
3 Arpin Van Lines Arpin Van Lines logo
4 North American Moving Services North American Van Lines logo
5 Bekins Bekins logo
6 Wheaton Worldwide Moving Wheaton Worldwide logo
7 Stevens Worldwide Stevens Worldwide logo
8 Graebel Graebel logo
9 Atlas Van Lines Atlas Van Lines logo

All these are good reasons for everybody who cares about their sanity and their belongings to hire one of the best cross country movers companies to help them overcome this challenge. Top 10 best rated movers are considered so good for solid reasons.

They employ professional planners who can give their clients advice on how to pack, how to label and how to keep track of all things that need to be taken from the old place and moved to the new destination. This service alone can save you from a lot of hassle.

If you are clueless about handling boxes and moving stuff, you can easily fall into the temptation of filling the cardboard boxes way too much, thus creating real problems for the movers. When you can barely lift a box from the ground, you may not be able to handle it properly.

On the contrary, by filling these boxes only to the acceptable limit, you are going to ease the work of these moving companies. Moreover, the risk of damage is also lower, since these workers won’t be so exposed to dropping the boxes down the stairs.

By hiring one of the best cross-country movers, you can have the peace of mind that all your belongings are going to arrive undamaged at their destination.

Besides, all major long-distance moving companies have excellent insurance coverage, so you don’t have to worry about losing your furniture or other stuff because of a road accident.

We all know accidents happen, so all trucks on the road are exposed to getting involved in one, at any given time.

This is a fact we can’t fight, so it’s better to take the required preventative measures to limit the damage. An insurance policy is a solution. Even if it can’t bring you back those items with sentimental value, it can compensate you for your loss.

These professional cross country movers know that people need more than workers to handle their boxes and trucks to transport them to the new location. They know most people need help with the logistics, as this is something most of us have no clue about.

A good moving planner can help you organize your thoughts and your items. Also, you are going to learn how to group your belongings and how to label your boxes, to be able to cope with the unpacking. You should know that the unpacking is much more stressful than the packing and the transportation of your stuff. When you arrive at your destination, you are going to be standing in the middle of a house full of stacks of boxes.

You’ll be needing some of your personal items, so you must be able to find their box very quickly. Moreover, these boxes containing such items have to be within your reach. If they are at the bottom of a stack, you may need to work hard, to access them.

This is a stress generating situation which can be easily avoided by packing your stuff the smart way. However, if this is the first move in your life, you won’t be able to realize what kind of problems you are going to face at your destination. On the contrary, an expert mover would be aware of all these challenges.

These professionals move lots of families and individuals every year, so they have seen what these people have been through. They can provide you the solutions right off the bat, so that you can use the experience and the mistakes of others, without having to go through the same pain.

The best cross-country moving companies can also help you with particular objects such as pianos, artworks, and other similar things. Moving overseas doesn’t have to mean selling all your valuable stuff and buying other things again at your destination. You can have everything moved over, without a single scratch and anxiety. However, you need to pick the best possible moving company and follow their instructions.

If you don’t know how to find these movers, you can make use of matching services. There are businesses focused on matching their clients with the best moving companies. They are going to ask you about your specific requirements. Next, they are going to search their database and recommend you the best movers, the ones that can handle your type of job. By going this route, you can take the burden of moving overseas off your shoulders. Professionals can help you enjoy a smooth process, without too many incidents.

Top 10 trusted cross country movers

Sr. No. Cross Country Moving Company Name Website
1 United Van Lines
2 Mayflower Transit
3 Arpin Van Lines
4 North American Moving Services
5 Bekins
6 Wheaton Worldwide Moving
7 Stevens Worldwide
8 Graebel
9 Atlas Van Lines


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