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Planning on moving to a new place? Then it’s probably a great idea to get moving experts involved. This is because you’ll have all the stress of packing and moving off your shoulders. But when you look for moving companies, there are a lot of options, so choosing the one that suits your needs and budget is important.

As you begin your prayers and hunt for the perfect moving company to carry out your move, we have something that you might really like — a detailed review of Interstate Moving And Relocation Group.



The first thing to note about IMRG is that it’s a brokerage and not a moving company itself. What this means is that IMRG does not own any moving trucks. It plays the role of a mediator between customers and professional moving companies. The company provides its services through authorized third-party movers.

Located in Florida’s Boca Raton, Interstate Moving And Relocation Group is one of the country’s most reliable full-service moving brokerage companies. If you’re looking to move within your city or state, we suggest you stop right here as IMRG is not into local relocations. It takes up only the long distance projects of moving residential and commercial clients.

IMRG has been operational throughout the US for over 25 years. A major reason why people trust the company is that the complicated planning for a long distance move is the responsibility of a brokerage and customer reviews will tell you that IMRG does a commendable job. Let’s go into detail about this company’s services!

What Services Does IMRG Offer?

Long Distance Relocation Services

A long distance move is also known as an interstate move and this is a service IMRG specializes in. No matter which state you’re looking forward to moving to, you can seek assistance from Interstate Moving And Relocation Group. You don’t even need to spend time researching moving companies. That’s IMRG’s responsibility. It will find the right moving company for you who will deliver all your household items to your new home safely. The cost of your long distance move will largely depend on the weight of your shipment and the distance between your current and new locations.

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Corporate Relocation Services

Whether you’re looking to move a small business or a large corporate entity, IMRG can take care of any kind of corporate relocation. You can relax and need not worry about how are your electronic devices, office furniture, industrial equipment, and other valuable items going to reach your new workplace. The moment you lock IMRG in, it will appoint a special moving analyst to you who will plan each and every step of the process as per your requirements. Special attention will be given to the speed of the move so that your work does not get hampered. The quote that the company will give you is going to include the costs of loading, unloading, tolls, taxes, fuel, and driving.

Military Moves

If you’re an active military member and need to relocate with your family, you can reach out to IMRG to help you move without any trouble. The company will also carefully ship any of the military equipment you might want to be transported. Going the extra mile for the military, IMRG hires only those moving companies that are highly trustworthy and can provide confidentiality.

Auto Transportation

You can still consider driving your own car if you’re moving to a nearby state. But to drive hundreds and thousands of miles is neither recommended nor do you need to accept if your friend challenges you to do it. You can instead inform IMRG that you would like to use its auto transportation service. To ensure a scratchless, safe and timely delivery, the company will get a reputed auto relocation company to ship your car to your new residence.

Packing Services

Getting all your belongings packed by a professional moving company or packing a part of them yourself is totally up to you. If you ask IMRG to take care of packing, you can rest assured that from the small items to the large and delicate ones, everything will reach your new home in the exact same condition as at the time of dispatch. The company has tie-ups and works with various top-rated professional packers. You’ll get a customized quote according to your requirements and budget.

How Much Does IMRG Cost?

The quote you get will vary depending on the different moving companies that IMRG works with. Being a trusted broker between clients and moving companies, IMRG is known to put the customers’ interests first and negotiate the final cost on their behalf. How much you end up paying for a smooth moving process with IMRG depends on a number of factors like the distance between your current and new locations, the weight of your shipment, the moving company that’s assigned to you, time of the year, etc. The cost will also change if you opt for any of the additional services.


Liability Coverage

As a rule for all licensed companies, IMRG also offers you basic liability coverage at no additional cost but it does not cover the full cost of the items. Under this coverage, the company will offer you a valuation at $0.60 per pound for one item. For instance, if a 200-pound item goes missing during the move, you will get only $120 (0.60 x 200) for it, irrespective of what was the actual value of the item.

