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Visiting Las Vegas as a tourist and actually living there are two different things and not the same at all. The city does have places for sightseeing, but it lacks recreational activities and outdoors along with a lot of other things. People of Las Vegas have been moving out to its neighboring cities or states and there are many reasons why.

They have been leaving because of the urban sprawl, the crowded neighborhoods, bad education system, the hot weather, low wages to make a good living, etc. These are some of the prominent pointers that stand out to the people and that's when they need to make a change. High crime rates, drug problems, and homelessness are also a few other issues that have forced many people to make a move from Las Vegas. All of this doesn’t make Las Vegas a very ideal place to raise a family too. No matter your reason for leaving Las Vegas, here are 5 other places that you can consider moving to.


5 Best Places To Move From Las Vegas

Boulder City, Nevada

Boulder City is the neighboring small city of Las Vegas located in Nevada. It's a city that is much more slow-paced and has a rural feel, which is the complete opposite of Las Vegas. The sense of community here is very prominent in the way they celebrate festivals and the varied cultures. The close-knit community is welcoming and hospitable. Boulder City also has really low crime rates, which means that it's much safer compared to Las Vegas.

This is a great city to raise a family as there are ample job opportunities and it also has some good schools for children. There are also plenty of things that you can explore in this city and that aren’t restricted to sightseeing. You have the annual festivals like ‘Art in the Park’ that the people celebrate. The pleasant, sunny weather also allows you to explore the outdoors and indulge in some recreational activities.

Besides, you can easily get to any of the places within the city in under a few minutes, by hopping on and off the public transportation in the city. The transportation system in Boulder City is affordable, convenient to use, and accessible to all, especially the people living in the downtown region.

Downsides: It can get a bit lonely in this city as the population is spread across and the city is also very small compared to Las Vegas.

Population: 16,952

Median Home Value: $455,688

Monthly Rent: $1,147

Unemployment Rate: 6.7%

Best Neighborhoods To Live In: Del Prado, Lakeside, Old Town, and City Center


Reno, Nevada

Reno, is known as the “Biggest Little City in the World,” for all the opportunities it has available for its residents. It’s located in the eastern regions of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is a bit secluded from its neighboring cities. This also opens its scope for outdoor activities and adventures that you can engage in. The Sierra Mountains have a plethora of outdoor activities that are open all year round. Road trips, hiking, treks, and camping are just to name a few.

The economy of the city is consistently growing thanks to its computers, tourism, electronics, gambling, financial services, and communications industries. These industries have also been the reason for the increase in employment opportunities in the city. Both skilled and freshers have ample opportunities available in Reno to expand their careers and excel in them. 

Downsides: The cold and snowy winters in the city can be a little too much for some people, especially coming from the hot and humid weather of Las Vegas. The limited transportation outside of the downtown area of Reno is one of the issues that the locals face. It makes traveling around the city a bit inconvenient and inaccessible. The cost of living in Reno is almost 7% higher than the national average, which means it's also higher than in Las Vegas. So you have to consider spending some extra money on your basic expenses when living in Reno. 

Population: 271,968

Median Home Value: $559,472

Monthly Rent: $1,583

Unemployment Rate: 3.2%

Best Neighborhoods To Live In: South Reno, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, North Valleys, South Central, Old Northwest, and West University


Henderson, Nevada

Henderson is one of the safest cities to live in the USA. So, when it comes to the crimes in the city, you can have a good night's sleep and not worry about that. Alongside being a safe city, Henderson is also known for its quality of education. Clark County School District is the one that serves Henderson and is also the fifth most populous school district in the USA. The education system in the city is also well managed and well known; it has some of the top-rated schools and universities where you can enroll your child in. Pinecrest Academy Inspirada, Shirley and Bill Wallin Elementary School, and Coronado High School are some of the best schools to name a few.

Looking at the infrastructure of the city, the transportation here is extensive and the traffic is under control. You'll only be stuck in moving traffic here during peak hours; other than that, it's never a big concern for the locals. The city is also very clean and has a lot of green spaces spread across many neighborhoods. The job market in the city has also been on the rise and that has led to a reduction in the unemployment rate by a significant amount in the past decade. Overall, Henderson is a city that has good opportunities for families, students, professionals, and adventure seekers alike.

Downsides: You’ll find houses in all parts of the city but they might not actually fit your budget as the real estate market in the city is a bit expensive. This makes both buying and renting a house expensive in this city. Besides, the cost of living here is higher as it is, so the real estate combined with utilities, food, groceries, and healthcare make this city more on the expensive lane.

