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Bottom Line: The moving services offered from American Van Lines are vast; they'll travel far and wide to win the approval of their customers.

This business is one of the most reliable shipping companies for residential and commercial moving.

Whether you're going down the street or to another corner of the country, American Van Lines is one of the safest and easiest ways to get your belongings there.

Smart shoppers choose American Van Lines. Get a free quote on their website.



In addition to offering low-cost solutions for relocating throughout the country, this well-known moving company has super helpful features that other moving companies don't have. For instance, they offer piano moving services.

They've also received recognition for their stellar performance in customer care from Newsweek Magazine in an independent survey; out of all the moving companies surveyed in 2019, American Van Lines was recognized with an award for "America's Best Customer Service."


  • Pro: Getting a quote from this company is simple, and you're never obligated to use their services.
  • Pro: If you're looking for an affordable option, you'll be happy to find out that American Van Lines has been working to meet your budgetary restrictions by offering flat rate shipping prices.
  • Pro: The home moving services from this company are reliable, and they offer moving specials to get your business headquarters set up in a new office location.


  • Con: Although this company has good customer service, their sales team has been notorious about calling customers to the point of annoyance.
  • Con: You'll need to enter your personal information (phone number and email address) into their form in order to receive a quote. This might sound annoying, but it's commonplace in this industry.


How Much Does American Van Lines Cost?

In order to get a more realistic estimate on your moving costs from American Van Lines, you should try filling out a form for a free quote. However, the following information is designed to help you understand an approximation of their current rates.

Please remember that rates are subject to change at any time.

When you pick American Van Lines, you're not getting the cheapest moving services on the market. Technically, the average price of moving services from this company is dialed in at a little more than what the average is throughout this industry.

However, you're not paying for a low-budget moving service. You're paying for the thought and care that will go into moving your items to their final location.

In order to understand the estimates that we're going to give in this review, you must consider that you are paying based upon two main factors.

As with most moving companies, the price of your move with American Van Lines will depend upon how much the cargo weighs, and the price will change depending upon the distance you need to move.

The average price for a three bedroom home with approximately 5,500 lb of cargo will cost just under $4,000 to move 140 miles. It will cost around $4,750 to move that same amount of weight 1,174 miles from its starting point. These prices include the cost of packing services.

On the larger scale, let's take a look at what happens when you have more belongings.

The average price for a three bedroom home with approximately 10,000 lb of cargo costs about $6,300 to move 140 miles. It costs around $8,300 to move that same amount 1,174 miles from its starting point. Again, these prices include packing services.


American Van Lines at a Glance

  • The Better Business Bureau gives American Van Lines a B rating.
  • Interesting offers include international shipments, relocation for military, piano shipments, and antique moving.
  • American Van Lines is insured.
  • In 2019, this massive company received 18 complaints in total.
  • They have received certification from American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).
  • Their headquarters is located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

American Van Lines Features and Services

  • If you have some difficult items to move, it should be worth going with American Van Lines.
  • They offer piano moving, auto shipments, fine art moving, and shipments for antiques.
  • In addition to offering quick quotes through their website, American Van Lines impresses its customers with online tracking for each shipment.
  • If you aren't able to find a place for your items right away, you could take advantage of the secure, climate-controlled storage offered by this company.
  • Moving out of the country? Get your belongings shipped directly to a port of your choice, or get things shipped to your home (or business).
  • In addition to other environmental issues, this company is committed to limiting paper consumption during their packing process.
  • This company offers plenty of moving tips, guidelines, checklists, and other helpful resources on their website.


Why We Recommend American Van Lines

The main reasons that we recommend American Van Lines over other moving companies are:

  • the niche services they offer,
  • their affordable up-front pricing,
  • and their intention to lower their impact on the environment.

This is one of the few moving companies to set realistic standards for maintaining their fleet of trucks, and they have standards for how their moving supplies are sourced.

They only work with vendors who sell moving supplies that are made of at least 75% recycled materials.

They're also committed to lowering the amount of fuel used in transporting customers' goods by replacing the trucks in their fleet on a regular basis.

They're dedicated to assisting the companies that they partner with to help find ways for other businesses to recycle more.

They even have a minimum number of innovations that they set out to achieve each year.

In terms of their unique services, this company has outdone itself.

We've reviewed a lot of other moving companies in the past, but we've never encountered a moving company with this much to offer to customers. If you're wondering if a complicated move is possible, you should check with American Van Lines before you give up.

American Van Lines will ship pianos, so you know there's nothing too heavy for this company to move.

They have a process set up to ship automobiles as well. If you're worried that you have expensive items that are too valuable to trust with a moving company, they have special services for art and antiques to give you confidence in their process.

They offer local moving deals, and they help people get to other parts of the country. They work with homeowners and business people. They'll even help move your stuff to another country.

It's worth mentioning that they won us over with exceptional customer service. This company has gone above and beyond to become recognized as one of the best moving companies in the country. They're ranked among top brands, like U-Haul.

Even though this company received a few complaints over the years, they've helped a massive amount of people get their belongings to a new destination.

They've earned a good reputation for offering affordable prices on all types of services, so we can't help but recommend getting a quote from American Van Lines.


Our Recommendation

If you care enough about your belongings to pay to ship them to your new home or business location, then you shouldn't trust some unknown, amateur moving company with the job.

Even though American Van Lines will cost a little more money, they have a good track record for successfully delivering goods on time. They also have excellent customer service, and they're committed to helping reduce environmental impacts of moving.