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Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is one of the few moving companies that have seen more than a hundred moving seasons. It’s so old that if you ask your grandparents, chances are they moved with Steven Worldwide Van Lines too! It can be arguably called a well-known household moving company nationwide. Owing to its nationwide availability, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines helps move 15,000 families every year. Now that’s huge!

The brand name of this company has ‘worldwide’ in it. But 121 years ago, it started in a small Michigan city. How Stevens Worldwide Van Lines expanded its moving business and whether you should consider hiring them, everything is laid out in detail for you in this review.



Back in 1905, a Michigan entrepreneur, Frederick Stevens Jr. started a small business of hauling luggage of people arriving at the Saginaw train depot. Today, what started with the infrastructure of a single horse and wagon today owns 183 tractors, 126 straight trucks, and 313 trailers. We can credit this success to the five generations that kept adding and modifying the moving services that Stevens Worldwide Van Lines offered. Learning from their fathers and working in the moving business right from the start made all the generations wizards in the moving arena.

More than a century after the foundation of Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, Wheaton Van Lines acquired this family-owned business in 2019. Today, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines stands together with 4 other moving companies owned by the Wheaton Group. But a separate business unit, Stevens International Forwarding and Focused Logistics, continues to be owned and operated by the Stevens family. This forwarding and logistics company will continue to be an agent of Stevens Worldwide Van Lines.

The change of ownership does not mean that the services offered to you will be any less. Rather, it will be doubled keeping in mind the widespread network of the Wheaton Group. Stevens Worldwide has a long experience in local, interstate, and international moves. It is their 386 agents spread all over the US that make it possible. Not to forget its international network of almost 700 agents that assist its global services.

The commitment of Stevens Worldwide isn’t restricted to moving business alone, it partners with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can spot its pink-colored trailers on the highways, the pink ribbon illustration on them advocating the foundation and actively supporting the cause. This partnership not only encourages research in breast cancer and its prevention but also provides services to women in need.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has offices in 10 locations. Though it has agents in the majority of US states, there are no agents in North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. You can go to the Stevens Worldwide website and check if you have an agent nearby to get your move rolling.

What Services Does Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Provide?

Full-Service Moving

Covering a remarkable 95% of the country (as they claim it), Stevens Worldwide can get you anywhere you wish to relocate in the nation. Everything that your move needs is served on a platter by Steven Worldwide Van Lines. It manages your packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking, the only task left to you is traveling to your new home. It is not only household moves that they win at, you can call the company up even if you want to move your office.

When you move locally, a local Stevens Worldwide agent will show up. Local agents work under their own brand names and operate independently. The inter-state moves are operated by agents working under Stevens Worldwide. The advanced equipment Stevens Worldwide Van Lines uses makes it possible for it to move challenging items like medical equipment, heavy machinery, office equipment, and the likes. Obviously, it puts this skill to use by providing hospital, industrial, and hotel moving services.

Types Of Full-Service Moves

  • Household moves
  • Corporate relocation
  • Government moves
  • Military moves
  • Commercial Moves

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International Moving

It will blow your mind when you see the amount of services Stevens Worldwide offers under this particular head. That’s why we had to make this a separate service offering to highlight its benefits. If you’re moving to another country altogether, everything from packing, immigration services to shipping your pets is done by Stevens International. Plus, with 350 moving partners worldwide, your belongings will find a place in any storage unit you prefer. Stevens International’s global relocation services don’t limit to households alone but include corporate moves as well.

Fun reveal- Stevens Worldwide won’t be just helping you relocate across the globe but also prepare you for the huge change that comes with international moves. How is that possible? Read on. Its relocation services include intercultural training, language training, home finding assistance, school search...the list is never-ending. Quite a relief when your moving company prepares you and your family to adapt to the new country.

Packing Services

The Internet is filled with videos and blogs that tell you how to pack for a move. A YouTube video can make you confident to pack yourself, but are you sure you want to take all that pain? Chuck aside the pain and think of the time you will be wasting packing all the mountain of belongings. And hold on, packing that delicate china and glassware by yourself isn’t the best idea. Calling Stevens Worldwide to pack up your home is going to feel like a breeze.

