Is it time to move to another state? Do you want to have this done in a smooth manner where you don’t have to think about how your assets will be moved? It is going to take a professional moving service to help out, or you are going to struggle with the results on offer.

There are too many people who end up choosing the wrong moving company for such requirements.

Let’s take a glance at the top 10 interstate moving companies in the US and why they are at the top right now.

10 Best Interstate Moving Companies in the US

Sr. No.Interstate Moving Company NameWebsite
1Wheaton Worldwide
3North American Moving
4United Van
5Arpin Van
9Atlas Van

Best Interstate Movers in 2019

1) Wheaton Worldwide Moving

Wheaton World Wide logo

This is a company that has been around since 1945. They are one of the first moving businesses to have started doing interstate moves as a professional service. The company has grown to a point where they have over 4000 employees and 250 agents spread across the planet.

If you are looking for a team that provides excellent service and is going to do a diligent job in an interstate move, you will know this is the team to go with. They are among the top ten for a good reason, and it begins with a positive track record.



2) Mayflower Transit

Mayflower Transit logo

With 80 years of experience, you are looking at a qualified moving service ready to assist at a moment’s notice. With 650 locations spread across the nation, they have a good understanding of what clients are in search of when moving from one state to another.

They will do things in a professional manner and will map out the route in an efficient way to ensure you get proper results.

You will be able to trust them in seconds, and that is the best part about going with a moving service such as this.



3) North American Moving Services

North American Van Lines logo

This is a moving company that is now working in over 175 enterprises, and the business is still growing. They have started to make a name for themselves locally and internationally for the work that is done. They know what it takes to move from one place to another better than most.

The reason this is in the list is simple. They have an excellent track record, respond on time, and remain organized throughout. This is one of the best customer service options for those who are looking to move. You will be treated the right way as a client who has to move.



4) United Van Lines

United Van Lines logo

This is well-regarded for being an established moving company in America and is home to 400 agents in the US. They have done an incredible job of spreading the business and getting it to every state. The best part about going with them is you are dealing with a company that is ready to go immediately.

They are specialists when it comes to interstate moving and knows how it is done.

They have individuals with years of experience onboard for the job ensuring you are left satisfied.



5) Arpin Van Lines

Arpin Van Lines logo

This is one of the oldest moving companies in the world let alone the US. They have been around for over 100 years, and there have been multiple generations that have gone through with this moving company. They have done it all when it comes to moving.

For those who are going to be moving to another state, you want a calm and proven hand on your side, and this is the team you are going to enjoy.

It is in the top ten for being professional, world-class, and organized. It is the perfect package for those who want quality.



6) Bekins

Bekins logo

It all started with a simple group of 12 employees who were using horses to move items. It was not as big as it is now, but it has become one of the finest names in the world of moving. With over 250 locations in America, you are looking for a large company that is ready to assist.

The reason they are trusted is due to their experience with household items and knowing how to take care of them on a longer trip.

They will not waste time when it comes to moving items.





Many people trust this company when it comes to moving for the simple reason they have years of experience and are quick. They don’t waste time and are immediate with the work that is done. They are also heralded for the work they do for Americans who are moving to Canada.

They have been a company since 1934 and are still growing to this day because of their passion for success and a desire to push forward.

Those who want quality will know they are going to need to ring up AMJ Campbell as soon as possible.



8) Stevens Worldwide

Stevens Worldwide logo

Beginning in Michigan, this is another leader in the world of moving for Americans who are in search of perfection. You can go to one of their 150 agent locations and know you are going to get high-grade service that is the same across the board.

They have a good understanding of what moving and storage services are all about.

They are going to provide modern equipment and professionals who are trained for moving quickly and quietly.

This is the option you will want to take a look at when hoping to have a seamless move.



9) Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines logo

This is a massive company with over 500 agents. They have experience and are top-grade when it comes to providing value.



10) Graebel

Graebel logo

This is the last interstate moving company on the list and just as good as the rest. They have won numerous awards including many in the last decade.



These are the ten best interstate moving companies in the country for you to look at as a prospective client. Each one is as good as the others and deserves your attention when it comes to getting results and moving correctly. Why take the chance and go with those who are not trained?