The other option for you is to go for the full-value protection. If you have valuable items in your shipment, you might not want to take a risk with partial coverage. The full-value protection covers the entire cost of an item that you want to secure. IMRG does not offer this facility but you could get it from the moving company that’s assigned to you. Hence, the cost for this coverage will vary from company to company.

How To Book A Move With IMRG?

Interstate Moving And Relocation Group gives you the option of getting a free quote on their official website and it’s quite straightforward. The procedure starts with you filling in your basic information like your name, email address, contact number, address of your current and new locations, moving date, and the size of your move.

As soon as you hit submit, you’ll be taken to an inventory of household items containing almost all the possible varieties of every item. What you’ll be required to do is fill the blank spaces next to the items that you own to indicate the quantity. If you have something at home that you can’t find in the list, you can mention it separately. IMRG makes an effort to squeeze out as much detail as possible for the quote to be accurate.

Be extra careful and take your time with the inventory to avoid any confusion later. Next, the company will send you an email mentioning the quote and the name of the moving company that has been assigned to perform your move.

Reasons To Choose IMRG

Established Network

Since IMRG has been in the moving business for more than two decades, not only has it been able to make a name for itself but has also built strong partnerships with an accomplished network of professional moving companies. And it’s because of this network of dependable companies that IMRG can help relocate anyone to any part of the US with utmost convenience.

Pre-screening Of Partners

Interstate Moving And Relocation Group is extremely careful in terms of which moving company is it assigning you. Before hiring a company, IMRG does its research and even screens the carriers. It also urges the selected companies to offer the customers affordable rates. Every customer’s requirements are different and IMRG uses its vast experience to determine which company would best suit a customer.


Things To Consider Before Hiring IMRG

No Local Relocation Services

You might be impressed with what all IMRG has to offer and might even be tempted to call them but can’t because you are looking to move within your city or state. Unfortunately, the company has not ventured into local moves and only provides long distance services.

Unavailable On Weekends

In most cases, people do their research and make their decisions on weekends when they’re not busy. If indeed you decide to rope IMRG in, you’ll again have to wait for the weekend to end as it does not operate on Saturdays and Sundays. The working hours of the company are 8 am to 8 pm during the weekdays.

Rigid Cancellation Policy

A number of customer reviews have pointed out that IMRG’s cancellation policies are not as flexible as that of other moving companies. The first thing the company asks you to do right after you confirm the booking is to pay a deposit fee. If you decide to cancel the booking within 72 hours of confirmation, 4% of the amount will be charged as cancellation fees.

If you cancel the move after 72 hours of confirmation, you won’t get a refund but credit for your deposit which you can use for a future booking but it’s valid for only 12 months. If your pickup date is within five business days of the day you confirm the booking, you’ll neither get a refund nor credit.

Long Booking Process

Yes, we’d commended the detailed process that IMRG has in place to give you a moving quote. But that also has the risk of you feeling it’s too detailed and time consuming.

No Storage Services

In case the date of your move is not in accordance with the date your new home gets ready to move in, you might need to store some of your belongings in a warehouse facility. As far as IMRG is concerned, it does not provide any storage facilities as of now. Check if the partner companies offer this service!

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Our Take On IMRG

You must be thinking, ‘that’s quite a lot of information in one go’. But we hope that it helped you in deciding if Interstate Moving And Relocation Group will be suitable for what you are looking for or not. Obviously, you’ll be reading a lot of customer reviews to know the actual experiences of people, and that’s the way to go. The company’s top-most priority is customer satisfaction and that has been a key factor in its success over the years.

FAQs On Interstate Moving And Relocation Group

Which Areas Does IMRG Serve?

IMRG offers long distance or interstate relocation services throughout the US.

Does IMRG Offer Local Moving Services?

No, the company performs only long distance relocations.

Does IMRG Have A Warehouse Facility For Storage?

No. Currently, IMRG does not offer storage services.

What Is The Average Cost For A Long Distance Move In The US?

Depending on the distance between your current location and new residence and the size of your move, a long distance move in the US can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. It’s a large country we’re living in!

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