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Getting an On-Site Estimate, Yes or No?

Let's cut straight to the point here and answer this with a resounding YES. If you're planning a national move to another state then you should definitely get an on-site estimate from a moving company. Most companies will offer you quotations through the internet or via telephone, but always remember that the most accurate quotes come from on-site estimates. The goal here is to get the moving company to send a representative to your house and get the actual measurements of your belongings. Here it's important to note that cross-country movers charge depending on the total weight of your things and how far your new home is. Other companies also charge per cubic feet. Getting an on-site estimate in itself however is usually a free service. If the company denies you then you should probably get suspicious about them.


Some useful tips for an on-site estimate:

  • Show them everything

    Take them around your whole house and show them everything that needs to be moved including furniture. Don't forget the basement or attic if there are things there that also need to be moved. Don't skimp out on the tour because once moving day comes, they will eventually find out about extra items and charge you accordingly anyway.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions

    If you encounter a term that you don't understand ask about what it means. You should also ask about the different price quotes that you got and how certain services will affect your price. This can also be your time to ask information about the company's background. See also: Questions to Ask a Moving Company
  • Don't assume any additional services

    Some consumers assume that all moving companies automatically cover the insurance of all their goods at no extra charge. This is a mistaken assumption. You should inquire about your valuation options should any loss or damage occur.
  • Read before you sign

    Never sign blank paperwork. Take your time in reading and understanding the estimate before you sign anything. Ask if this is going to be a binding (fixed) or non-binding (flexible charges that can still change) estimate.


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