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Moving From San Diego To Nashville

When we talk of San Diego, the first things that pop up in your head would be the lovely beaches and palm trees there. After all, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in California and thus nicknamed ‘America’s Finest City’. But, the residents here have to deal with issues such as bad traffic and the influx of tourists. So, people here are considering moving to other metropolitan cities with better transportation systems and more promising job opportunities.

Many people are moving from San Diego to Nashville because of the city’s low housing costs and benefits like zero income tax. And of course, the southern hospitality of the people here, mouthwatering cuisine, and the amazing country music in Nashville are drawing more people into living here. Here’s a complete guide on moving from San Diego to Nashville. Let’s just dive right in!


Factors To Consider Before Moving From San Diego To Nashville

Weather Conditions

One of the things that makes San Diego one of the best places to live in the U.S. is its weather. The city has a semi-arid climate where you can enjoy the most beautiful summers that are perfect for outdoor activities. Nashville is known to have a humid subtropical climate. So, if you want to enjoy the seasonal shifts better, then Nashville is certainly a great place to live in. But, if you’re moving here, make sure that you pack for all four seasons.

Summers in San Diego are sunny, warm, and with clear skies, making it a perfect destination to indulge in summer activities. It doesn't get very humid in San Diego as the temperature stays moderate in the city. Nashville, on the other hand, experiences very muggy and humid summers.

Here’s the difference in temperature that you can expect during peak summers:

  • San Diego in July - Average temperature ranges from 67°F to 75°F.
  • Nashville in July - Average temperature ranges from 71°F to 89°F.

San Diego has a mild climate throughout the year – even the winters here are very mild and cool in the late nights and early mornings. The winters in Nashville are cold and sometimes quite wet. It can get freezing in the city, especially during snowfall.

Here’s the difference in temperature that you can expect during peak winters:

  • San Diego in January - Average temperature ranges from 51°F to 65°F.
  • Nashville in January - Average temperature ranges from 32°F to 48°F.

Few Things To Bear About Nashville Weather:

  • Nashville is known to experience thunderstorms during summers, especially in the months from June to August.
  • Summers tend to be quite humid in Nashville, so make sure you pack your shorts, sunglasses, and hats.
  • You’ll have to bear harsh winters in the city as the weather tends to get very wet and damp during wintertime.
  • The residents of Nashville have to beware of the grass and trees here – mainly in the months of April and June – as the city has a reputation for being the allergy capital of the country.

Cost Of Living

Before you get carried away by the scenic beauty and amenities of both the cities, you need to first consider whether you can afford to stay in the city. The cost of living in a city can greatly affect your decision to stay there. In San Diego, the overall cost of living is almost 48% higher than the national average whereas, in Nashville, it’s just 3% higher than the national average, according to PayScale. We have listed down the different living expenses you’ll have to meet in both the cities and the variations between them.

Buying A House

In San Diego, everyone would love a home that gives them a beach view in the city, but not everyone can afford that dream. This is because the housing market here is on the expensive side. So, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that in Nashville, the real estate market is quite affordable with a variety of housing options to choose from, including luxury apartments, historic homes, and condos.

To give you an insight into the housing costs in both the cities, we’ve listed down the median home values in both the cities:

  • Median Home Value in San Diego: $944,228
  • Median Home Value in Nashville: $420,553

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Renting A House

If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a house, you should definitely check for the rental market in the city you’re planning to reside in. Speaking of the house rents in San Diego, the city is known to have an expensive rental housing market. So if you’re thinking of moving to an affordable place to live, Nashville certainly seems like a good option as the city has many accessible and inexpensive neighborhoods.

Here’s the average rent you’d have to pay in both the cities:

  • Median Monthly Rent in San Diego: $2,756
  • Median Monthly Rent in Nashville: $1,694


Apart from the housing costs, you’ll also have to save enough for your other living expenses as well. So, don’t forget to make a budget for yourself when planning a move from San Diego to Nashville. We’ve compiled a list of your basic utility costs in both San Diego and Nashville as per the data shared by PayScale.

