A lot of our clients ask the same thing, What are the standard questions we need to ask moving companies? They all want to know if the moving companies they have in mind are actually credible organizations with a high level of standard and integrity.

So to help you out, we’re listing down the top 3 questions you need to ask a moving company in order to evaluate their integrity. These are all basic, sure-fire questions that will let you know right away if a company is worth your time and attention.

  1. What is Your BBB Rating?

    Legit Company’s Answer:

    We strive hard to maintain a sparkling reputation with the BBB. We’ve had an A+ rating for the last 10 years!

    Scammer’s Answer:

    BBB? What’s that? Oh, you can take our word for it. We’re the best and most affordable moving company in the entire state!


    The BBB or Better Business Bureau is one of the most trusted organizations in terms of service reviews and business accreditation. Customers turn to BBB when they want to know about a company’s credibility and history. A good BBB rating (A+) equates to good customer service and effective response to any complaints. On the other hand, a low score could mean that there are numerous unresolved issues or complaints from customers. Visit their website at www.bbb.org for more information about ratings and scores.

  2. What Are Your Affiliations?

    Legit Company’s Answer:

    We’re accredited by the FMCSA, and we’re also a member of the AMSA. As you can see from our marketing materials, we’ve also been granted the ProMover seal of approval.

    Scammer’s Answer:

    We don’t bother with those things because all they do is get money from small companies like us. We don’t want to conform to any misleading system.


    : In the United States, there are several government agencies and organizations which are tasked for the preservation of excellent services and the protection of customer rights and security in the moving industry. Some of these include the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (www.fmcsa.dot.gov) and the AMSA of the American Moving and Storage Association (www.moving.org). You can also check if they have a ProMover seal of approval (www.promover.org).

  3. What Are Your Payment Options?

    Legit Company’s Answer:

    We offer a lot of payment options for our customers. Aside from cash, you can also pay via leading credit cards (like Visa, MasterCard or American Express), debit cards, and even checks. Don’t worry because you don’t have to pay the full payment right away. In most cases, the payment is settled after the move.

    Scammer’s Answer:

    I’m sorry but we only accept cash payments. Oh, and please don’t forget to settle 80% of the total amount due this week. This is in preparation for the move at the end of this month. The sooner you send the payment, the faster we can book and save the date for you.


    Legitimate moving companies offer various modes of payment for their customers. If a company insists that you pay in cash only, this should be seen as a red flag. Another indicator should be the demand for a huge cash down payment prior to the actual move. These are classic scammer tactics.

Additional Questions:

To further equip you with knowledge against moving frauds, here are 2 more questions that you can ask your potential movers.

  • Can you show me your tariff?

    Moving companies are required by law to publish their tariffs. This is basically a list where they itemize their services, products, prices, regulations, and other possible charges. Tariffs should be made available to customers for the sake of transparency.

  • What are your contact details, and can I visit your office anytime soon?

    Legitimate and well-established moving companies will not hesitate to give you their complete contact details. This includes: website URL, mobile number/s, landline number/s, fax number/s, office hours, and office address. It’s also a good idea for you to visit their actual office in order to see if they are indeed telling the truth.

We hope that you will use these questions the next time you inquire about moving services. To get in touch with credible long-distance movers today, just fill up one of our online forms so we can connect you with 9Kilo’s vast network of duly-accredited moving companies.