It packs your items, labels them, and color codes them room-wise. If you aren’t in a great mood to unpack your items after reaching your new home, Stevens Worldwide would even unpack for you. No, it won’t unpack and leave it on display in your living room, but rather unpack each item in the room it is supposed to go. Your moving crew will carry a Stevens Home Protection Kit™ that includes things like moving pads, door jamb, and door protectors, banister protection, etc. that ensures a professional and safe move.

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Storage Services

It’s not just about sending your goods over to the warehouse. There is much more involved in deciding what goes in storage, and whether it goes for long-term or short-term storage. Having zero ideas about which goods should be stored isn’t a big problem, Stevens Worldwide representatives consult you about the belongings you must store and the ones you must consider discarding.

This saves heaps of space and money, be assured you are paying storage fees only for worthy items. Discarding belongings does not always mean donating them, your moving representative will suggest items that fetch a good price online. So it’s not just about secure storage space with Stevens Worldwide, but about the personal attention that its professionals shower on your belongings.

Boxes And Moving Supplies

Shake this point off your mind if you’ve booked Stevens Worldwide to pack and move your home. As its crew brings the boxes and supplies along with them when they come to pack. Only when you’re packing by yourself will you need to bother about moving supplies. Just ask your moving agent for supplies and they will send them over to your place at a reduced price. Better than buying it from the store, eh?

Among other moving supplies like boxes, packing tape, and marking pens, it provides something called newsprint. This is a better alternative to cushioning your belongings with a newspaper that leaves ink over your items. So the protective wrap protects your belongings better. For all that fragile marble and glass, your agent will send over a representative to measure them. After which they pack those fragile items in custom-made crates. Now you can stop worrying about the dining table glass breaking on the way to your new home.

Moving Speciality Items

Not auctioning or selling off that antique grandfather’s clock online? Have Stevens Worldwide pack it up for you in a crate designed just for it. Stevens Worldwide trains its moving crew to pack and move specialty items like pianos, pool tables, and vintage furniture. If you’re flying to your new home and need your car to be shipped, Steven Worldwide is your mover.

The assigned agent will consult you on two options for moving your car/family van. You can either ship it separately or use the in-van service. This in-van service means your car is loaded along with your belongings. The agent studies and suggests a convenient way to move your car in a way that fits your budget. As for the rest, leave the disassembling and reassembling of your appliances and furniture to the movers.


Key Takeaway

Since Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has such a large network of agents, every detail of your move is attended to. It takes its customer service seriously; you can get a representative on the call at any slight inconvenience. After reaching your new city, if you realize you need storage, call them up and they will put you in touch with an agent from that city. This is so much better than researching and contacting unknown companies at the eleventh hour. So even if you do not know a soul in your neighborhood, Stevens Worldwide helps you with anything and everything as you settle in your new home.

How To Contact Stevens Worldwide Van Lines?

Option 01

Click on the bright green button that says ‘Get An Estimate’ on the Stevens Worldwide website. Once you fill in the details, it’ll get in touch with you in no time.

Option 02

Enter your ZIP Code in the box that says ‘FIND A LOCAL AGENT’ at the very top of the website. A list of names, addresses, and contact details of your nearest agents will pop up. It’s super easy to find local agents this way in your neighborhood.

Option 03

Ring the company up on the contact number provided on the top right corner of their website: 1-855-413-0889

Option 04

If you live around Indianapolis, you can visit the Stevens Worldwide Van Lines headquarters and talk about your move in person.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Headquarters Address:

8010 Castleton Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250, United States

Note that they are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. The office hours are 8 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Friday.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Fee Structure

You won’t find low costs and fees with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. The company sets itself apart with its quality of service and customer care. Although the fees are on the higher end, it’s worth considering the standard of its services.

