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List of Top 10 Professional Moving Companies in the USA for 2022

  1. Atlas Van Lines
  3. Stevens Worldwide
  4. Graebel
  5. Bekins
  6. Wheaton Worldwide Moving
  7. Arpin Van Lines
  8. North American Moving Services
  9. United Van Lines
  10. Atlas Van Lines

What The Top 10 Professional Moving Companies In USA Can Teach You About Moving House

If you are like most people, you hate moving house and everything it implies. The paperwork you have to do before and after you relocate, the piles of clothes and personal stuff waiting to be loaded in the truck, the antique furniture and the art work on your walls, all these are sources of stress and potential trouble. There's no wonder most people avoid moving unless it becomes a necessity. Luckily, things have evolved, so today everybody can move house without all that stress. The only requirement is to find a good moving company and hire them to do the job. If you make the right choice, you're going to have a smooth, incident-free move. Here's what the top 10 moving companies in the USA can teach you about moving house.

Read it carefully, as you're going to discover what you should be looking for in a mover.

Moving is a long-term process. It starts long before the actual day when you start putting stuff inside cardboard boxes, and it ends long after you're standing in the middle of a huge pile of boxes and furniture items in your new home. The moving process requires thorough planning and a clear schedule of all activities that need to be done before the truck arrives to pick up your stuff. You have to estimate how many boxes you're going to need. You also have to assess how many of your items require special treatment during the move. If you have art that needs to be protected against accidental hits, rain, and dust, your movers should know how to handle it, to deliver it to its destination without a single scratch. Musical instruments are also fragile items that may suffer damage if they are improperly handled. Top Moving companies have movers who specialize in handling such items, so all you need to do is inform them of your special requirements beforehand. They are going to ask you to see your stuff anyway, to be able to prepare a price quotation and timing for the job.

The best professional movers always provide their clients the materials needed for a smooth move. The have standard cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, so you won't have to purchase them by yourself, This is good for all parties involved. It is good for you because it saves you a lot of time, but it is also good for the movers because it enables them to stack and transport the boxes much easier. By using whatever boxes you can find, you can create a lot of problems, as they might be difficult to stack properly in the truck. Some homeowners pile their stuff in plastic bags, which don't offer any protection at all. This is why moving house without professional help can easily turn into your worst nightmare ever.


Top Moving companies know how you have to plan your activities to be ready in time for the big day. They help their clients by providing them to do lists and detailed schedules. Besides, they also check whether their customers are on the right track when it comes to packing and preparing all their belongings to be moved. This assistance can be priceless, as it takes the burden of the move off your shoulders. You, as the client of the moving company, have to make sure you create good working conditions for the people. They are going to do the rest. They can send you reminders so that you don't miss any milestone of your moving project. They can keep track on your progress, thus preventing you from overlooking various things. If you move overseas or to another state, these expert moving companies can help you cancel all your current agreements with various suppliers and service providers, so that you don't have to come back at a later time to put an end to such unconcluded businesses. This kind of help can save you a lot of time and money, as you won't have to pay fees for services you no longer use.

The top professional moving companies in the USA can teach you about the importance of good insurance coverage. As they have a wealth of experience, they can tell you that accidents happen even to the most cautious people. This is why it's crucial for a professional mover to have a good insurance policy. Great movers do care about the belongings of their clients. They try to protect these assets by all means. However, should an accident occur, they are ready to compensate the clients for their loss by having comprehensive coverage against all possible situations that could damage the goods to be moved.

All these points should be enough to make everybody understand that moving house is a stress only for the unprepared ones. Hiring an expert to help you, can turn it into a mundane experience.


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