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Will Movers Move Swing Sets?

The good news is Yes! Movers can move your swing sets. However, you should be aware that swing sets can present odd shapes and dimensions, making them more difficult to handle. Furthermore, some movers charge extra fees for managing these unusual items.

Before your scheduled move day, please place all items in a single location where they will not get damaged or scuffed by anything else during the move.

A swing set can be disassembled before the move. The pieces should not be any longer than three feet, which will make them easier to handle. Swing sets should also be wrapped up in moving blankets. Attach the blankets with rope or straps for additional support. This will help protect both you and your neighbor's property during transport.


Points to remember:

  • When it comes time to move, let the mover know that you have swing sets.
  • The movers should be able to take your swings without any additional charges if they are wrapped up correctly. If there is something unusual about the item (i.e., it's too big), you will likely incur an extra fee for its handling.
  • Movers should be able to disassemble your swings if they are too big or irregularly shaped. This is standard procedure for most movers, but it may involve an additional fee. If you're willing to take everything apart yourself, then you can save some money by doing it yourself.
  • Be sure that the mover has plenty of space to get your swings onto the truck. If you have a long driveway, then there should be no problems. However, if you're going in and out of a city with tight alleys, this could become an issue.
  • Be sure to drive slowly when transporting your swings! You wouldn't want anything falling off the back of the truck.
  • If your swings are too big to fit, or if they cannot be disassembled, then you'll likely incur an extra fee for the movers' time. If your swing set consists of more than just a simple frame, this will probably attract an additional charge. This is standard procedure with most moving companies.
  • If possible, move your swings the same day as your other belongings. This will save you money and eliminate additional stress.
  • If everything goes smoothly, then you shouldn't have a problem with swing sets being moved by movers. Just be aware of how large they are, so there are no surprises at the end of the moving day! And remember, if you hire professionals, they will be able to move anything – even the most irregular items.

What is the cost of moving swing sets?

The cost varies from the size of the swing set. The average cost of the swings are:

  • Small size - Including a slide and two swing sets will cost up to $100-$250. 
  • Medium size - Including 2-3 swings and 2 add ons will cost up to $180-$300.
  • Large Size - Including 3 swings, multi-level assembly/disassembly that will cost up to $500+

If you do not want to move the swing set yourself, then expect to pay an additional price for this service. Most moving companies charge a per-hour fee and range from $50-$100, depending on your location and the company.

Also, if the movers will need more space on their truck or storage space, there will likely be an additional cost. This is standard with most moving companies.

Storage costs

When you don't have ownership of your land yet, you will need a space to store these items. When comparing prices, make sure to ask about any additional fees.

For example, some companies offer 24-hour access to storage facilities. This is convenient for anyone who needs constant access, but it will cost more. Is this worth the price? It depends on your situation! You can find out by asking in advance if there are any additional charges for this service.

Some people choose to do a combination of short-term and long-term storage. This is ideal for those who have both immediate plans for their swing sets! Long-term storage will save you money, but it's not always the best choice.

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Lost or Broken Parts

Another thing to consider is the potential loss of parts. If you have removable swings, they can easily be lost or broken during transport. This is not common with large movers, but it happens with smaller moving companies.

This issue tends to pop up more when attempting to move a swing set apart rather than moving it as one piece. For example, an unprofessional moving company might not realize that they need to first take the swings off the frame. This leads to broken seats and other issues that could easily be avoided with experience. Even if your swing set comes as one piece, parts can fall off during transport, such as slides or accessories. This might cause a headache for you, but it will likely be a much bigger issue for the movers. While they should fix this problem, there might still be a fee involved.

Moving swing sets is easy as long as you're careful and do your research first. The more you know beforehand, the smoother things will go when moving day comes.


How do you move a swing set yourself?

