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A top full-service moving company, tailoring each move to fit their customer’s needs, professionally-trained movers, and an interesting origin story too–Two Men and a Truck certainly has enough to catch your attention. But more important is their reliability, and whether or not you can trust them with your move. Our comprehensive Two Men and a Truck review will help you out with just that.


Overview Of Two Men And A Truck

Don’t let the name fool you; ‘two men and a truck’ only refers to the company’s humble beginnings. When you hire Two Men and a Truck, you get a professionally trained crew ready to tackle it all. Brothers Brig and Jon Sorber started the company way back in the 1980s to make some extra dough. Over 40 years later, Two Men and a Truck has over 300 franchises in the US and over 350 locations in the world.

Two Men and a Truck is a full-service moving company, which means that no matter the type of move you’ve got, they can most likely help you out. From moving appliances from one room to another to crossing state lines to get to your new home, Two Men and a Truck promise to be the guys you can turn to. They have a range of services that you can avail of; we’ve expanded on the same below.

What Services Are Offered By Two Men And A Truck?

Two Men and a Truck have services that are categorized into three broad areas – moving, storage, and junk removal. There’s a wide range of services under each of the three, and we’ve delved into them to give you a brief overview.

Local Moves

Two Men and a Truck have over 30 years of experience with local moves and are experts in catering to all kinds of local moves. Their professionals are trained to navigate their way through all kinds of spaces, whether you have a house or a condo. Their website also specifies that they’re pros with the nuances of apartment moving, from navigating the stairs and elevators to navigating the rules and regulations of your complex.

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Two Men and a Truck has a bunch of services they offer for their local moves, some of which extend to their long-distance moves too.

Loading And Unloading Labor

Loading and unloading are two of the most basic services of a moving company, so you’re probably wondering why it gets a special mention. But Two Men and a Truck takes into consideration every kind of move, including DIY ones. Their loading and unloading labor services (called the Carry Crew moving option) are perfect for when you’ve rented a truck and packed your stuff but need some heavy-lifting help.

Packing And Packing Supplies

No two pieces of furniture are alike, and Two Men and a Truck know that perfectly. They cater their packing to the needs of your furniture and items. You can also decide how much you need packed–just a few rooms or an entire house worth of belongings–and coordinate your move accordingly. Two Men and a Truck can also pack fragile items with the custom care they require.

In addition, the company can also provide you with a range of packing materials should you decide to pack your things yourself. These include high-quality and specialty boxes, bubble wrap and stretch wrap, packing tape, and more.

Delivery And Furniture Rearrangement

You don’t have to be moving an entire house to avail of Two Men’s services. Bought a big couch and don’t know how to move it? These guys can help! They can also help you settle into your new home by rearranging all your furniture to your liking.

Piano Moving

The crew from Two Men and a Truck are properly trained and fully equipped with the right supplies and equipment to move your pianos. Well-versed with all kinds of pianos and organs, and each of their requirements, the movers use a secure 4-wheeler moving dolly or a piano board for transportation. Finally, rather than risking the easy way out by wrapping everything up to move, your crew will remove any and all removable pieces on the exterior. These pieces will be packed up separately and securely for maximum safety.

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Business Moving

No matter what kind of business you have, Two Men and a Truck can help you handle your business move so you can deal with everything else! Sometimes, you probably just need to deal with an internal office move from one floor to another. In other cases, you’re staring down the rough end of an office relocation with all your business items in tow. From retail stores and medical offices to non-profits and educational facilities, you can find all the help you need right here.

Long Distance Moves

When it comes to long distance moves, Two Men and a Truck can take you to the neighboring state or right across the country. Their expedited moving services are a godsend; you can rely on GPS tracking while your things are in transit, and rest assured that your items won’t be sharing truck space with anyone else’s. Plus, you can rely on their expedited moving services and regular updates to ease all your worries.

