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Things to Buy for a New House

Yayyyy! The day has finally come for you to move into your new house! Do you know what else is new? New things for your house! Wouldn't it be great to have a fresh start with everything new? New home, new neighborhood, new friends, and stuff!! New stuff! Although it could get a little stressful when moving in, especially the settling in part to make yourself feel better, why not get a few new things to decorate your house?


Here's a list of things you should buy to make your living space look the best it can be!


You'll need rugs when you move into your new house. These are great for making your living space feel cozier. You can buy cheap rugs from Amazon. They are easy to find and place where you want them, no matter how big or small your room is.

With different kinds of material rugs, you can even pick one that matches your house and personality.

Desk lamps

These are great for getting some mood lighting in your living space. You can use desk lamps anywhere. Some people like to place them on their bedside tables, others like using them as a reading lamp, and others keep them in an office and move them around when needed. This is one thing you should buy.

Floor lamps

You'll need floor lamps for the same reason as desk lamps. Floor lamps are great when you want your room well lit up. They provide the much-needed lighting when it's the evening or night time and when you want to read, work on paper, do some crafts or relax in your living space. These are the best thing you should buy for your new home!

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Paper Towels

Paper towels are a must for bathrooms and kitchens. You need them to clean up easily, and they're a great alternative for napkins. They're not that expensive either!

Buy a big pack of paper towels; you'll go through them quick with how much you'll be using them!

Tissue boxes

These are great for keeping your living space smelling fresh.

You can buy them in bulk packs, so you don't have to go out every time they run out. They are also suitable for bathrooms, especially if guests are around!


Light up your room with candles. You'll need candles when the mood is right, and it's time to relax or eat some ice cream or something like that! However, they do come in handy when you need them most.

Candles are great for giving your living space a cozy feeling, and you can find all kinds of scents too!

Candles are a must for any living space with different scents and shapes.

Fabric Softener Sheets

Fabric softener sheets are a must for laundry. These were once used in older homes, but they've become a thing of the past, so it's best to bring them back into your new place! They make your clothes smell great and provide a nice feel when you put them on during the day.


Trash Can

You'll need to buy trash cans for your kitchen and bathroom. It's best to get stainless steel ones because they're the most hygienic! Get different sizes, but they should be sturdy enough not to fall over easily.

A Tool Kit

This is one thing you should buy because it can be used for all purposes. You can use them to fix the furniture, tighten screws in your wall, change things around if you don't like where they are placed, and lots more!! Get yourself a good tool kit because it has a lot of uses and you'll need it for your new house.

So, before you move into your new place, I suggest you get these things so that they'll be the first of many items to make your home look great!

Lightbulbs and Batteries

You'll need to buy lightbulbs and batteries for every kind of lamp you buy. Please make sure you're well-stocked with these things because they're a must-buy and come in handy when you need them in emergencies! This is one super important thing, and you should always have it on hand.

Toilet paper

The horror is that you enter the bathroom and realize you have no toilet paper!! Don't let this happen to you. Have a big pack of toilet paper on hand, preferably an extra one, just in case! You'll need toilet paper for your bathrooms; that's just a given.

Chalkboard Paint for the Kitchen

This is a great time to bring back the eras of old. You can have a big surface in your kitchen to manage all kinds of things using chalk. When you had a blackboard for your home, it was so much easier to jot down what you needed from the grocery store! It's a great way to keep track of groceries, notes to yourself, and anything else you need to remember. You may also read our article on Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Home.

Coffee Machines and Coffee

This is one thing you need to buy for your new home. Coffee machines are great if you like having lots of options, but if you just want a simple drip coffee maker, that's fine too! You can't run out of coffee pods and go on with your day without having something to drink! Plus, it gives you that energy boost you need when working at home or simply doing some chores.

Coffee and End Tables

These are great for home decor. You can use them as nightstands or as side tables anywhere you need them to be! They're small, easy to move around and provide a nice feel to your living space. They're a must-buy.

Coffee Mugs

You can never have too many mugs! Coffee makers and tea kettles will be used often, but coffee mugs are perfect in your kitchen. You can drink all kinds of drinks from them. 

Plus, they store easily in cabinets or on shelves. So, get yourself some great-looking coffee mugs for your new house, so you have a way to occupy your time and a way to reward yourself for finishing a project!

Buy some mugs for your new house. You can drink all kinds of things from them, including coffee!

