Today, there are several national moving companies and long distance movers all around the United States encompassing various shapes and sizes. In small towns and counties, family-operated moving companies are quite popular. This is mostly because they personally know the owners and know that they can put trust on their relocation services. However, most of us have to deal with finding good quality best-rated nationwide movers to hire from scratch.

For instances like this, the best option for you is to tap into well-established national moving companies that are known for providing excellent services.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the biggest and most trusted nationwide movers in USA.

Best National Moving Companies in 2022

No.National Moving Company NameWebsite
2Moving APT – American Professional
4United Van
5North American Moving
6Arpin Van
7Wheaton Worldwide
10Atlas Van


1. FlatRate Moving

Flatrate Moving logo

Founded in 1991, FlatRate is New York’s most experienced and highly recommended moving company. They established the all-inclusive move pricing model that has influenced the way you move around town, the country and the world. FlatRate now operates 9 branches located in major cities throughout the US and internationally.

They offer their customers a customized moving plan and supply a team of rigorously trained moving professionals that are prepared to handle every part of the move. Some of their unique services include local moving, long distance moving, cross country relocation, packing services, office moving, international moving, and Elite Moving. FlatRate is one of the best moving companies in USA.



2. Moving APT – American Professional Transportation

Throughout the years, Moving APT (American Professional Transportation) has been able to maintain there status as one of the top nationwide moving service provider in the entire industry. This company has been in the national moving industry since 1999.

They provide there clients with a unique combination of old fashioned quality customer service and top-rated cutting-edge technology. The moving business is both personal and technical. With Moving APT, you get the best of both worlds.



3. Mayflower Transit

Mayflower Transit logo

Mayflower Transit has been in the moving industry for more than 80 years. The company has been moving families across the country since 1927 and is known for providing excellent value services at competitive prices. They have over 500 agents and 650 locations to date and offer standardized techniques for safe packing and cargo loading.

Mayflower provides innovative technologies that inventories and tracks the shipment of their customers – Precise Track and MayTrack. We also like their accessible online claims process.



4. United Van Lines

United Van Lines logo

Headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, United Van Lines is one of the largest national moving companies in the country today. United Van Lines has a wide network of cross country and long distance movers covering more than 400 agents in various locations around the US.

This nationwide mover specializes in various types of relocation including full service moving, storage services, moving containers, corporate relocation, even international moving.



5. North American Moving Services

North American Van Lines logo

North American is a respected brand not just in the US but internationally as well. The company has representatives not just in every state in America, but also in more than 175 countries around the world.

Their customers swear to the great long distance moving service offered by North American’s crew. Most if not all of their previous clients opt to hire them again and again.



6. Arpin Van Lines

Arpin Van Lines logo

Arpin Van Lines is a privately owned moving services company that specializes in domestic and worldwide moving and storage services. The company which is under the Arpin Group, has its headquarters in Rhode Island and has over 330 domestic agents and strategic service centers all over the globe.

Arpin has been in the national moving industry for over 100 years now, and that’s a testament to their expertise and passion for the job.



7. Wheaton Worldwide Moving

Wheaton World Wide logo

Wheaton, a globally renowned national moving company started with a simple move from Ohio to Michigan in 1945. From that day on, the company has grown and evolved into a global behemoth with more than 250 agents nationwide, 4, 000 employees worldwide spread into 52 nationalities.

Not only do they have a proven track record of good service, they are also striving towards going green and reducing their environmental footprint.



8. Bekins

Bekins logo

Bekins was founded in 1891 by John and Martin Bekins in Indianapolis, Ind. Back then, they only had 3 horse-drawn carriages and 12 employees. Today, they are considered one of the biggest movers in the country with a presence in over 250 U.S. locations.

One of their core specialties is moving household goods and has been introducing various innovations in this field until today.



9. Graebel

Graebel logo

Graebel has its headquarters in Aurora, Colorado and today has about 828 trucks to its name. It has been recognized by Relocation Baker’s Dozen for 2013.

This company specializes in employee relocation and commercial workplace services.



10. Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines logo

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Atlas Van Lines is a part of the Atlas World Group which comprises of various companies dealing in the delivery and transport business not just in the United States but internationally as well. The company has over 500 agents to date.

Aside from their basic relocation services, Atlas Van Lines also excels in their Specialized Transportation Services where they transport special products like fine art, exhibitions, store fixtures, electronics and other high value goods.



Although it’s quite challenging to put up top 10 nationwide moving companies to hire in 2022, it’s a thousand times more challenging to make it last and gain the trust of your market. These 10 best national moving companies have successfully combined competitive pricing with excellent service and for this reason, we at 9Kilo.Com highly recommend them to our customers.