If you’ve only got a handful of things to ship but are on a budget, opt for their Value Flex service. The service can help you ship items across state borders or across the country; it’s perfect for people who have to ship items within or in less than one room. Your belongings get professionally packed into sturdy crates and moved around on the right kind of equipment.


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Junk Removal Services

Are you planning to move and want to downsize your stuff? Or have you simply gotten stuck with junk accumulated over the years? Whatever your need, Two Men and a Truck can help you clear the clutter. Their junk removal services can be hired as part of your move or as a separate service, and are perfect for a few items or even several rooms' worth of things. They can haul away old clunky furniture, clean out properties, or spruce up your garage.

Storage Services

Two Men and a Truck have several efficient storage solutions for your short and long-term needs. They have onsite storage options as well as storage containers; reach out to the nearest location to find out what they offer. Plus, several franchise locations have storage units that can store your belongings while moving from one location to another.

Two Men And A Truck Cost And Pricing

One of the most important things you need to consider when hiring a moving company is how much they charge. After all, moving is an expensive process and you have a lot to keep in mind. However, getting an accurate quote is next to impossible due to their franchise structure and the absence of a standard pricing structure. Nevertheless, we’ve delved into what Two Men and a Truck’s pricing looks like to help you make an informed decision.

Local moves are charged by the hour, while long-distance moves take into account the miles to be traversed, alongside the weight of your move. Any additional valuation coverage you choose to add will also be reflected in your final quote. Junk removal is charged based on the amount of space your things take in their trucks.


There are a few things that could affect your final quote. These are -

  • The time the movers spend driving from your starting to the final destination.
  • The distance between the truck and the loading/unloading spot.
  • The time it takes the movers to load and unload all your items.
  • The flights of stairs the movers will have to navigate.

Overall, your best bet is to get in touch with your nearest Two Men and a Truck location. Since the company is a franchise i.e. every location is owned and operated independently, rates vary across each location with each setting its own rates.

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Does Two Men And A Truck Company Offer Insurance

No, Two Men and a Truck doesn’t sell insurance, but they do offer a valuation that serves as additional coverage. However, their website fails to get into detail about any valuation. The best way to find out what you could avail of is to speak with your designated representative.

They do, however, tell you about their claims process. Being equipped with this knowledge before you hire your movers is advisable. This makes you as prepared as possible in the event of things going south over the move. In the case of Two Men and a Truck, their claims process is fairly seamless. If you happen to notice any damaged items, whether during your move or after, you need to contact your local franchise immediately.

The process to resolve damages differs according to state regulations, but there are steps you can take to be prepared for it from your end. For one, jot down the make, model, or manufacturer’s name. Take clear photographs of the incurred damage. Some pre-preparation would help even more: a common tip when moving is to photograph all your items and inventory them. This way, you have a before and after image to show as further proof of incurred damage.

How To Book Two Men And A Truck

Two Men and a Truck are known for their exemplary customer service, and one of the best ways they put that into practice is by giving you multiple ways to book their services. There are three ways you can get in touch with a representative from the company to enquire about a quote.

  • If you want to get right to it, you can give them a call at 877-720-0411.
  • If you’d rather break the ice over text, ping them at 517-500-5411.
  • You can also fill up the form on their website for an online quote. Filling the form doesn’t get you a quote, but they will reach out over a call and email.


You also have the option to fill up a brief form on the website; fill in your name, your email address, and your question/concern and hit ‘Email Us’. A company representative will get in touch with you shortly after.

Reasons To Choose Two Men And A Truck

Professionally Trained Movers

No matter how reputable a moving company is, a common worry is that their crew may not reflect that same high standard with your furniture. This is even more valid when the company brokers agents or hires labor for the move. But when you hire Two Men and a Truck, you don’t have to worry about any of these things.

The moving crew over at Two Men and a Truck are all full-time employees of the company. Every one of them is professionally trained and armed with the kind of knowledge only 40 years of being in the industry can bring. The company also ensures that each crew member is background checked and drug tested. Most importantly, they’re all instilled with the company’s core values and reflect the professionalism that the website promises.

