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Most people move at least once in their lifetimes for work, a better lifestyle, or simply for a change of air. If you’ve figured out where you’re moving and which house you’re moving into, that is just the beginning. A mighty mountain of relocation lies in front of you and crossing that isn’t easy. Moving isn’t as simple as shoving your goods onto a truck and driving merrily to your new home.


Moving involves a ton of planning, researching movers, comparing deals, and negotiating prices. Safeway Moving Systems makes your move easier with their relocation services. The company is a licensed moving brokerage and has a  wide network of agents ready to help at every stage of your move. You can simply approach the company and then sit back as the team strategizes your move. To help you figure out if the company is the right choice for you, here’s our Safeway Moving Systems review.

Overview Of Safeway Moving Systems

Safeway Moving Systems is owned by a US Army veteran, which is why the company pours precision and discipline into every move it handles. Safeway Moving Systems always uses modern technology to undertake moves. The company frequently trains its staff to be experts in coordination, calculating estimates, and handling movers for its clients. 

This licensed and insured interstate moving broker is an expert in long-distance moves. Safeway Moving Systems also provides long and short-term storage options. The best part about this company is its price meet or beat policy, which is why you end up securing great deals. Now your long-distance moves won’t break the bank.

The company also partners with only those movers that meet Home Owners Association (HOA) requirements. This is a win for those moves which involve a condo or an HOA. That’s because condo associations and HOAs require movers that hold liability insurance of $1,000,000. No matter the type of your move - cross country, automobile move, international move, or specialty move; you can always rely on Safeway Moving Systems. 

What Services Are Offered By Safeway Moving Systems?

You can avail any of these services from Safeway Moving Systems to make your move a breeze. Their network of agents and trusted moving partners will ensure that you have a smooth relocation experience. You can book a particular or a combination of any services from Safeway Moving Systems.

Long Distance Moves

Safeway Moving Systems specializes in long-distance moves and knows its game well. The company knows that long-distance moves can be challenging and hence pay close attention to all the moves. Safeway Moving Systems works with only licensed and insured interstate movers who have the authority to move anywhere between the 50 states. The team schedules your move and ensures that your cargo reaches your new home exactly on the date you want it to.

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International Moves

You can avail of international moving services too through Safeway Moving Systems. The company will first understand the size of your move and look for estimates. Then the international move will be conducted through the partner agents once Safeway Moving Systems secures a good deal.

Packing And Unpacking

Safeway Moving Systems also arranges packing and unpacking services for you. The professionals arranged by the company will expertly pack all your belongings into boxes designed for them. The labor will also unpack your cargo for you once it reaches the destination. All you have to do is let Safeway Moving Systems know that you need packing service in advance.

Pad And Shrink Wrapping

The movers organized by Safeway Moving Systems will include a pad and shrink wrapping service for any fragile items you own. The movers will wrap and secure all delicate items like mirrors, hardwood furniture, antiques, etc so they don’t endure scratches or damages during the move. This is especially important for long-distance moves since there can arise unexpected damages.

Specialty Handling

Belongings like television or other electronic items need special care during moves. Safeway Moving Systems provides custom crating for special items like these. The company will arrange movers who come with the latest equipment to move large and valuable things like piano, vintage armories, heirlooms, etc.

Storage Solutions

Safeway Moving Systems has a wide network of agents for all your long-term and short-term storage needs. You can have your goods stored near your new home or anywhere between the way. This is possible because of Safeway Moving System’s third-party contacts. We haven’t come to the best part yet, you get up to 30 days of free storage with any Safeway Moving Systems relocation plan!

Auto Transportation

Want your family van to reach halfway across the country or need your multiple cars to reach your new home before you do? Leave it up to Safeway Moving Systems since they handle all kinds of automobile moves. Your valued vehicles will reach their destination safely without any damage.

Retirement Relocation

This is a fairly new service started by Safeway Moving Systems. Under retirement relocation service, Safeway Moving Systems guides, guards, and directs the moves of senior citizens. The company chalks out a detailed moving plan involving all the tiny nitty-gritty. For all seniors who are moving into a new state to be closer to their family, moving into an affordable city, or downsizing to save finances, Safeway Moving Systems will plan a move. This makes moving less stressful for seniors.


Safeway Moving Systems Cost And Pricing

In order to get a ballpark estimate, you need to talk to a sales representative from the company. No direct estimate is available on the website. You’ll get a $100 discount voucher on packing materials like boxes and shipping tape. This is a part of Safeway Moving System’s St. Jude sponsorship program.

There’s a no hidden-fee policy when you move with Safeway Moving Systems. Professionals from the company will visit your home for an in-person assessment of your home and belongings. If that’s not possible, a virtual assessment will be held. Post this you’ll receive a binding estimate, which is the amount you’ll be paying on moving day.

If you request to move a 3 bedroom house over a distance of around 1,000 miles, your approximate price estimate will be $9,000. This includes full-service packing, loading and unloading, furniture assembly, protective blankets for delicate items, transportation costs, and basic liability coverage. This is just an approximate estimate and the costs will go up if you have heavy and high-value items like a grand piano or other similar items.