Average Moving Cost for Local Moves$2,548
Average Moving Cost for Interstate Moves$5,797
Cost of Local Movers on a Hourly Basis$45 per mover per hour
Final Replacement Value Protection (enhanced protection)$6 per pound for each article

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The prices are extracted out of several reviews that customers have left over the years. The only way to know how much your move is going to cost is to ask for an estimate. It’s going to give you an idea of how much you want to budget and which services you want to avail of.


Why Choose Stevens Worldwide Van Lines For Your Move?

Over the century, Stevens Worldwide has operated in the moving industry. It has seen loads of unwanted items being thrown away by families. These items often include food, both perishable and nonperishable that families cannot carry while moving. Stevens Worldwide supports ‘Move For Hunger’ by donating the food collected during moves. Choosing Stevens Worldwide will ensure a guilt-free relocation for you because they arrange the delivery boxes and offer free pick up to take the donated items to the local food bank.

Seniors who want to relocate will find it pretty smooth if they move with Stevens Worldwide. The move comes with special benefits if you’re an older adult or a retired federal employee. Stevens Worldwide has partnered with the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE). These partnerships make programs and discounted rates possible for seniors.

A good reason to hire Stevens Worldwide is their 4.5 rating on Google against its Indianapolis office. The reviews praise the professionalism and courtesy of the moving staff they hired. One glance through the reviews and what stands out is the personal attention the movers give. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines handles interstate moves like no other company thanks to its moving crew: a good enough reason to consider hiring their services.

A few of the things you’d probably find appealing about Stevens Worldwide Van Lines are:

  • The process of filing a claim for damaged or missing goods is smooth. A page on the website is dedicated to guiding customers through the claim process.
  • The company constantly tracks data and studies feedback to efficiently manage costs. The data-gathering process helps it identify areas where costs can be cut. This makes Stevens Worldwide’s services affordable and worthy.
  • It has alternative survey options you can choose from. Apart from the telephone and video survey, it has an Artificial intelligence (AI) Survey option for getting an estimate.
  • Since Stevens Worldwide is a member of the Wheaton Group, you get better logistical support and skilled moving crews at economical prices.


Things To Keep in Mind About Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a huge moving company with services all over the US. Even so, there are no local agents in many big cities like Cincinnati, Boston, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, Houston, and San Antonio. Its prices are designed for its specialty services, equipment, long-distance drivers, and trained crew. This means that the fees can look high if you are moving locally.

Overall, the few not so attractive aspects are:

  • Some reviews talk about the careless handling of heavier belongings like furniture and appliances.
  • Customers who availed of military moves complain of the absence of movers to unload and secure the belongings upon delivery.
  • Some customers who moved locally complain of wrong re-assembly of their furniture by the team sent by the local agent.
  • Transporting a car along with other belongings might result in a fat bill. It may be preferable to go for a third-party vehicle mover.
  • There is no online tracking system of items on the move or in storage.

Our Take

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is an ideal company that covers all aspects of your move. Given its long experience, it knows the trials of complicated moves. So any challenges along the move are well handled by its moving crew. Along with that, the wide array of services Stevens Worldwide Van Lines offers makes it a great choice to opt for if you’re considering hiring a moving company for your relocation.

FAQs about Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

Should I Hire Stevens Worldwide Van Lines For My Local Move?

When you hire Steves Worldwide for your local move, a local agent will be assigned to your move. These local agents have met the service and quality standards to be a Stevens Worldwide agent. Any grievances you have will directly go to Stevens Worldwide. Additionally, though it is a local agent working for you, it is the reputation of Stevens Worldwide that is at stake. So yes, hiring the company for local moves is a good idea.

Which Items Are Not Transported By Stevens Worldwide Van Lines?

Items like combustibles and explosives are not shipped by Stevens Worldwide, keeping the safety of their customers and moving crews under check. Perishables and living materials like houseplants too are not moved by the company.

Are There Any Items I Must Not Send With The Movers?

Yes. Valuables like jewelry, money, and documents should not be packed and moved with other belongings. This also includes things that you need frequently like medicines or prescription drugs. Carry all these items with you in the car or the airplane if you’re flying to your new home.

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