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Moving estimates can be pretty confusing especially when it comes to the cost breakdown. Some companies offer to calculate by weight while others will say that measuring by cubic feet is better. Which one is correct? The simple answer to this is that both of them are right. Yes, both.

Measuring by Weight

Movers that charge by weight go to a weight station before they get to your house, and then back again once your furniture has been loaded. This means that they can only give you moving estimates and then present you with the final bill after the truck has been weighed.


Measuring by Cubic Feet

Cubic feet movers can give you a price based on the inventory list you give them before the move. This will enable them to provide you with an estimate of the amount of cubic feet in your furniture. Most cubit feet companies offer binding estimates that give you a fixed price for your shipment. That way, the price they give you will not change even if the actual measurement is more or less than the one you originally talked about.


Pros and Cons

Measuring by weight is preferred by some people because it is the more accurate way of finding out how the move should cost. The process can take time however and you will only see the final price once the truck has gone to a weighing station. Measuring by cubit feet is less common because some people argue that the power will solely reside on the moving company. The process however is quicker and the binding estimate is preferred by people who want to plan their budget ahead of time.

Being an Informed Customer

The best way to find out if a company's estimation process is legit, is to familiarize yourself with the moving company's published tariff. It is a requirement for companies to have a tariff or list of charges. The Department of Transportation requires this to be made public and for them to have it registered. The moving company should discuss their tariff with you even if the quote is given via a phone conversation. For more information visit https://9kilo.com Or you can use our online moving cost estimator tool to calculate the moving costs of your upcoming relocation!