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Moving from Florida to Texas - Expert Tips & Advice

Howdy!! Are you planning to move from Florida to Texas? It's a good idea! Texas is a beautiful state with a fast-growing economy, rich culture like live music, hot weather, and is known for its BBQ. Many people are moving from different places to Texas because of its booming economy. In the case of Florida, the economy works on tourism and retirement, meaning the state's revenue usually comes from outside the state. Whereas in Texas, the economy majorly comes from the oil industry and the availability of job vacancies in the state. Technology and trading industries are also one of the main reasons for a growing economy in Texas. 


The state has Mexican states surrounding it like Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, and Nuevo Leon and has a population of over 28,304,596, making it one of the largest states with that population.

Things Texas is famous for

Hot Weather

Yep! It's pretty hot out here in Texas. The thing about the heat in Texas is that it's hot and dry in the West and humid in the East. Some of the hottest cities in Texas include Dallas, El Paso, Austin, Galveston, among other cities. Overall, the state is known to reach up to 94.5 °F during August, making it the hottest time of the year. Galveston reaches about 79° F during summers, and that's the maximum temperature it reaches and 100°F in other regions such as Rio-Grande Valley. Galveston is 87°F during the night to 57°F in West Texas. Although the state is allied with the southwest deserts, 10% of the Texas land is a desert. 

Don't worry! There are many things you can do to address the heat by going to the beach or having an ice cream or cold beer. 


The BBQs here are to die for! Texan barbeques are out of the world and are a must-try when you shift to Texas. BBQ is a tradition for Texans to cook their meat. However, this tradition has a history; the Germans and Czech brought it during the mid-nineteenth century. The meat is smoked and slow-cooked in this tradition, giving it a juicy-smoky flavor. And to your delight, there are various BBQs traditions in Texas! It's divided into four categories: East Texas, West Texas, South Texas, and Central Texas. The best variation of BBQs comes from East and Central Texas. 

Texans love meat and especially briskets. If you are a fan of food, you will love Texas. 

Bluebonnet Flowers

This flower is the state flower of Texas. You will find a lot of passengers stopping by and taking pictures with these flowers because these flowers bloom only for a few weeks and disappear for an entire year. The season for bluebonnets usually starts in late March or early April. These flowers start blooming late if there has been really cold weather. 

If you pass a field of bluebonnet flowers, make sure you get a click with them because they won't come out for a long time!


Chili is known to be the official dish of Texas. The dish came out in light during the early 20th century when two women had a business selling chili. The dish was initially made of beef and chili pepper, and beans as a side dish. Later in the late 1800s, chili was served as prison food in Texas jail. The dish was made so good that the freed prisoners always gave feedback on saying that the one thing they would miss was their chili. There are many variations of this dish, especially when beans are added to the dish. However, this dish is made differently in Texas. The ingredients used in this dish would be beef, chili peppers, and some other spices. The state also holds chili fests where you can go and taste different types of chili. 

Country Music

Country music was introduced because of the cowboys. Texas has a unique style of western music. It has become very popular over the years and turned out to be one of its genres in the music category. This genre is now associated and mixed with other genres to make unique music. The song talks about nature or a person's struggle, and the instruments mainly used are an acoustic guitar or ukulele, or harmonica.



Benefits of moving to Texas

If you are to move to Texas, there are many benefits as to why you should move there. You would be delighted to know that Texas is a state tax-free zone and other additional benefits! Let's take a look, shall we?


Texas welcomes people to enjoy luxurious amenities at a fair price. The state has no personal income tax or corporate income tax. It's easy to live in Texas because the living costs come below the national average. The real estate prices in Texas are lower compared to other big cities. Because of this affordability, families can easily find homes to live in and work.


Texas has ample employment opportunities which attract people from other states to work here. The industries that majorly contribute to the state's economy are agriculture, oil, energy, and healthcare. Texas is home to companies like ExxonMobil, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, ConocoPhillips, Marathon Oil, Kimberley-Clark. Texas is a great place to start a business if you want to start one.


The temperature in Texas differs; some places experience dry heat, and the other places of Texas have humid, sticky heat. Texas is around 80 degrees and goes till 100 degrees. Winters in Texas are rather mild compared to the other states. There is snowfall in some parts of North Texas, which happens once or twice a year, and other regions of Texas rarely receive rainfall. 

Texas has frequent occurrences of hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms on the Gulf Coast.

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Good Education

Texas is home to many private institutions, colleges, and schools. The state has a great scope for education. Some of the best American Universities, which include the University of Texas, Austin (UTA), Rice University (Houston), Southern Methodist University (Dallas), is situated in Texas. Education in Texas is highly regarded, and many students from different parts of the world are moving to Texas for education. 

Food and Music

Texas is known for its amazing BBQ, which tastes amazing! The state is also known for other dishes like chili and fajita and really good hamburgers!

