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How to Properly Prepare for a Relocation?

When it comes to nationwide relocation, preparation is the ultimate key to success. With so many things to do, if you fail to prepare and get organized, you'll end up swirling in a mess of confusion and stress. But don't you worry because there are a lot of ways to avoid this. Today we're listing down the top 9 ways to prepare for a long-distance interstate move.

1. Decide on what type of move you want to do

Before you move on to any organizational tasks, you have to think about how you want to conduct your move. Choose if you will hire professional movers or if you want to hire a truck and do a self-move. To decide on this, you must consider your budget, time constraints and available resources.


2. Organize your possessions

Make sure that you do a comprehensive inventory of your belongings before you start packing. Sort your things into different categories depending on importance and usage. Afterwards, decide if you will throw away, donate, or sell the things you no longer need.

3. Create an inventory

Once you've sorted your stuff, it's time to create a comprehensive list of the things you will be moving. This will help you to create a packing schedule and an estimate of how many things you need transported.

4. Make a timeline

National moving will not be as stressful if you know exactly what to do when. Create a moving timeline and make sure to include specific dates for when you will do specific tasks. The ideal time to start packing for example is at least two months before moving day.


5. Take care of the paperwork

When you're moving to a new state, you need to have all your important documents in order. This includes identification cards, working permits, animal permits, school records, dental records, medical records, etc.

6. Study the area

Moving to another part of the country will pose a lot of challenges and cause you to adjust various parts of your lifestyle. To best get prepared for this you have to carefully study the area by actually going there ahead of time. If a personal visit is not possible, search the web or ask some friends.

7. Take care of subscriptions and basic services

Make sure to cancel your magazine or newspaper subscriptions a month before your move. You should also inform your electricity, telephone, gas, cable, and internet providers. At the same time, you should also prepare your new services and subscriptions at your new home. Schedule it to be active the day before you arrive at your new house.


8. Review your employment options

Do you have a job waiting for you there? If so then you are lucky. If not then make sure to send out resumes ahead of time, or at least study your career options. If there's no possibility of making a living there, you may to consider a new place.

9. Choose your national movers carefully

Don't take your chances on shady movers. Make sure to pick national movers that are accredited with the Department of the Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. Visit 9kilo.com to get accurate moving quotes for your upcoming nationwide relocation!