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We all have a vague idea of how we want our homes to look, the color palettes to specific furniture pieces to bring it all together. But for those of you who have an idea of furniture costs, you know they don't come by cheap.

In fact, items like sofas and dining tables have the ability to burn a hole through your pockets. Whether you're renting a space for a few months and don't want to invest in high-end furniture, or if you just don't want to splurge, looking for cheap furniture can be confusing.

Don't be disheartened though, because we're here to help you out! Below we've given you an extensive list of all the places you can check out for cheap furniture!


1. Overstock

If you haven't heard of Overstock before, it's one place where you can find Pinterest-like furniture for affordable rates. They've been operating for over 20 years and their collection of furniture has only gotten better through the years.

Be it a particular type of sofa and rug, to chairs and bath items, you'll find everything at Overstock. If you want furniture at cheaper rates, you should look for your desired furniture pieces in their clearance section where they usually have furniture items at great discounts!

What Do Costs Look Like?

To give you an idea of what the cost of furniture at Overstock looks like, you can find comfortable desk chairs for under $55, headboards for under $75, and futons for under $150.

What Is Overstock’s Shipping And Return Policy?

You'll be surprised to know that Overstock offers free shipping to all states in the country on a purchase of over $49! If your cart value is under $49, then you will be charged a flat rate of $4.95. You also have a 30-day period to return something you've ordered.

2. Target

Target is one of the most obvious places to go to for cheap furniture and the best part about shopping here is that you’ll have one store within 10 miles of where you live. Target’s home collection is updated regularly, so even if you don’t find the exact item that you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find something that is similar.

What Do Costs Look Like?

At Target, you’ll find that most items are priced reasonably, especially furniture that belongs in a kid’s room. For example, a kid’s bed costs $60 whereas high-quality sofas start at $120.

What Is Target’s Shipping And Return Policy?

Unlike most stores that sell furniture items, Target offers free shipping for most furniture pieces. You can usually return a furniture item directly to a Target store, and if there are shipping charges, those will be minimal and displayed on the website for reference.

3. Dot & Bo

Dot & Bo is one of those furniture stores that you step into and feel like you entered the store of every interior designer’s dreams. We might have exaggerated a bit, but we assure you that this legendary store is known for its unique furniture pieces, so you’ll definitely find something that’s similar to items on your moodboard!

From the description, it might seem that Dot & Bo might be pricey, but that’s far from the case. They have affordable pieces which you can wishlist and shop for on their website itself.

What Do Costs Look Like?

Dot & Bo usually has a clearance section where you can bag high-quality furniture for up to 80% off. To give you an example of what other furniture pieces cost, you can get sofas for $80, upholstered ottomans for $80, tables for under $150, and high-quality velvet tufted sofas for under $350.

What Is Dot & Bo’s Shipping And Return Policy?

Dot & Bo levies shipping charges on most items, however, it is minimal and depends on the furniture item you purchase and where the delivery has to be made to. According to their return policy, you’ll have a 14-day time period to return or exchange the item bought. This does not apply to mattresses and furniture that have been custom-made.

4. Bob’s Discount Furniture

For those of you who don’t know of Bob’s Discount Furniture, it’s a retail store with branches all over the United States that sells items for the lowest price possible. As compared to other home furnishing stores that have seasonal sales where the prices of items are slashed, Bob’s Discount Furniture believes in keeping the prices at the lowest possible all through the year.

Even though the prices might be cheaper than if you were to shop at World Market or Wayfair, the furniture items are high in quality so you don’t have to worry about that!

What Do Costs Look Like?

If you want to furnish an entire room, Bob’s Discount Furniture has packages available for this purpose. For example, you can furnish your bedroom for under $700 where you’ll get everything from a queen-size bed and a headboard, to a dresser. You can even buy sets of furniture items, for example, a plush sofa with a chair will cost you under $500.

What Is Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Shipping And Return Policy?

The only downside of buying furniture from Bob’s Discount Furniture is that once you pick up your furniture, you cannot return it. But, there are exceptions to this rule; items like rugs, lamps, and pillows have a three-day return period. Similarly, mattresses have a 90-day return window.

When it comes to shipping, home delivery charges start at $29.99 and if you want to cancel an order, you get a full refund if you do it before the item has been delivered.

5. Big Lots

Big Lots is another home furnishing store that’s known for its deals on furniture which brings down the cost of the items significantly. Their stores carry furniture items from big brands at budget-friendly prices, so if you found something online that was extremely expensive, you can always look for a similar item for a cheaper rate at Big Lots.

What Do Costs Look Like?

Big Lots has some of the best prices out there, and it gets better when they have deals on almost everything. To give you an idea, you can buy bookcases for under $40, plush sectionals for under $350, and desks for $90.