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Interstate Moving Tips

Preparing for an interstate move, especially for someone who has stayed in one place for many years, requires following a detailed list of to-do tasks. You cannot simply hire one of the top 10 interstate moving companies and sit back in a comfortable chair. You have to be proactive months before making an interstate move. You might relocate just a hundred miles away in another state, or you have to travel cross country to start a new job. Whatever the reason for your interstate move, we present several tips that will make the move one you will remember for all the right reasons.

Perform Research

We have given you a head start by listing the top 10 interstate moving companies. However, each mover on our list might offer something unique that matches your moving needs perfectly. Moreover, most moving companies like to offer discounts by bundling moving products and services. The value-driven deals happen throughout the year, which means you should check with each of the top 10 moving company websites to discover which companies are currently running specials.

Ask for Free In-Home Moving Estimates

You can start your search for an affordable mover online by using our convenient moving calculator. However, to get a much better idea about how much a move will cost, you should whittle down your moving company candidate list to three companies, and then ask each company to stop by your home to conduct a free in-home moving estimate. Make sure the three companies on your shortlist have established positive records for performing interstate moves.

By conducting a visual survey, the representative from the moving company completing the free in-home moving estimate can see everything you plan to pack inside of a moving van and/or a truck. Remember to ask for a non-binding to exceed moving estimate. As one of three methods used by movers to calculate estimates, a non-binding to exceed estimate will reflect the final cost of your relocation.

Where Will the Kids Go to School?

Some articles discussing interstate moving tips recommend readers first find the home of their dreams. If you are reading this article about the top 10 interstate moving companies, we assume you already have secured a dream home. Trying to find an interstate mover before signing your name to a property deed is like putting the proverbial cart before the horse. What you need to do is find schools for all of your children. If you plan to spend your golden years at a new location across state lines, then you might want to locate a community college or even a four-year university to pursue something you have thought about for years.

Organize Your Documents

You will hear a lot about how you should pack your stuff for an interstate move. It is a good idea to have a game plan for packing your things before the moving truck arrives. Nonetheless, you have to find a way to organize all of your essential personal and professional documents. Although much of our information has been digitized, certain things like passports and birth certificates are also created in paper form. You will need to protect your highly valued documents like tax forms and Social Security Card by placing the documents inside of waterproof plastic folders.

Now it is Time to Pack

With your prized personal and professional documents safe and organized, the time has come to pack your stuff. The best mantra to follow for packing is “It is never too early to pack for a move.” You should spend some time deciding what you can afford to leave behind. Anything that you do not plan to take with you across state lines can be sold at a yard sale or donated to a charity such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. The cost of your interstate move will depend on the total weight of the cargo. You can save money on your move by packing less stuff and buying some of what you need in the new town where you plan to live.

Contact Utility Companies

You have meticulously planned your interstate move. One of the top 10 interstate moving companies is ready to make your move as flawless as possible. You have packed your things and found schools for all the kids. There is one thing on a moving to-do list that many people fail to do.

They fail to contact the utility companies.

You must notify the companies providing utility services for your current residence, with a one month notice considered more than enough time to turn off the lights. Around the same time, you need to fire up the utility services for your new home. Walking into a home that does not have electricity is a bad way to start your new life.

Forward Your Address

It is not just about snail mail reaching your new home promptly. You also should let everyone know who matters about your new address. Business contact information must be updated, as well as the contact information you leave for your employer. Send an email, and a text message to each person for ensuring everyone gets your new address.

Keep Every Moving Receipt

If you donate a few of your things to a charity, you should be able to deduct the donations on your state and federal income tax forms. You also might be able to deduct moving expenses on your federal income tax form, if the move is made because of a job. Finally, if your company plans to reimburse you for relocation, you will need to present paper receipts that verify your moving expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an interstate move cost?

The approximate cost of an interstate move is about $4,500, considering the distance of 1,250 miles and weight of 7,500 pounds.

How do I plan an interstate move?

The most important aspect of planning an interstate move is to prepare a budget and moving checklist.

What is the difference between intrastate and interstate move?

Interstate move involves crossing state lines during relocation and intrastate move is when you are relocating to another city within the same state.