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Benefits of Hiring a National Moving Company

What exactly makes a mover one of the top 10 trusted Nationwide Moving companies? Well, trust is a characteristic that develops over time. A moving company has to establish credibility by delivering outstanding customer service for several years. Trust is also earned by movers that take care of the personal property

Here are some other benefits of hiring one of the trusted national moving companies

Pack it Up

Did you know that packing represents around 25% of your moving expenses? From buying packing supplies to paying movers to pack your stuff, packing is a significant part of your moving budget. With that in mind, it is important to go with a trusted national moving company that has earned the reputation for organizing and packing client possessions. A trusted nationwide mover will have the resources and the experienced moving team members to get the packing and storage part of the move done right the first time.

State of the Art Tracking Systems

Moving companies that operate nationally typically install the most advanced tracking systems to ensure every move remains on track for timely completion. Not only do nationwide movers closely monitor the progress of every move, but the companies also send instant alerts to clients informing them where their stuff is and how long the rest of the move will take. Communication is vital for completing a move, and state-of-the-art tracking systems ensure communication is sent to moving company clients.

Knowledge of the National Road and Highway System

Let’s assume you want to save money by hiring a local mover to perform an interstate move. Can you be confident the local mover knows the roads and highways that run through the multiple states you need to travel through? It is highly doubtful a local moving company located in Delaware understands how to navigate Los Angeles roads and highways at the height of rush hour. The 10 best-rated nationwide moving companies in 2022 run thorough local checks to determine the easiest way to travel from point A to point B. Instead of sitting in traffic, you can avoid road and highway backups by using alternate routes.


Peace of Mind Insurance

Despite the best intentions of the nationwide moving company you hired, there is the chance one or more of your things will disappear and/or receive some damage. To avoid that empty, sinking feeling, you go with a trusted nationwide moving company that offers affordable insurance. Larger moving companies that operate across the nation have the financial resources to provide comprehensive property loss and damage insurance. Also, nationwide movers take measures to protect your stuff from impact damage.

Prompt and Friendly Customer Service

Working with a local mover to perform an interstate move limits your customer service options. Most local movers do not have the resources to provide real-time online customer support. The top 10 trusted nationwide movers in 2022 possess the financial resources to create advanced customer support web pages. The same companies spend the money required to train their customer support staffs thoroughly.


How to Choose and Hire the Right Nationwide Moving Company

Completing a move starts by performing research on possible nationwide moving companies. After all, you would never hire a nationwide mover before confirming the credentials of the moving company. Many nationwide movers claim they are the best at what they do. With that in mind, how do you choose the right national moving company?

Experience Matters

Beware of the local moving company that has compiled an impressive record performing local moves, but now has turned its focus to performing nationwide moves. Moving clients across the country or just one state away requires considerable experience. The national moving company you choose should have at least five years of nationwide moving experience.

Personal Referrals

Yes, online customer reviews have become the primary resource for many people in search of one of the best national moving companies. However, nothing beats word of mouth advertising, especially when it comes from someone you trust. Before you hop online to read customer reviews of nationwide movers, spend a little time picking the brains of friends, family members, and professional peers. Personal referrals remain the most effective marketing tool for any company.

Speaking of Reviews

If you cannot find someone you trust to give a thumbs up for a nationwide moving company, then reading online customer reviews is useful in helping you choose the right national mover. Yelp and Google stand at the top of the list for presenting unbiased customer reviews. You want to discover favorable review patterns, such as many moving company customers praising a mover for providing friendly customer service or going the extra mile by taking a detour to avoid traffic congestion.


Licensed and Insured

Although this should go without saying, the top 10 national moving companies should have the credentials to execute successful interstate moves. Credentials you need to see before signing on the dotted line include the operating license issued by the state where you live, as well as a comprehensive insurance policy that covers damaged property and property that goes missing. You can also check on a moving company license by reviewing the license database compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Offers In-Home Estimate

Budgeting for a nationwide move can be difficult. You might not know how long the move will take or have the tools to calculate the weight of your cargo accurately. This is where one of the top 10 nationwide moving companies makes a significant difference. National movers have the tools to present accurate estimates that do not leave customers scratching their heads after a move is over. They offer affordable and accurate moving quotes for your cross country and long distance relocation. You can do your part to save money by eliminating some of your stuff, which you do by holding a garage sale and/or donating some of your things to a charitable organization.

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Know-How to Spot Red flags

Moves of any scale can go wrong because of the unethical practices implemented by a moving company. The principle holds for nationwide movers, and you need to know how to spot the red flags that will persuade you to take your business elsewhere. Never hire a nationwide moving company that requests a large upfront cash deposit. Avoid a national mover that shows up driving a rented moving vehicle. Above all, say no to any nationwide moving company that lies about its performance record.


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