The Grandma Rule

One thing that stands out about Two Men and a Truck is how familial they are. The company’s roots lie in a family effort, and an essential cog to this machine was “Grandma Eb”, grandmother to the Sorber brothers. Her exceptional support, care, and dedication led to the Grandma Rule - to treat all people “the way you would want your grandma to be treated.”

This one rule is the ethos of the company, and everyone does their best to embody it, right from the managers and team leaders to the individual franchises and drivers. In terms of your move, this means being led through every step of your estimate process, a promise of no hidden fees, and a move consultant who can help with anything, including tips to save cash on the move.

Their website claims that they have a 96% referral rate, which to us serves as a green flag and testament to the care they promise. Their motto is “The Movers Who Care”, and it looks like they’ve been living up to it.

Range Of Services

Two Men and a Truck make sure they’re there for any and all kind of moving-related help you need, and their range of services is a testament to the same. They have a laundry list of in-home moving services, from furniture moving to junk cleaning, and their website does a good job of listing out all these details.

Additionally, if you’re someone who likes to dig their teeth into details, you’re in luck. Their online form gives users an option to get into the nitty-gritties about their requirements, from the number and type of rooms to the items in them. The more accurate you are with your information, the more accurate your estimate can be.


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Things To Consider Before Hiring Two Men And A Truck

Varying Estimates And Reviews

As we’ve already mentioned, Two Men and a Truck are a franchise. While a franchise is certainly easier to rely on than a broker, there’s no beating a successful and reputable moving chain. Two Men and a Truck certainly seem to take every effort to live up to their reputation, but there’s no denying that you may not get the same level of commitment and service across locations. Their reviews online reflect the same; while some locations have largely positive and plausible reviews, others are plagued with negative reviews.

This also makes it a tough job to get an estimate. Filling out the form online guarantees an email within a couple of hours with a rough estimate of your move. But, the only way to get an accurate quote remains contacting your nearest location and making an inquiry there. Plus, with different locations charging their own rates, pricing varies by a fair extent across locations.

Certain Service Caveats

Two Men and a Truck are a full-service moving company, which means the entire process from start to finish (packing, loading, unloading, unpacking) is undertaken by the movers. However, packing is actually an additional, and chargeable service when you hire Two Men and a Truck for your move.

This becomes tougher to deal with when you realize that several, if not most reputable companies, offer packing as an included service that goes hand-in-hand with moving. While they do make it a point to mention this when they email you with your estimated quote, it may still come as a nasty surprise.

Additionally, not all franchises offer long-distance services, and fewer still offer expedited moving services. Several are restricted by the distances they can cover, which means you’ll be directed to the next nearest location that can meet your needs. Ensure you check out their website to figure out where the nearest location is, and contact a representative to ask them just what they can offer you.

Our Take On Two Men And A Truck

While Two Men and a Truck are undeniably an established player in the industry, the varying reviews and pricing can be something certain customers just can’t overlook. The good news is that their reviews, though varying, lean towards positive experiences. We recommend getting in touch with past customers around your area and asking the franchise for referrals so you know just what you’re in for.


FAQs On Two Men And A Truck

Does TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Help Customers Pack?

The company certainly provides packing services, and also customizes them according to your needs. However, packing as a service is additional and chargeable and isn’t included in your final quote from the company unless you specifically mention it. Your final quote will include free-of-cost stretch wrapping and moving pads, but not packing.


No, vehicle shipping is not a service that Two Men and a Truck offer.

What Are The Core Values Of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK?

The core values of Two Men and a Truck are integrity, care, to “be your best and have fun”, and their Grandma Rule®. The company has a broad reputation for living up to these values as much as possible.

Do You Tip Movers?

There’s no set rule about tipping your movers. However, tipping them is sure to be appreciated, particularly if they’ve done a good job.