Moving a swing set yourself can be done in stages or all in one shot. It depends on the size of your swing set and how many people are helping you. If possible, it's best to take apart swing sets in pieces instead of disassembling the entire thing immediately. This way, when moving day comes, you won't have as much to do! All swings should be removed from the frame first. Then, take apart any other add ons such as a slide. If you're lucky enough to have a storage building for a swing set, then load it up and move it in one piece.

Most movers will not charge extra if they disassemble a swing set. However, there is always a chance that they will have to disassemble it in stages or all at once. Some movers might charge based on the number of hours it takes them and how many employees are needed for the job.

There's also the risk of damage when moving swing sets alone. If you're unaware of how to take your swing set apart, then there is a high chance that you will end up breaking some pieces. For example, not having the right tools means that you could break a bolt or screw during removal. Even worse? If a swing doesn't come off and bends the frame! To avoid this problem, make sure to do your homework before moving day.

It's best to have other people help you with this task. After all, it can be quite dangerous! The risks are just too high if the job is done incorrectly! If possible, do not attempt to move a swing set by yourself.

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Swing sets are a fun addition to any yard, but they can be challenging to move. To make sure that your swing set moves safely and without damage, it's essential to do your research beforehand. This article has provided some tips on how to move a swing set yourself and what to expect from movers. You can be better prepared for moving day by knowing what to expect!


Can I move my swing set myself?

While moving a swing set by yourself is possible, the best option is usually to hire professional movers. Not only are they trained for this type of work, but hiring them will save you time and energy on moving day! If you do choose to move your own swing set, make sure you have the correct tools and patience for the job. Some swing sets might come apart in stages, but this depends on the model of your set. If you're unsure how to take it apart or put it back together, do not attempt to move it yourself. The safest bet is usually hiring a moving company with experience with this type of job.

What are the risks when moving my own swing set?

Depending on the size and complexity of your swing set, there is always a chance that something will go wrong with moving day. This could be in the form of damaged pieces or possibly an injury if you're not careful. Professionals know how to take swing sets apart the right way, so hiring a moving company is your safest bet.

What should I expect from movers if they move my swing set?

In general, most movers aren't going to charge extra for taking apart your swing set. It usually takes them less time than loading and hauling a full-sized playset. However, you'll want to call beforehand and find out their hourly rate if they have to take it apart in stages. It's also a good idea to ask what kind of tools they have on the truck! If you know they don't have the right tool for removing bolts or screws, it may be best to hire a swing set contractor. They will usually charge more, but they carry the right tools for the job!

What if my swing set is too big to move?

If you're looking to disassemble your swing set, then there is always a chance that you'll have to do it in stages. If your swing set is large and heavy, simply disassemblingit may not be an option. In this case, you'll either need to find a storage unit for your swing set or attempt to sell it for a discount. In any case, this isn't something that movers will typically want to do unless they are being paid well for their time.

Do I have the option of selling my swing set instead?

While it is possible to sell your swing set instead of moving it, that may not be the best option. For one thing, you may end up selling it for much less than what you purchased it for. Additionally, you'll need to spend time cleaning and figuring out how to take apart the swing set before selling it.

How can I prepare for my move?

The best thing you can do to prep for your move is to be as thorough as possible with the beginning of the process. That means knowing whether or not movers are willing to disassemble swing sets! If they don't, it may be a good idea to call a swing set contractor. You'll certainly end up paying more, especially if they are taking it apart in stages, but the right tools will be used to get the job done. Another good idea is to make sure you have all of your items together before hiring a moving company. Not only will this save you money on the front end, but you won't have to worry about these pieces falling apart during the move!

Am I ready to hire movers for my swing set now?

Before calling any moving companies, make sure they know exactly what they're getting into. A call beforehand about whether or not they disassemble swing sets is a good start. If they say no, you should contact a swing set contractor for your move. Additionally, ask about their hourly rate, so there are no surprises on moving day! Once you have everything together and it's time to hire movers, make sure you do plenty of research beforehand. That way, you'll get the best value for your money.