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When you’re about to begin a new chapter in life, excitement levels are sure to go through the ceiling. We’re assuming that you’re in a similar situation too. You got all excited after coming to know that your surroundings are going to change, and after enjoying for a while, reality struck. You found yourself worrying about how you’re going to move your home. The exact words in your mind at this moment were, ‘Can we skip to the good part?’ And now you’re here for us to tell you, “Of course, you can with Marathon Moving!” Read up on our Marathon Moving review to know if this moving company works for you!

Founded in 2000, Marathon Moving is a full-service moving and storage company you can depend on for all your relocation requirements. The family-owned and operated company is based in Canton, Massachusetts, and has successfully performed more than 40,000 relocations until 2022. Apart from experience, the company has the required equipment, technology, and above all, highly trained professionals to its advantage. Marathon Moving offers residential and commercial services, whether you’re looking for a local, interstate, or international move. Also, you can avail of short and long-term storage services across the US.

The company is an agent for one of the world’s largest moving networks Allied Van Lines. Marathon Moving takes pride in its ability to provide services at affordable rates, exceeding the expectations of its customers, and the fact that it is transparent with the clients. Before beginning with the process, the company’s moving consultants and coordinators will spend time with you to customize your move as per your needs, schedule, and budget. Now let’s look into detail everything Marathon Moving has at your disposal:


What Services Does Marathon Moving Offer?

Local Moves

This service is for those in Boston who are moving to nearby areas in and around Boston and Massachusetts. The experienced movers at Marathon Moving are prepared for any kind of unforeseen issues that may occur in the entire process. For local moves, the company charges you on an hourly basis. But that doesn’t mean that your belongings will not be delivered to your new place quickly. And neither does it mean that to ensure timely delivery, there will be any shortage of safety and protection for your belongings.

Long Distance Moves

Long distance or interstate moves are for anyone who wants to relocate to any location in the country. The partnership between Allied Van Lines and Marathon Moving has proved to be a boon for the latter as it has been able to make long distance moving rather flawless. A moving consultant from the company will take care of everything by preparing an inventory of all your belongings. The purpose of this step is to determine the estimate for you by measuring the weight of the shipment and include any additional services that you might want.

International Moves

It’s natural for anyone who is moving to another part of the world for the first time to constantly worry about the status of their belongings. Your best bet in such a situation is to go for a company that has moved families across borders for years. Not only your regular household items, but Marathon Moving can also transport your delicate and precious belongings like pianos, antiques, automobiles safely and unharmed. This becomes easier for the company because of its affiliation to Allied Van Lines which has one of the largest mover networks in the world.

Commercial Moves

Whether you’re looking to move a small business or a large corporate entity, Marathon Moving has got you covered. The company specializes in transferring all your furniture, electronic devices, and other valuable items to your new workplace swiftly, and without you having to worry about your work getting hampered. Marathon Movers assures that each and every item in your office will be fully protected using specific packing materials. You can also trust Marathon Moving with important records and files by keeping them in the company’s storage units during the move.

Residential Storage

The company takes care of your most precious possessions without you having to worry about their safety. No matter if you want to use this service for a short period of time or long-term, all your belongings will stay safe in the company’s highly protected, temperature-controlled warehouse. Apart from being monitored 24 hours a day, Marathon Moving’s warehouse is equipped with an alarm system. Marathon Moving goes a step further by using storage vaults made of wood to avoid any kind of damage to items. Every client gets a separate storage unit and an inventory of items to keep the process as simple as possible.


Commercial Storage

With a total of over 75,000 square feet of space for the storage of commercial goods, Marathon Moving offers both short and long-term storage services. The company offers you a number of storage options like climate-controlled warehouse, vaulted, and trailer units. There will be no need for you to worry about the security of your belongings as the warehouse is installed with an alarm system. This service can also be useful to you if you want to renovate your workspace and are looking for temporary relocation services for your electronic devices and office furniture.

Packing And Unpacking Services

Whether a residential or a corporate move, the manner in which you pack your belongings will play an important role in determining how safely each item is delivered. If you want professional help, Marathon Moving can pack everything for you. You can also choose to pack most of your belongings by yourself and leave the large and delicate items for the company to take care of. Your service will be customized just as you need it to be.