Insurance Plans Offered By Safeway Moving Systems

Yes, insurance is the last thing you need to worry about when moving with Safeway Moving Systems. That’s because the company requires all its partner movers to hold an insurance policy of $1,000,000. This is the minimum insurance coverage any carrier needs in order to associate with Safeway Moving Systems.

The current federal requirement is the insurance coverage of $750,000. What Safeway offers you is 25% more coverage and this is to meet the requirements of condo associations and HOAs.

How To Book Safeway Moving Systems

If the services provided by Safeway Moving Sytems look beneficial to you and you wish to book the company, there are some easy steps. The excellent sales team and trained staff get back to you with affordable pricing estimates and secure the best deals for you. This is how you can book Safeway Moving Systems -

  • You can fill out the form on the website by entering your current ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code, contact information, etc.
  • Check out their ‘Contact Us’ page and call up the number provided. You can also mail the company with your queries.
  • After a few days, the company will call you back or email you to let you know that it has received your details. Post this you’ll be put in touch with one or multiple moving partners depending on the size and nature of your move.
  • You can then schedule an in-person or virtual assessment of your home with any company that interested you.
  • The moving partner will then get back to you with a quote.


How To Contact Safeway Moving Systems

There are several ways to contact Safeway Moving Systems. If you don’t wish to fill out the form on the website, you can simply mail or call up the company. You can even visit the office if you live in Florida.

  • You’ll find various ways to contact the company on its official website
  • Dial up this toll-free number if you directly want to get in touch with a sales representative
  • You can mail any queries or your requirements to the official mailing address: info@safewaymovingsystem.com.
  • If you want to physically talk to a professional, you can visit the main office of Safeway Moving Systems: 300 SE 2ND St Suite 600 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301.
  • The social media links on the website’s ‘Contact Us page don’t work but you can look up the company’s social platforms. There isn’t much content on those platforms though, so it’s best to reach out to their representatives to get the information you need.

Reasons To Choose Safeway Moving Systems

Price Meet Or Beat Policy

Safeway’s lower prices are unbeatable because of its price match policy. You can show them a written estimate from any of Safeway’s competitors and the company will lower its quote to match that price. All you have to remember is that it should be a reputable competitor and the price estimate should be for the exact same inventory you showed to Safeway.

Available 7 Days A Week

The sales representatives of Safeway Moving Systems are available to help you out all seven days of the week. Just remember that you can reach them on the weekends only between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden surcharges or fees you’ll be surprised with on your moving day. The company emphasizes price transparency and ensures you’re paying the exact quote you were initially promised. You won’t meet with any add-on charges unless there are last-minute changes or additions in your move.

Gives Back To Society

Safeway Moving Systems supports the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Once your move is complete and you’ve paid for everything, a representative will call you up and ask you how much out of your payment (up to $100) do you want them to donate to the hospital. The company doesn’t ask you for extra money to donate and donates only out of your move’s payment.


There are discounts and vouchers you get on packing supplies when you move with any partner of Safeway Moving Systems. For those who are availing of retirement relocation services, there’s a 5% discount if you book your service directly from the website. Make sure to check these out with their sales representative as well, so that you get to save as many bucks as possible!


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Things To Consider Before Choosing Safeway Moving Systems

No Local Moves

Safeway Moving Sytems does not arrange local moves. The company conducts long-distance moves with great precision and expertise but is yet to enter the local moving market.


The current live website of Safeway Moving Systems doesn’t have blog resources, chatbots, or any kind of live support. There’s no dedicated page for services, so it gets harder to pick the services you need.

Deposit At Booking Stage

You need to pay an upfront deposit if you want to schedule a move with Safeway Moving Systems. The booking is stuck at that stage if you don’t pay your deposit. This is a drawback because you cannot back out if you change your mind about the company later.

No Option To Track Shipment

Though Safeway Moving Systems partners with movers that use the latest technology and specialized equipment, there’s no option to track your shipment. The company should have looked into this issue since it focuses on nationwide moves. Tracking shipment also becomes important in long-distance moves.

Our Take On Safeway Moving Systems

As a moving brokerage company, Safeway Moving Systems does a brilliant job of planning, scheduling, and arranging your move. You can benefit from Safeway’s wide network of moving agents and low-price quotes. The staff of Safeway takes genuine efforts to make your moving experience smoother. There can be some disputes and misunderstandings if you confuse Safeway Moving Systems with a moving company. So just note that it's a licensed broker, in simple words, a moving coordinator. Remember this and you’ll be good!


FAQs On Safeway Moving Systems Review

What Services Does Safeway Moving Systems Offers?

Safeway Moving Systems coordinates long-distance moves, international moves, and automobile moves. The company also offers specialty handling and storage solutions through its agents.

Is Safeway Moving Systems A Mover?

No, Safeway Moving Systems is not a licensed carrier, which means the company isn’t a mover. Safeway is a licensed moving broker with a network of movers who carry out your move. The professionals from Safeway just oversee your move and attend to any problems.

What Is The Cost Of Booking Safeway Moving Systems For My Move?

You won’t find a direct cost calculator or an estimate on the website. You need to call or mail the company to understand the pricing. Approximately it costs $9,000 to move a 3 bedroom home over a distance of 1,000 miles.

Which Are The Best Long Distance Movers?

International Van Lines, American Van Lines, North American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, JK Moving are some of the best long-distance moving companies for all your out-of-state and cross-country moves.

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