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United Van Lines logoBottom Line: United Van Lines offers you full-value protection for every single move. The services available are extensive, with the most transparent pricing currently available in the business. This is the best possible contender when you make a long-distance move.



United is proud to offer nearly every service you could possibly need when you are moving long-distance. United's services include full-service packing, storage, home cleaning and auto transport. United Van Lines is the #1 company in our top-rated cross country movers' list.

These are the reasons United is an exceptional option if you are interested in a convenient way to get everything you need for your move with just one stop. Instant online quotes are available through United.

United wants you to be able to determine if they are the best option available for your budget or if you should look somewhere else. United wants to be your favorite company for interstate moving by providing you with more for your money.

The prices and services including special features to make your move easier with United Van Lines.

The Pros

  • Available nationwide
  • Cleaning services
  • Instant estimates online
  • Shipment tracking available online
  • Long and short-term storage

The Cons

  • Customer service is unpredictable


What is the Cost of United Van Lines?

United offers extremely competitive rates. They charge an average of $2,100 to $6,200 for an apartment move. This is dependent on which services are selected and how much is being moved.

The cost of moving a house is generally between $4,300 and $11,400. If you use any of the other full-service moving companies, you will most likely need to complete the process for a full estimate prior to receiving any pricing details.

United's operations include more transparency through service package add-on pricing and moving estimates available online instantly. You will not even need to provide any personal information for a contact.

The majority of moving companies require both an email address and a phone number prior to offering you an online quote. United Van Lines wants you to know approximately how much it will cost you to move.

For this reason, an estimate tool is used. This tool is available online from United to provide you with the cost of moving 1,100 miles when scheduled approximately one month in advance.

What is the Cost of an Apartment Move Through United Van Lines?

If you are moving from an apartment and you do the packing, your price will be approximately:

  • $2,100 for a one-bedroom or studio apartment
  • $3,500 for a two-bedroom apartment
  • $4,300 for three or more bedrooms

If you are moving from an apartment and the crew from United does the packing, your price will be approximately:

  • $2,700 for a one-bedroom or studio apartment
  • $4,700 for a two-bedroom apartment
  • $6,200 for three or more bedrooms

What is the Cost of a House Move Through United Van Lines?

If you are moving from a house and you do the packing, your price will be approximately:

  • $4,300 for a one or two-bedroom home
  • $5,400 for a three-bedroom home
  • $7,600 for a home with four or more bedrooms

If you are moving from a house and the crew from United does the packing, your price will be approximately:

  • $6,200 for a one or two-bedroom home
  • $8,000 for a three-bedroom home
  • $11,400 for a home with four or more bedrooms


Cost Factors of United Van Lines

The online estimates United provides are based on limited information. These numbers are intended to offer a rough estimate of your costs. Your actual price is dependent on your in-home estimate and several additional factors including:

  • The time and date of your move
  • The specific weight of your shipment
  • The distance you are moving
  • Any additional protection or moving services you purchase

United is not able to provide you with pricing for the first three factors. This is dependent on your local United agent. The company is able to show you the additional services they offer that will affect your estimate.

The Package Pricing Available Through United Makes Budgeting Easy

Most movers happily tell you online what extra services are offered, but very few actually tell you how much those services will cost until after you receive your final estimate.

United opts for a more transparent pricing approach with its Straight Talk Advantage program. It outlines six service packages with a range of both moving services and protection options you can customize to your liking—and it tells you exactly how much extra you’ll pay for each package.


A Glance at the Service Packages Available Through United

Essentials Package: The cost is $195 with $5,000 additional value protection. Protection, ID theft and claim assistance are included. You are unable to choose any convenience services.

Plus 1: The cost is $395 with $25,000 additional value protection. You receive the Essentials services, and an increase in your destination waiting time. You can choose one convenience services.

Plus 2: The cost is $595 with $25,000 additional value protection. You receive additional delay payment and the services from Plus 1. You can choose two convenience services.

Plus 3: The cost is $795 with $25,000 additional value protection. You receive the same services as Plus 2. You can choose three convenience services.

Plus 4: The cost is $1,195 with $30,000 additional value protection. You receive the same services as Plus 2. You can choose four convenience services.

Plus 5: The cost is $1,395 with $30,000 additional value protection. You receive the same services as Plus 2. You can choose five convenience services.

A Quick Glance at the Convenient Options Available with Each United Package

The options for Plus 1, Plus 2, Plus 3, Plus 4 and Plus 5 include:

  • PC network disassembly
  • Destination debris pickup
  • Stand mount disassembly for home theater
  • Network and PC setup
  • Stand mount and home theater setup
  • Disassembly for home theater wall mount.

Plus 2 and Plus 3 include:

  • Move-out cleaning service

Plus 4 and Plus 5 include:

  • Wall mount setup for home theater


United Van Lines at a Glance

The company information is as follows:

  • U.S. DOT #077949
  • MC #67234
  • Insured
  • Carrier
  • Broker
  • 14 consumer complaints in 2019
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • AMSA ProMover Certification

United Van Lines' Services

United offers a wide variety of paid and included services to provide you with a moving experience for your specific needs. The standout services include:

Standout Features: United provides full moving coverage for each move, and in-home technical support including setting up or installing computer networks and home theaters.