Kitchen Utensils and Cookware

This is one thing you'll need to buy for your new house. You don't want to find that there are no pots and pans or cutting boards when you're hungry! So, make sure you have great kitchen utensils and cookware that can be used for years and will provide the perfect cooking experience.

Buy some quality utensils and cookware, including knives. Stainless steel is the best because it doesn't rust! Read our article on Stocking Kitchen for the first time.

Tea Kettle

Sometimes you just don't feel like making coffee, but you want something hot to drink! You can get that by having a tea kettle in your kitchen. It's the perfect addition to boiling water for things like instant jello and noodles too! This is another item you'll need to have on hand. 

Plus, it's great for making tea. And if you have roommates, this will be the perfect way to bond over a cup of tea together!


Having houseplants is super great for the ambiance of your new place. They're great to look at, and they make your home feel cozier! Plus, you can use them to spruce up any room. You can have houseplants in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. Just think of all the different kinds you can have! See the Benefits of having Indoor Plants in our blog.

Wine Glasses

Having wine glasses in your new house will feel like the best decision ever because it adds to the ambiance and feel of your place! This is something that's super important to buy because you'll need them to reward yourself after finishing your first project! You can also use wine glasses for some juice or other types of drinks. Just make sure you have different sizes so they can be used appropriately.


Collage Wall Art

Having something great hanging on the walls of your room is important because it makes it feel like you're not just living in a place. Having something unique and personal will show that you're trying to make your house feel like it's yours! Decorate the walls with some nice framed artwork, photos in nice frames, and wall stickers. You can even buy the art online for your new house.

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Air Purifier

Having an air purifier around the house is very important because you don't want dust and other allergens in your rooms. You can get some nice ones that are small enough to fit on tables or desks. Having an air purifier will make your home feel healthier, which will help you have more energy! Just think of how much better it will feel to breathe fresh air instead of dust and other allergens.


Mattresses are so important for a comfortable sleep. You don't want to have a bed that makes your back hurt or is too firm for you. So, get a nice mattress and make sure it has the right amount of softness so you can sleep soundly at night. Plus, mattresses come in different types, shapes, and sizes, so getting mattress that's perfect for you will be very important!

Shower Curtain and Mats

Having a shower curtain is super important for washing yourself! Get one that's nice and has some sort of pattern to it. It will boost the ambiance in your bathroom, which will give you more motivation to want to clean up every day! Plus, having some nice shower mats is important too because they're great to stand on when you're washing your feet. Get some nice-looking ones that match your shower curtain, too!

Insect Repellent

Having insects in your house is a nightmare, so you need to have things that will keep them away! One thing you can do is fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of essential oil to it. Then use this to spray around your house or in places where there are some insects. 

However, you should know that this won't kill the insects, so it might just keep them away for a little bit!

Buy an insect repellent. You can use essential oils to make it smell nice and help keep the insects away!

Blankets and Pillows

Having nice blankets and pillows is important because they'll complete the ambiance of your bedrooms. You can get all kinds of cool-looking ones that match your room's design or your style. Just think about how much more comfortable you'll feel sleeping with better bedding!

Buy some nice-looking blankets and pillows for your new house. They'll complete the look of your rooms!

Desk and Chair

Having a nice desk and chair makes it feel like you have your own office at home. Plus, having a space to work from is important for productivity, so make sure you get something nice and solid that will last a long time! If you need some ideas on desks and chairs, just head to a furniture store.

Having a desk and chair in your house is important because it makes you feel like you have an office! You can find some nice furniture at your local store.


Having a TV will make it seem like more life to the room. It will look more inviting, which will motivate you to want to watch it! Plus, having a TV can also be nice for bringing people together. Having one around will help keep your house feeling lively and fun, so just think about how much better it'll feel if you have a TV in there. You can get all kinds of TVs these days with different screen sizes and different resolutions, so look around for something perfect for you.

Don't forget to get a TV! It will make your house feel more welcoming and livelier. Plus, it has a lot of benefits if you decide to subscribe to some streaming services or cable!


Having some nice lighting in your new house is important to keep the ambiance feeling warm and inviting. You can get lamps that look super cool and help set a certain mood for your house. Just think about how much better you'll feel when you're in a room with nice lighting, especially as the sunsets!

It's important to have some nice-looking lights in your new house. They'll make the ambiance of your rooms feel more inviting and warmer!

Cleaning Supplies

Having some nice cleaning supplies in your house is important because it helps give the place an even more welcoming feeling. You can get cool-looking scented sprays to keep your house smelling nice, sponges and dish soap so you always have something to clean with, and other things like dusters for hard-to-reach places! Also See our blog on Tips to Clean your New House.