To keep the electricity flowing in your house, you’ll be paying around $192.64 and $150.73 as your electricity expenses in San Diego and Nashville, respectively. For being in touch with your friends and family, you’ll be paying around $205.35 in San Diego and $160.67 in Nashville as your phone bills. When it comes to your transportation, you’ll have to see to it that you frequently fill the fuel in your car to get around in the city. A gallon of gas in San Diego will cost you around $3.36 and in Nashville, approximately $2.62.

Let’s take a look at your grocery expenses in both cities. To make your favorite sandwich or toast, a loaf of bread will cost you $3.76 in San Diego and $3.23 in Nashville. Your other morning breakfast items like a gallon of milk and a carton of eggs will cost you around $2.19 and $2.04 in San Diego and $1.88 and $1.75 in Nashville, respectively. On your cheat days when you feel like relishing a hamburger from a local restaurant, you’ll be paying around $4.79 in San Diego and $4.11 in Nashville.

As you can see, the overall cost of living in Nashville is much cheaper than in San Diego. So, you can rest assured that you won’t be having a giant hole in your pocket at the end of every month.


Job Market

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that tourism is one of the major sectors that dominate the economy of San Diego. The other major industries that operate here are defense, manufacturing, trade, and biotechnology. When it comes to the economy, Nashville is also one of the most popular and growing metropolitan cities in Tennessee. The industries of healthcare, education, music, automotive, and retail contribute to the city’s overall economy.

San Diego has an unemployment rate of 6.6% while the unemployment rate of Nashville is just 4.5%, as shared by BestPlaces. The national average stands at 6.0% and so it’s very evident that San Diego has a relatively high unemployment rate. If you’re moving to Nashville, you’ll find a thriving job market as the city is known to have a very diverse economy.

Some of the largest employers in Nashville that could grant you your next job opportunity are:

  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • HCA Healthcare
  • Amazon
  • Lyft
  • FedEx
  • Kroger
  • Ernst & Young
  • Deloitte
  • Lowe’s

Now that you’ve had a look at the economy and job market in both the cities, you can start looking for jobs if you’re planning a move. We’ll take you through your average salaries in both the cities:

  • Median Household Income in San Diego: $65,753
  • Median Household Income in Nashville: $52,016


San Diego has a good transportation system with several freeways and highways that help the residents here get around in the city. Locals in San Diego can easily access the neighborhoods by cycling which is considered to be one of the most convenient commute options here. In terms of transportation, Nashville is not far behind San Diego. The city has many bus and rail services that the residents avail of for commuting in and around the ‘Athens of the South’.

Here are some of the transportation services in Nashville for commuting in and around the city:

  • Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • WeGo Public Transit
  • Music City Star Train
  • BCycle Service
  • Old Town Trolley

The RTA (Regional Transit Authority) in Nashville also provides other car services like Vanstar vanpooling to commute within the city. You can also book an Uber or a Lyft to commute to work or travel around the city.

Nashville’s Strong Points

  • The city has a relatively low cost of living.
  • It’s no secret that Nashville has an amazing country music scene.
  • There is zero income tax in Nashville!
  • Plenty of exotic restaurants and coffee shops stud the streets of the city.
  • Nashville has plenty of affordable neighborhoods that you could opt from.
  • You’ll experience an exciting and lively nightlife here.
  • Nashville has a low unemployment rate.
  • This is owing to the fact that it has a thriving job market.
  • The city is home to several sports teams so if you’re a sports enthusiast, then look no further!
  • Nashville has a very good education system.
  • The city also has a good quality healthcare infrastructure.

Top Neighborhoods To Move To In Nashville

Sylvan Park

One of the most historic neighborhoods in Nashville that has a small-town feel to it is Sylvan Park. The best thing about staying here is that it’s in close proximity to Vanderbilt University. That makes this a great place for students and young professionals. It’s also an ideal place for families to settle in as it's known to be a walkable community and has many single-family homes as well as apartment complexes. The place also has many local craft breweries and restaurants signifying an amazing food scene.

Median Home Value: $749,950

Monthly Median Rent: $2,450


Hillsboro Village

Just 3 miles ahead of Downtown Nashville and is one of the best residential areas in the entire city. Here, you’ll find many restaurants and businesses and so this is an ideal place for young professionals to live in. The charming and unique architecture of this place is something you won’t ever be able to get over. One thing is certain, you’ll never get bored here as there are several musical performances and theaters to keep you entertained.