What Is Big Lots’ Shipping And Return Policy?

When you purchase a furniture piece from Big Lots, the shipping charges will be based on the weight of the item since bigger furniture will have a handling fee. It will also depend on the type of shipping you choose which are economy, standard, and expedited.

For returns, a date will be mentioned on the slip that you receive when you receive an item. Your item will be eligible for a return until the date specified.

6. Amazon

When you talk of affordable or cheap, you cannot forget Amazon which is the hub for discounts and deals on anything and everything. This also includes furnishing items, but the only catch is that you’ll have to put in some time to find the right piece.

The Amazon website can seem like a never-ending maze with thousands of items available for one search. For this, we suggest you make use of the “filters” option to narrow down on what you’re looking for.

What Do Costs Look Like?

Amazon has a wide selection of furniture pieces, and you can find items at the lower end for phenomenal prices. For example, buy an ottoman that has storage for under $20, good quality chairs for under $40, and a plush mid-century modern sofa for $300.

What Is Amazon’s Shipping And Return Policy?

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, your shipping charges will be based on the weight of the furniture piece and the delivery location. As a Prime member, you get both free and fast shipping, irrespective of which furniture piece you buy. But we strongly suggest you take a look at the specifications under the item to confirm the same.


Finding Cheap Furniture That's Second Hand

Before we get into new furniture pieces that are cheap, we strongly recommend you check the below places where you might find second-hand furniture. Not only will you be reducing waste and giving a furniture piece a new life, but you'll also be saving a large amount of money.

Remember that items like sofas can always be upholstered for a small price and items like chairs, cabinets, and dining tables can be painted or stained. So you don't have to worry about tears, stains, and marks on your furniture.

1. Facebook Marketplace

If you didn't know already, Facebook Marketplace has created quite a stir in the last few years because it has made buying second-hand items extremely easy. This part of Facebook gets updated every minute, and you'll see people trying to sell a wide range of items from clothing and kitchen utensils to cabinets and sofas.

The best part about Facebook Marketplace is that you can find people that are trying to sell items living within a distance of where you're based. It's also one of the best places where you can find cheap furniture that's second-hand, which drops their price considerably.

2. Goodwill

For those of you who already shop at Goodwill, you know the potential these stores have already. With more than 3,000 stores in the United States and Canada, you're sure to find more than one Goodwill store in your area that you can go to routinely and check if they have the furniture pieces you're looking for.

Just like other stores that sell second-hand items, Goodwill updates its inventory every single day, so don't lose hope if you make one trip and don't find what you want. We also suggest you take a tape measure along with you so that you can measure bigger pieces and see if they fit in your space.

Don't forget to have a car with some trunk space or a large pickup truck on standby in case you find something you like. Goodwill doesn't have delivery services and most of the time, the items get sold fast, so if you like something, purchase it and take it home then and there!

3. Open Box

We're sure you've come across Open Box buys when you go out to shop for any item possible. The term essentially includes items that were purchased by others but not used and returned which means that they're available at a discounted rate.

While the return could be made for multiple reasons, most stores run quality checks on them before they are placed in the Open Box section. One example of this is the Open Box section at Wayfair where you'll find furniture that's been returned, inspected minutely, and sold for discounted rates.

4. Craigslist's Free Section

Yes, Craigslist has a free section on its website and if you're lucky, you might find an item of furniture in good condition that someone's ready to give away for free. If you're in a time crunch, you can also look up the "sale" section on their website where furniture items are available for significantly discounted rates.

5. Estate Sales

Estate sales are another great treasure trove for finding furniture that doesn't cost much. In fact, they're one place where you can find the cheapest items possible because the owners hold these sales with the intention of getting rid of the belongings.

Coming by these estate sales can be a task though because they aren't held as frequently as you'd like. So keep your eye out for them, and if there is an estate sale, visit it on the last day in the last few hours because prices are the lowest.


Your home doesn’t have to look like a luxury hotel and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to furnish your home. If you’re patient, you can browse around and find great ways to buy furniture you like for affordable rates both online and offline. Do your research and keep sale periods marked in your calendar, and you’ll be good to go!

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Should I Buy Furniture From Walmart?

While Walmart has affordable and cheap furniture, reviews seem to suggest that you should be a little more careful while buying furniture from there, especially furniture that’s made of wood. The reason is simple - since the cost is low, the quality of these pieces might not be as good.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Furniture?

Wayfair is undoubtedly the best place to buy furniture because they have the largest collection of high-quality pieces you can find in the market. No matter what you’re looking for, however unique, there’s a possibility you’ll find it on Wayfair.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Furniture Online Or In Store?

You’ll always find furniture for cheaper online. But if you want to have a look at it and test it out, you can always visit the store and place an order for it online if it’s cheaper.


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