Online Package Pricing: If you have been searching for a mover, you are aware these features are not common. United Van Lines also offers the following services.

  • Customized packing and unpacking
  • Full-value protection on every move
  • Debris and trash removal
  • Loading and unloading
  • Shipment tracking
  • Computer network and home theater services
  • Government relocation
  • Online moving resources
  • Auto transport
  • Home cleaning
  • International, interstate and local moving services
  • Storage
  • Corporate relocation
  • Add-on pricing for packages advertised clearly

A lot of United's prices are included in the cost of your move. Some prices will increase the total cost of your finalized moving estimate. For certain services, you will need to increase your moving budget.

Comparison Between United Van Lines Included and Additional Services

United's included services are:

  • In-home moving estimate
  • Loading and unloading
  • Full-value protection
  • Shipment tracking
  • Online moving resources

United Van Line's paid services are:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Home cleaning
  • Debris and trash removal
  • Computer network and home theater services
  • Auto transport
  • Storage


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The Reasons for Choosing United Van Lines

United stands out from all of its competition for numerous reasons. Their pricing is transparent. United is proud of the transparency of their package pricing, although the company wishes the pricing was more available for how it affects your cost for packing and unpacking.

The most important service any company can provide is packing and unpacking. In most cases, this is the most expensive service available. United offers transparency for other services as well.

United believes the opportunity for transparent pricing from a company providing you with straight talk has been missed. They can provide you with a good estimation of your packing costs based on the online estimates mentioned earlier.

To receive the most accurate pricing possible for your move, United recommends scheduling an estimate in your home.

United's cost for packing your apartment are generally:

  • The cost of packing a studio or one-bedroom apartment is $600
  • The cost of packing a two-bedroom apartment is $1,200
  • The cost of packing an apartment with three or more bedrooms is $1,900

The cost of packing a house is approximately:

  • The cost of packing a one or two-bedroom home is $1,900
  • The cost of packing a three-bedroom home is $2,600
  • The cost of packing a home with four or more bedrooms is $3,800

The typical cost of packing for most moving companies is based on two factors. These are how many supplies will be required, and the length of time necessary to pack. The more items you need packed, the higher your cost.

For this reason, it will cost you more when you are packing for a larger home. United's packing services are not all or nothing. You have the option of packing part of you home, and having the United crew pack any specific items you choose.

The more items you decide to pack yourself, the less your final estimate for moving will be. If you decide to pack your entire home by yourself, the crew will be there on moving day to wrap your furniture in blankets.

There may be free used boxes or moving supplies for sale through your local United agent to make certain you have what you need to get all of your possessions packed. When you have an in-home estimate, ask what supplies are available.

United has everything you need if you have a lot of tech to move. They offer moving services to make your move much easier. One of their best services is tech. The tech services are completely unique within the industry for full-service moves.

You will find services for installing appliances advertised with other movers. Unfortunately, if you are not taking your gas appliances with you, United believes these services are both unnecessary and overpriced.

Unplugging your electric dryer is not difficult. Tech assistance is completely different because it is much more useful and important if you are interested in a full-service move.


United offers two key services for disassembly and setup of your tech, PC networks and home theaters.

Home Theaters: If you have an in-home cinema you need to move to your new home, United can arrange to have both your stereo and television disassembled and then reassembled quickly and easily.

The crew can even handle your wall mount or television stand for you. This will save you valuable time conducting an online search looking for the instructions you threw out right after you opened the box.

PC Networks: United will be happy to make arrangements to disassemble and pack your computer network and computer. They can then set everything up for you in your new home. United has found this service is extremely helpful.

You may have an exceptionally complex network setup or simply not be tech-savvy. United's services will make moving your tech much simpler.

United provides you with full-value protection every time you move. Read that again. United stands out from other movers due to the full-value protection when you move. This service is usually available with other movers only as a paid upgrade.

United promises you, this is a very big deal. Basic liability coverage is included with most full-service movers to cover only the most basics costs of moving. Just like the name, the coverage you receive is very basic.

When you move with basic liability coverage, your movers accept liability for just $0.60 for each pound. If you have a sofa weighing 100-pounds that is damaged during your move, this is what you will be paid no matter how much your sofa is worth.

The full-value protection included with United is a lot more comprehensive. Your coverage is calculated by taking your estimated shipping weight and multiplying by $6 for each pound.

If some of your items have a high-value, this type of coverage may still not be enough. For this reason, United ensures purchasing additional coverage is easy. You can purchase $1,000 increments of additional protection for $5.50 each.

United believes anyone interested in protecting everything they own without spending exorbitant amounts of money should give the company a second look.


Our Recommendation

If you are planning to move long-distance, one of the best options is United Van Lines. You will enjoy all of the unique moving services available. Full-value moving protection offers benefits for everyone.

If you need to move a PC network or home theater, you need to at least consider United. One of the best perks United offers is easily accessible pricing information. The online estimate will give you a fairly good idea as to how much you will pay.

You can obtain a lot more pricing information from the United website than you may realize. Once you know the general pricing, you can schedule your in-home estimate. The customer service at United is usually very good.

Your personal experience is mostly dependent on the United agent you will be working with. You can always look at the online customer reviews for the agent prior to reaching out.

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