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When you're stuck with an inflexible, low-income budget for moving, bankrupting yourself can be easily achieved. But don't panic yet because it can easily be avoided as well! In this article we're giving you some practical tips on how to cut on costs and make your relocation a little friendlier to your wallet and moving with a small budget.


Affordable Packing Tips

  • De-clutter
    The first thing you need to do is organize your belongings and figure out which items really need to go with you to your new home. Categorize your junk and determine whether it should be sold online, sold at a garage sale, donated to charity, or simply thrown away. This step will immediately give you a lot of savings.
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  • When did you last use it?
    Do you really need to bring that lawn mower, power tools, or treadmill with you? If you haven't used an item in a long time, it's time to get rid of it. You want a fresh start. You don't need a fully-furnished attic!
  • Ditch your plants
    In some states it's illegal to bring in plants. Plus, it's impractical to ship them out anyway. But if you must bring your planters or sandboxes, throw out the dirt and fill the space with other items in the meantime. You can always get dirt for free.
  • Re-use old boxes
    Ask your local groceries if they can give you their old packaging boxes for free. You can also re-use the original packaging of your electronics since they were designed for shipping anyway (plasma TVs, stereos, etc.)
  • Use magazines and newspapers for packing material
    These can be used in packing plates and other breakable items.
  • Leave it where it is
    Sometimes, it's better to leave a bulky item where it is and just sell it to the new buyer of your old house. Examples include ceiling fans, chandeliers, stove, dryer, and freezer. These bulky items require special installation and packing- two services that will cost you money. Leave your shelving systems too. You don't want the new owners of your old place to hate you for all the holes in the walls.
  • Replace instead of move
    Things like old swing sets, outdated appliances, holiday decorations and floor rugs should be replaced instead of moved. Buying a new one at your new place could be cheaper and more practical than having them shipped together with your necessities.


Cost-Effective Coordination

  • It's time to collect
    It's easier to collect any debts in person rather than long-distance. Do this now in order to augment your moving budget.
  • Cancel your subscriptions and services
    Set a cut-off date for your basic services and other subscriptions in order to save on bills and prevent charges from when you've already left.
    • Cable and internet
    • Electricity and gas
    • Magazines, newspapers
    • Security services and other regular services
    • Book your move on an off-peak date
      Summer is the peak season for moves. Expect prices to be higher during this season. Weekends are also more costly than weekday relocation. See also: Best Time to Move
    • Offer to wait for your items in transit
      Some moving companies offer massive discounts to people who are willing to wait longer for their items to arrive, since trucks can be used in conjunction with other moves.
    • Make sure your moving company is legit
      You don't want to spend your hard-earned cash on a company that will just scam you. Check with the BBB and see if there have been any customer complaints with your company of choice. See also: 3 Questions to Ask a Moving Company


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