The state is also known as the Live Music Capital of the World because Texas is associated with music, especially country music and has become the home to so many artists. The music in this state is quite diverse and dynamic. If you are a foodie and especially a fan of BBQs and live music, Texas is your place.

Costs of moving from Florida to Texas

Costs vary depending on whom you are hiring to help you move. For a one-bedroom apartment, if you are hiring a professional moving company, then the rates come up to $1,880-$3120, moving container company then the rates would come to $1,799-$2,273, freight trailer company, then the rates would come to $1,805-$2,280. 

For 2-3 bedroom apartments, if you are hiring a professional moving company, then the rates would be $2,790 -$4,632, moving container company, then the rates would be $2,700 - $2,410, freight trailer company then the rates would be $2,518 - $3,180. 

For a 4+ bedroom apartment, if you are hiring a professional moving company, then the rates would be $3,923 -$7,340, moving container company, then the rates would be $3,376 - $4,265, and for a freight trailer company, the rates would be $3,325-$4,200. 


Best places to move to in Texas

Dallas is a great place to start with because it has an excellent job market and affordable cost of living. Dallas provides a suburban life and also has access to metros downtown. The area has a small-town feel where the people are friendly and helpful. 


Another option than Dallas would be Houston. This city, too, has many job opportunities and affordable living. Residents of Houston make around $43,820, which is $3000 more than the national average. The city is also the world capital of space exploration, air conditioning, and energy industry. Houston also has a vast manufacturing center and a hub for health care. If you are going to be moving to Houston, it would be a good idea as you will find a lot of amenities. 

  • Average Rent : $1,223
  • Median Selling Price of a House: $329,000

Corpus Christi

This city is best for young professionals who want to excel in their careers. Corpus Christi is to become the next economic hub of Texas. The energy and shipping industries have increased employment growth, offering opportunities to people. Corpus Christi is like the Florida of Texas. You will find people in flip flops and summer dresses and cyclists and a great beach – Coastal Bend. The food in this city is quite good as you get fresh Gulf seafood.

  • Average Rent: $1,096
  • Median Selling Price of a House: $290,000


Beaumont is a friendly city for families to live in. The city is known for its growing economy in natural gas and petrochemicals. Texas oil industry boomed in Beaumont, which was discovered by Anthony Francis Lucas in 1901. Along with Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange make up the Golden Triangle of Southeast Texas. The city also has many venues for entertainment, cultural shows, contemporary art, and live music. 

The city has a low cost of living and great people. This city would be great for you to raise your kids. 

  • Average Rent: $745 - $1,021
  • Median Selling Price of a House: $225,000


Austin is one of the main places people would want to go to. The city is filled with talent, entertainment, live music, and FOOD! The city thrives with the enthusiasm and energy of the youth. Austin has also become a place for young professionals to focus on their careers, take them to the next level, and enjoy being outdoors. Austin attracts so many young people here for an education that they never leave and prefer settling there. For artistic and hippie people, east Austin has more of a bohemian community for residents of Austin.

  • Average Rent: $1,690
  • Median Selling Price of a House: $595,000


Plano is another city brimming with popularity as the next place for families. Families can start fresh in this city due to its diverse education system and low crime rate. The city provides a safe and comfortable environment to raise families. There are many restaurants to go out and eat, fulfilling jobs, and amazing downtown life. The city has friendly neighborhoods. 

  • Average Rent: $1,640
  • Median Selling Price of a House: $475,000


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And there you go! Moving can be a daunting task, especially when you are about to leave your old life and start a new one in a different place. However, at the same time, it's a whole new experience and the chance to learn about new cultures and meet new people. If you are a person who loves food, friendly crowds, and live music, then Texas is the right place for you. But if you aren't and still have to move there anyway, you will surely learn to love it because every state has its unique charm. 

Happy Moving!

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Is Texas or Florida a better place to live in?

As both the states have an average cost of living, Texas leans towards the cheaper side. Since Texas does not have any state taxes or property taxes and has a high temperature, there is nothing really that could go wrong for you. However, Florida might be just right for you if you are okay with a slightly higher cost of living and expenses and warmer temperatures. 

Why do people move from Florida to Texas?

Many people are moving to Texas because there are abundant job opportunities for people, friendly neighborhoods, and diverse cultures. The state is also greatly famous for its BBQ, live music, and growing economy in various industries.

Is Texas safer than Florida?

Yes, Texas is safer compared to Florida. Florida has a higher crime rate and has some safe places where people can live. 

How much does it cost to move from Florida to Texas?

The average moving costs to move from Florida to Texas would come around $2200 to $6000, and this again would depend on the route, size, and weight of the things you are carrying. You can also hire a professional mover, but that would be slightly expensive.

Which part of Texas has the best climate?

Compared to all the cities, Houston happens to have the best climate. The city has a balanced climate making it pleasant for people to experience.

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