In case you’re short on packing supplies, the company can provide you with the best of materials to ensure maximum protection. The official website of Marathon Moving has a number of moving tips for you to refer to as well!

How Much Does Marathon Moving Cost?

While Marathon Moving doesn’t give a ballpark estimate on its website right away, what you can do is make use of the free moving quote calculator that’s on the website homepage. It’s quite simple too!

After clicking on the Get My Free Quote button, you’ll be asked to fill out your basic details. Apart from your contact information, you’ll be asked about what kind of move is it that you’re interested in, the tentative date of move, the ZIP codes of current and new locations, on which floors are your current and new houses located, and if there are elevators available. Next, a moving expert from the company will contact you to guide you better.

In addition to the usual moving expenditure, which of course will be dependent on the type, distance, and services availed of, Marathon Moving also offers three coverages for your belongings. Choose any of the below!

  • Basic Liability: This applies to all the licensed common carriers. Marathon Moving offers a valuation at $0.60 per pound for an item. You’re not required to pay for this coverage.
  • Transit Damage Protection: At an additional cost of $99, the company is liable for $3,000 worth of damage repair and replacement. Anything above this amount will be compensated at the basic value of $0.60 per pound for an item.
  • Actual Cash Value: This coverage is based on the declared actual cash value of all the items that are to be moved.

Reasons To Choose Marathon Moving

Excellent Reviews

Nothing beats the fact that Marathon Moving has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. But just to further assure you of its top-quality services, the company, out of 5, scores 4.7 on Google, 4.8 on Angi, 4.8 on Facebook, and 4 on Yelp. How’s that?

Transparency In Services

In addition to providing customers with competitive pricing for its services, Marathon Moving stays transparent with them. No matter which service you have roped the company in for, it will give you a detailed cost breakdown so that you know why you’re being charged the given amount.

Worldwide Coverage

Being an agent of Allied Van Lines which has an experience of nearly 100 years, Marathon Moving has established itself as one of the most dependable moving companies for international relocations.


Storage Services

Marathon Moving offers you facilities to store just about anything you would like to, be it residential or commercial. Also, there’s no limit to the duration you want to use the service for as the company has both short and long-term options. Highly secure with alarm systems and temperature-controlled warehouses ensure full protection of your belongings. An inventory of the stored items is maintained so as to avoid any kind of confusion.

Things To Consider Before Hiring Marathon Moving

Lower Quality Contracted Labor

While performing long distance or interstate moves, most of the moving companies tend to outsource unloading services to local movers. A few customer reviews have raised concerns in the same regard. They have called out the laid-back approach of some of the contracted movers and compared them to the much better service of Marathon Moving’s own team of professional movers.

Unavailable On Weekends

Unfortunately, when you need Marathon Moving the most, you’ll be left disappointed. The working hours of Marathon Moving are 8 am to 5 pm, but only from Monday to Friday. They are closed on weekends when you’re most likely to reach out to them.

Our Take On Marathon Moving

Although there are a couple of issues that might raise doubts in your mind before considering Marathon Moving, you’ll also find a plethora of positives when you read this review. In any case, talking to company representatives face to face will surely make you more comfortable and relaxed. If all of the services and qualities of Marathon Moving we covered here resonate with your moving preferences and budget, we suggest that you go for it!


How Much Do Moving Companies Charge in Boston, MA?

The best moving companies in Boston can charge you anywhere from $75 to $100 on an hourly basis. But it depends on a number of factors like size of your shipment, the distance between your current and new house, time of the year, number of movers required, etc. The cost can also change as per your needs if a company is offering customized options.

Who Regulates Interstate Movers In Boston?

Any company that’s performing interstate moves is required to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). In addition, the moving company must possess a valid Department of Transportation (DOT) Number.

Is Hiring A Full-Service Moving Company Worth It?

It’s a choice you have to make depending on your requirements. The cheapest solution is to take care of everything by yourself and rent a moving truck from a company offering DIY (do it yourself) services. But in order to ensure maximum protection of your belongings, you must hire a professional moving company.

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