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Need help with your small shipments? Well, MiniMoves is a moving company that can take care of your small moves locally and internationally. They have had an experience of over 30 years when it comes to shipping furniture, small business, apartment, and other small-sized relocations.

Just so you know, MiniMoves is a local moving and state-to-state moving company that largely focuses on small moves. Not only do they operate in almost 95% of the country, but the company also deals with international transportation services. Want to know more about their services and marketplace? Then you better read our comprehensive review of all the different kinds of services MiniMoves has to offer you.


What Services Are Offered By MiniMoves?

If you search for moving companies online, within a click, thousands of moving companies will pop up. So, choosing the right moving company for your move can get really difficult. And if you happen to ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives, they’re bound to give you recommendations based on their own individual experiences. After all, every move is different from each other.

Speaking of MiniMoves, they specialize in small, full-service, residential, and commercial moving projects and cover local, long distance as well as international locations. One of the best things about this company is that they use a containerization system to transport and ship items. So, the safety of your items is ensured as their shipping boxes have triple-walled cardboard.

Let us take you through the different kinds of services offered by MiniMoves and their costs:

Local Moves

Moving right across the city? MiniMoves are here to carry out your small moves in a smooth and efficient manner. For your moves with local destinations, you can ask for full-service options as well. Just keep in mind that full service comes with an additional price.

Apartment Moves

MiniMoves has almost three decades of experience in state-to-state apartment moves. Regardless of stairs, elevators, or parking requirements, they make sure that your apartment move is hassle-free. Whether yours is a one-bedroom apartment, dorm, high-rise condominium, or a townhouse, they’ll help you carry out your move effortlessly.

State-To-State Moves

If yours is an interstate or a cross-country move, you can approach MiniMoves for their moving services. To safely move your belongings, the movers store them in storage containers and the shipment is done with the help of an LTL freight carrier. They even help load and unload your small belongings. Upon arrival to your destination, the movers will safely unload all your items like furniture and assemble it piece by piece.

MiniMoves has carried out almost 125,000 state-to-state moves, so you know they a wealth of experience when it comes to interstate moves!

International Moves

As mentioned before, MiniMoves has been in the moving industry for almost 30 years. And you can certainly count on them for your international moves. You’ll be allotted a relocation coordinator who will guide through the whole process. When it comes to international moves, MiniMoves will give you a free quote along with all the other details about your move.

Corporate Moves

MiniMoves also offers corporate relocation services to college new hires, interns, managers and other transferees. Depending on the kind of belongings you want to ship, they’ll weigh your items and determine your moving cost. You don’t have to worry about any minimum weight or charge. You can choose from their corporate packages like full packing services, appliance servicing, motorcycle movers, temporary moving storage, etc.

Military Moves

MiniMoves boasts of being a DoD Approved Transportation Service Provider for different military personnel. With their moving packing services for small and long distance moves, they ensure that your military move is a stress-free and seamless experience.

Furniture Shipping

Worried about moving your furniture out of state? Well, if you’re looking for experienced people to help you with your furniture shipping, MiniMoves are one of the best options out there. Whether you want to ship a full room of furniture or a single piece, MiniMoves will do the job for you. Right from packing blankets, truck rentals, to other moving resources, the company sees to it that your furniture is securely transferred.


Storage Services

Need help with storing your belongings? MiniMoves is here for your rescue when it comes to storing your household goods. Whether you need temporary storage solutions or long-term storage options, they’ll take care of all your belongings.

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MiniMoves Cost And Pricing

Now that we’ve taken you through the different services offered by MiniMoves, let’s look at their pricing. We want you to know that the company hasn’t mentioned any basic moving costs on their website. Fortunately, their website gives you a ballpark estimate within seconds.

For out-of-state or international moves, you can get ballpark estimates on the company website. Do keep in mind that the company website doesn’t give estimates for moves within the state. In such cases, you’ll have to call them up and let them know about your local or long distance move and the kind of services you need. You can choose from their full packing services or increased valuation to get compensation for your goods from getting damaged during shipment.

Reasons To Choose MiniMoves

Professional And Top-Quality Moving Services

When it comes to small moves, MiniMoves turns out to be the only national company entirely dedicated to carrying them out. Whether you need help with everyday small move needs, corporate relocations or shipping small loads locally or out of state, they’re your one-point-destination. You can rely on their full service movers for a top-notch moving experience.

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Fully Licensed, Insured And Bonded Moving Company

MiniMoves is a fully licensed moving company and has earned Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation along with a rating of A+. They value their customer feedback and ensure that the items are delivered within 2-12 business days. Do keep in mind that for regional moves, the goods can be delivered before the expected date of delivery. The company is known to have a friendly staff. MiniMoves takes pride in not having any kinds of hidden costs and they even offer you a free quote on their website.

Full Replacement Value Coverage

MiniMoves has certainly maintained their company standards by safely completing almost 135k moves in their 30 years of business. But then, what if they damage or lose your item while shipping it? Well, you’ll be glad to know that the company takes responsibility for that and so will either repair, replace or pay you the replacement cost of the item. Just keep in mind that all of this comes at an additional cost if you want full replacement value coverage.

Things To Consider Before Hiring MiniMoves

Third-Party Service Providers

One of the things you need to be aware of before hiring MiniMoves is that they sometimes use third-party service providers for certain moving projects. These service providers are trained personnel. We want to remind you that every move is different from each other, so there are chances that the third-party service providers may not be able to meet your expectations.

No Automobile Transport Services

MiniMoves doesn’t offer any automobile transport services and this can be considered as one of their shortcomings. Also, when it comes to shipping your belongings with a carrier for local or long distance moves, they are in partnership with other carriers. That’s why you’ll have to count on their partners for transporting your vehicle to your new location.

Our Take On MiniMoves

MiniMoves is a great moving company that offers you a guaranteed total moving price quote. So, when it comes to pricing, you can rely on the company’s free quote with certainty. Whether you need help with packing and loading your items, furniture shipping, and other services for your small or large moves, MiniMoves is a good company to turn to. We suggest you make your moving budget first and then decide which company works best for your move.


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FAQs On MiniMoves Review

Is MiniMoves Legit?

MiniMoves is a fully licensed moving company that has earned an accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB) along with an A+ rating. Even Yelp has given them 3.5/5 stars. The company is also known to have good reviews from their customers.

What Days Are MiniMoves Open?

Here are the operational working days of MiniMoves:

Monday to Friday: 7:30am - 6pm

Saturday: 8am - 2pm

How Do I Know If A Moving Company Is Legit?

You need to check the following things to find out whether a moving company is legit:

  • Check whether the company has a USDOT number.
  • Check for the company’s licensing and other business certifications.
  • Check the company’s website and customer reviews.
  • Contact the company and find out about the kind of services they offer.

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