Population: 352,208

Median Home Value: $482,447

Monthly Rent: $1,742

Unemployment Rate: 5.3%

Best Neighborhoods To Live In: Black Mountain, Green Valley South, Highland Hills, Westgate, Gibson Springs, Green Valley North, MacDonald Ranch, and McCullough Hills


Austin, Texas

Austin is a southern city that is also the capital city of Texas. It has gained popularity in recent years and people have been flocking to this lively city. Austin has a thriving economy and also plenty of outdoors to explore and engage in all year long. You have the typical southern weather in Austin which is hot and humid in summers with mild winters. This gives you the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, camping, and other activities.

Plus, you’ll never fall short of things to do during the weekends also. You can eat at a Michelin-star restaurant, hop to a live music bar, and then go watch some hip-hop or Punk show at Stubb’s. There's a lot for you to see and explore and be the social butterfly that you are. The state of Texas imposes no income tax on its residents, which means that Austin too has no income tax just like Las Vegas and that's an additional expense that you don't have to think about when you move. These are just a few of the many things that Austin has to offer and why people leaving Las Vegas are considering moving here.

Downsides: As more and more people are moving to Austin, urban sprawl has become an issue here. Besides, the traffic is one of the more annoying things about the city and the high cost of living can also be troublesome for some. The cost of living in Austin is a lot higher than that of Las Vegas. This means you’ll be spending a lot more on your utilities, food, healthcare, and any other expenses in Austin.

Population: 1,028,228

Median Home Value: $655,867

Monthly Rent: $1,746

Unemployment Rate: 3.3%

Best Neighborhoods To Live In: Northwest Hills, Travis Heights, Rosedale and Allandale, Barton Hills and Zilker, South Lamar and Clarksville


Nashville, Tennessee

If you're used to the challenging summers in Las Vegas, moving to Nashville will be an easy transition. Some of the reasons why the capital city of Tennessee has seen a growth in population are the music scene, affordable housing,  job opportunities, amazing food, thriving nightlife, and even the great outdoors. These are just a few of the many attributes that Nashville is so famously known for. Nashville is home to more than 470 schools that are rated higher than average. Some of the schools and universities are ranked at the top of the list as well, which means that the education of your child is in safe hands.

Living in Nashville, you’ll be able to enjoy all four seasons with rainfall and rare snowfall as well. Having said that, you must also know that the city is less likely to experience any kind of natural disaster and is one of the safest cities in the country. The economy of the city is diverse and strong. Education, leisure, manufacturing, finance, IT, tourism, hospitality, health services, etc are some of the biggest contributors to the economy and employment market in Nashville.

Downsides: With all the positives that Nashville offers you, some of the downsides to moving here would be the poor running transportation system. Apart from the music jam sessions in cafes, traffic jams are also very commonly seen in Nashville. The market for rentals in Nashville is on the higher edge of the scale while buying a house isn't. So if you're going to be renting a place, you may find it expensive here. This also increases your cost of living expenses when you move to Nashville.

Population: 682,269

Median Home Value: $420,537

Monthly Rent: $1,696

Unemployment Rate: 2.7%

Best Neighborhoods To Live In: Hillsboro Village, Wedgewood-Houston, Germantown, East End, The Gulch, and Sylvan Park


Summing Up

As much as the city of Las Vegas attracts a large population for its happening nightlife and great diversity, the other half of the population may find themselves stuck here with the lack of outdoor activities and life could get boring really quick. That is one of the prominent reasons why people from Las Vegas have been moving to all the cities that we just discussed. These five cities offer active lifestyles, good educational and professional opportunities, better transportation systems and some even offer a better quality of life and safer neighborhoods. So, if any of the above-mentioned cities appeal to you, and you're ready to move out of Las Vegas, you may now get started with the preparations!

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FAQs On 5 Best Places To Move From Las Vegas

Is Henderson Or Las Vegas Better?

Henderson is better than Las Vegas if you want to live in a city that is lively and also offers you the opportunities that you want. Both are some of the better cities in Nevada and offer you ample opportunities. But, Henderson is a city that has better job opportunities with better pay, good schools, and universities, and also offers you a better quality of life.

Where Are The People Of Las Vegas Moving To?

People of Las Vegas are moving to its neighboring cities of Boulder City, Henderson, and Reno. Some other cities that belong to different states are Austin in Texas, and Nashville in Tennessee, which people of Las Vegas are popularly choosing to move to.

Why Shouldn't You Live In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a great tourist city to visit, but living here can get really monotonous and boring. The opportunities also are limited and you need to have a better quality of life and education to raise your children. For these reasons, you might not want to plan a future living in Las Vegas.