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It’s not hard to discover top long distance movers in the United States. Today, there is an enormous number of moving companies all around the nation consisting of different shapes and sizes. In smaller areas, family-owned moving organizations are very prominent. This is generally in light of the fact that they know the proprietors and realize that they can put trust on them. Be that as it may, the greater part of us need to manage to discover excellent quality national movers starting with no outside help.

For such occasions, the best choice for you is to contact the top national moving organizations that are known for giving a brilliant customer experience.

Top-Rated Long Distance Movers for 2023

  1. United Van Lines

    Headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, United Van Lines is one of the biggest moving organizations in the nation today. United Van Lines has a comprehensive system of long distance movers covering more than 400 specialists in different areas around the US.

    The company specializes in various types of relocations including full service long-distance relocation, storage services, moving containers, corporate relocations, even international moving.

    Website: www.unitedvanlines.com

  2. Atlas Van Lines

    Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Atlas Van Lines is a part of the Atlas World Group which comprises of different organizations dealing in the moving and transport business in the U.S. as well as internationally. The organization has more than 500 agents to date.

    Beside their basic relocation services, Atlas Van Lines likewise exceeds expectations in their Specialized Transportation Services where they transport special items like fine art, exhibitions, store fixtures, electronics and other high value goods.

    Website: www.atlasvanlines.com

  3. Mayflower Transit

    Mayflower Transit has been in the long distance moving business for over 80 years. The organization has been moving families across the nation since 1927 and is known for giving astounding worth administrations at competitive costs. They have more than 500 specialists and 650 areas to date and offer standardized procedures for safe packing and cargo stacking.

    Mayflower provides innovative technologies that inventories and tracks the shipment of their customers with PreciseTrack and MayTrack. Their accessible online claims process are very useful.
    Website: www.mayflower.com

  4. North American Moving Services

    North American is a reputed brand in the US as well as globally. The organization has delegates in each state in America, as well as in more than 175 nations around the globe.

    Their clients swear to the extraordinary long-distance moving services offered by North American’s team. Most if not the majority of their past customers select to contract them over and over.
    Website: www.northamerican.com

  5. Wheaton Worldwide Moving

    This comprehensively leading moving organization began with a simple move from Ohio to Michigan in 1945. From that day on, this long distance moving company has developed and advanced into a worldwide behemoth with more than 250 operators across the nation, 4,000 workers overall spread into 52 nationalities.

    Not just do they have a proven track record of good administration, they are likewise endeavoring towards making strides towards going green and reducing their environmental footprint.
    Website: www.wheatonworldwide.com

In spite of the fact that it’s very challenging to set up a long distance relocation business, it’s a thousand times all the harder to make it last and pick up the trust of your business sector. These ten best national long-distance movers have consolidated competitive estimating with a fabulous service and hence, we at 9Kilo.Com highly recommend them to our clients.

List of top 5 long distance movers company in USA 2022

Sr. No.Long Distance Movers Company NameWebsite
1United Van Lineswww.unitedvanlines.com
2Atlas Van Lineswww.atlasvanlines.com
3Mayflower Transitwww.mayflower.com
4North American Moving Serviceswww.northamerican.com
5Wheaton Worldwide Movingwww.wheatonworldwide.com

Long Distance Moving Tips

Are you planning a long distance move? If you answered yes, then you most likely have a few questions about conducting the move. What exactly constitutes a long distance move? Is it a move of 100 miles, 500 miles, or more than 1,000 miles?

For learning about long distance moving tips, let us assume a long distance move covers at least 500 miles.

If this is the first time you are moving long distance or you are making a long distance move for the fifth time, here are a few long distance moving tips that will make your move a little easier to take.

Be Prepared

The long-standing Boy Scout motto is especially relevant for long distance moves. After all, a long distance move represents one of life’s significant events. We recommend deciding on a moving company around three months before you plan to perform your long distance move. Put together a to-do list that follows a logical sequence. For example, you have to decide on what to take with you, before you pack your stuff for a long distance move.

Select the Right Long-Distance Mover

Here is a mantra you should follow: Not all movers provide the same quality of services. Some moving companies should be crossed off your list because they have little if any long-distance moving experience. You want to consider movers that specialize in performing long distance moves. Research into moving companies should include visits to customer review sites such as Yelp and Google. You should also review the Better Business Bureau (BBB) web page dedicated to each of the movers on your shortlist. Only consider movers that have received the highly coveted A+ rating from the BBB.

Useful: Here’s a list of top out of state moving companies in the U.S.

The Less Stuff, the Better

Moving companies base their cost estimates primarily on the weight of the cargo they are responsible for moving. Before you pack the first suitcase or place your things into a sturdy moving box, you should decide on which items you can afford to leave behind. For a long distance move, it is an excellent time to determine if you need to buy new appliances, which you can do in the town where you plan to move. Downsizing your stuff can involve holding a yard sale and/or donating some of your stuff to a charitable organization.

Request an In-home Moving Estimate

We offer an online moving cost estimate tool to help you get an idea about how much a long distance move will cost. You can use the tool as a source for comparing the cost estimate provided by a moving company. An in-house moving estimate involves a representative from the moving company coming to your home to conduct a visual inventory of all of the stuff you want to move. Ask for a non-binding to exceed moving estimate, which sets a fixed rate for a long distance move that is the price quoted for your in-home moving estimate.

Beware the Fine Print

Before you agree to the price estimate of a long distance move, the company responsible for the long distance move will want you to sign a contract. Many moving contracts contain complex language that can lead to additional charges you did not anticipate having to pay. For instance, a long-distance mover might tuck a hidden fee for additional time and travel miles, which can happen because of unforeseen road closures and/or weather-related issues. Take the time necessary to read the entire proposed moving contract to ensure you are not saddled with hidden fees.

Label Every Box

This is probably a no brainer, but you might be surprised to learn a large number of homeowners that do not label moving boxes. The most effective way to label your stuff is just that: Slapping a label on each box to help you find your things quickly. Simply writing on a box is not an effective method for labeling your stuff, as the ink tends to disappear over time slowly.

Move When It is Not Busy

We are just not talking about road and highway traffic. We are also talking about foot traffic at truck rental stores. Between Memorial Day and Labor is when the most moves are made, especially long distance movers that requires several days off from work. Not only does a move performed in the offseason makes logistical sense, but it also should save you money because of the lower demand for long distance moving company services.

Protect Your Stuff and Your Rights

Performing a long-distance move is such an important life vent that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established a long list of rules, and responsibilities movers must follow. The comprehensive booklet not only details what long distance moving companies must do, but the booklet also educates you about your responsibilities when conducting a long distance move. You will need to assess the value of your stuff to come up with an accurate amount of money for insurance. Under federal law, moving companies must cover the cost of lost or damaged customer possessions.

Plan Your Route

By using the most advanced technology, moving companies can create the ideal route for moving your stuff. However, you should perform the same task by deciding the best way to get to your new home. You have to factor in the time of day you will pass through major cities, as well as to detect where the potential backups will occur because of road and highway construction. Many long distance moves span multiple days, which means you need to plan for lodging and places where you can take a break by grabbing a bite to eat.

Finally, make sure you spend some time in the new city where you will call home. Ride around the neighborhood and even introduce yourself to your new neighbors. If you have children, you will need to enroll them in school. Note the points of interest that make your new city shine. Above all, make sure your new home is move-in ready when the time comes to perform a long distance move.

Are you planning to move anytime soon? Just fill out a form on our homepage and get quotes from these reputable long distance moving companies. At www.9kilo.com we offer nothing but the best for our clients.