Median Home Value: $1,000,000

Monthly Median Rent: $2,083

West End

If you’re looking for a touristy place to live in, then West End in Nashville might just be the place for you. When talking about West End, one can’t forget about Centennial Park which attracts a lot of people into moving here. This neighborhood also has many restaurants, corporate offices, and walking paths making it a great place to live for both young professionals and families. Its close proximity to Vanderbilt University also adds to the popularity of this neighborhood.

Median Home Value: $549,000

Monthly Median Rent: $1,399


Another historic neighborhood of Nashville is Germantown which is situated adjacent to the famous Downtown Nashville. If you want to live in a neighborhood that has city-like amenities along with an idyllic setting, then this is the perfect place for you. Right from high-end restaurants, Victorian-style buildings, and a busy, exciting nightlife, you’ll find everything here. The neighborhood has drawn many people to moving here because of its delectable food culture, boutiques, and luxury homes.

Median Home Value: $469,900

Monthly Median Rent: $2,325

Belle Meade

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Nashville is Belle Meade. This neighborhood has many golf courses, country clubs, restaurants, and bars that the residents enjoy exploring. The neighborhood also has several charming old buildings that add to the beauty of the place. You’ll find plenty of luxury homes, condos, and townhomes to choose from in Belle Meade. The neighborhood is known to have spacious residential areas, which is one of the reasons people are moving here.

Median Home Value: $2,800,000

Monthly Median Rent: $1,770

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Things To Take Care Of When You’re Moving From San Diego To Nashville

  • The distance between San Diego and Nashville is almost 2,021 miles. For such a long distance move, you’ll certainly need an extra hand for your moving needs. That’s why it’s best if you hire a professional moving company.
  • When hiring movers, we suggest that you book the company well in advance. Don’t forget to make a moving budget that can help you understand how much you can devote to your moving expenses.
  • Don’t forget to beware of the red flags while hiring movers. We recommend that you check whether your moving company is licensed and insured. And don’t forget to check its reviews and ratings on Better Business Bureau and Google Reviews.
  • If yours is a small-budget move and you want to save some money on your moving costs, you can always plan your move during the off-season.

San Diego To Nashville Moving Costs

As mentioned earlier, your move from San Diego to Nashville will be a long distance one. So, for such a big move, your average cost will fall in the range of $3,000 to $6,000. Don’t forget that your overall moving costs from San Diego to Nashville will depend on a variety of factors. Firstly, if you hire a full-service moving company and ask them to take care of your entire move right from packing your items to transporting them, you can expect your moving costs to be on the higher end. The exact location of your new house, the time of your move, and the volume of your goods are other factors that can affect your moving costs.

Summing Up

San Diego is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. But, if you’re tired of the sunny weather and the touristy feel of the city, Nashville in Tennessee is a place you can consider moving to. Friendly communities and many modern amenities await you in this city. So, if this ‘Music City’ has captured your heart and suits your budget, we’re here to help you find the right movers for your move.


FAQs On Moving From San Diego To Nashville

How Much Does It Cost To Move From California To Nashville?

Your move from California to Nashville will be a long distance one. So, you can expect your moving costs to fall in the range of $2,000 to $6,000. Now keep in mind that the size of your house, the number of bedrooms, its location, and the date of your move are some of the things that can either increase or decrease your overall moving costs.

Is Nashville Worth Moving To?

Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in Tennessee. The city is known for its low costs of living, affordable neighborhoods, exotic food, and hospitable communities. Even the economy of the city is booming. So, it’s a great place to find job opportunities, especially for young professionals. If this is what you’re looking for in a city, then Nashville is definitely worth moving to.

Where Should I Not Live In Nashville?

Glencliff, Talbot’s Corner, Heron Walk, Bordeaux, and Eastwood are some of the places you should be careful of when planning your move to Nashville. These are considered to be some of the more dangerous places to live in the city because of their high violent and property crime rates. So, if you’re moving to Nashville, avoid living in any of these cities.

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