Having a fridge is important because it lets you keep things like cold water, drinks, and ice cream (if that's your thing)! Plus, having one makes it feel like you're ready to eat anything at any time since food is always more convenient when stored in the fridge! You can get all kinds of cool kitchen appliances these days so just think about what kind of cool appliance would be perfect for you.

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Bath Robe

Having a bathrobe in your house is important if you plan to take regular showers. It will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, which can help you sleep better at night, too! Plus, it'll make the bathroom look nicer and cozier, which is nice for giving yourself a tranquil experience when taking a shower or bath.

Plus, they can help you look nicer when walking around the house!


Shower Caddy

Having a shower caddy is important because it makes life easier. It's basically like having some shelves right around your house's main shower, which is nice for keeping things like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other shower stuff you might need. Plus, it can make the bathroom look nicer too! You can get all kinds of cool-looking stuff for your shower caddy so just think about what kind of design is best for you.

Having a shower caddy makes life easier, and it's also nice-looking!

Bathroom Decorations

This is another must-have when moving into your new place. You want to make sure that every room has something nice in it because it adds to the overall ambiance of being at home. 

So, make sure you have some nice decorations to brighten up your home! Get yourself some house plants, candles, and decorative pillows. You can buy small living ferns for your kitchen windowsill too! You can use some of our DIY Decoration Idea to add more beauty to your home.


"Could you have any more towels??"

You will need all kinds of towels, like bath towels, hand towels, kitchen towels, even gym towels (if you're working out). Unless you're Monica and you like arranging your towels in a certain way, make sure to get some awesome-looking towels that look nice and match your taste! You can find all kinds of awesome designs online or at specialty stores. Just keep browsing until you find something that looks perfect for you!

Toilet Brush

Having a toilet brush in your new house is important because you want it to be nice and clean, right? Plus, having a toilet brush makes the bathroom look nicer and cleaner, so think about how much better you'll feel when the toilet is nice-looking and clean! Just get any kind of toilet brush, though you might want one with an attractive design, so it looks good in your bathroom.

Having a toilet brush will help keep the bathroom looking nice, plus it makes the place nicer for guests to visit!

Toilet Paper

The horror is that you enter the bathroom and realize you have no toilet paper!! Don't let this happen to you. You'll need toilet paper for your bathrooms; that's just a given. Have a big pack of toilet paper on hand, preferably an extra one, just in case!

Toilet plunger

Having a toilet plunger is important for obvious reasons: it helps unclog your toilet! Just think about how much better you'll feel when the only thing you hear in your bathroom is running water and not "plop, plop, fizz, fizz..." You can get all kinds of cool designs for your toilet plunger so just think about what kind of design is best for you.

Oven Mitts

Oven mitts are essential because they help protect your hands from getting burned when taking hot things out of the oven! They come in so many different colors and designs that you can find a couple of nice ones. You can get all kinds of cool-looking designs for your oven mitts, so just think about what kind of design is best for you.

Having oven mitts keeps your hands from getting burned, which can help you live a happier life!

Extension Cords

Having extension cords in your house is important because it helps you access power anywhere you go! Just consider getting some extension cords in different lengths so you can reach anywhere around the house. Plus, they can help make the place look nicer when plugged up to certain appliances. You can get all kinds of cool-looking designs for your extension cords so just think about what kind of design is best for you.

Tape Measure

A tape measure will be important because it'll help you figure out if certain things will fit in your new house. Plus, you might need to buy some furniture, and having a tape measure on hand is necessary. You can get all kinds of different designs for your tape measure, so just think about what kind of design is best for you.

Having a tape measure will be useful to figure out if things fit in your new house because it'll save you from buying stuff that won't fit!

Decorative Items

Decorative items are nice to have- maybe you need a centerpiece for your dinner table or some plants for your yard. You can get all kinds of nice things that add to the look of your house and make it look nicer in general! You can find all kinds of different designs for your decorative items so just think about what kind of design is best for you.

Having decorative items makes your house look nicer and gives it more character!

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Ready to decorate! So, these are some of the things you'll want to buy for your new house! Just think about getting each of these items so you can be prepared for anything. Having these items in your home will make life a lot easier and help keep everything running smoothly. Plus, it'll just make your house look nicer overall.

Make sure to get all these items, so you're fully stocked up and ready for anything!

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