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Will Movers Move Alcohol?

There are many things that people may need to move when they relocate, and it's crucial to know which items movers will transport. One common concern is whether alcohol is on the list of allowed items. Many individuals don't want their precious bottles to break if they pack them themselves or if their goods go on a wild ride without professional supervision during transit. 

Fortunately for those who like to enjoy a glass of wine, beer, or other spirits with their meal, moving companies allow movers to transport alcohol. However, rules and exceptions apply depending on the type of alcohol and its origin. Here's what you need to know about how movers treat alcoholic beverages during a move:


Few points to remember:

  • Keep your opened bottles in a double-layer corrugated cardboard box with Styrofoam padding.
  • Don't pack alcohol in the same box with lighter objects; keep it separate from fragile plastics and porcelain.
  • If you're only moving a few miles, drive your car and bring your alcohol with you to transport it in your vehicle.

Will movers move alcohol?

The majority of the movers will move alcohol collections regardless of the size. However, there are some rules and exceptions.

There are many things that people may need to move when they relocate and to know which items movers will transport and which not. 

What are the hazards of moving alcohol?

Alcohol is highly flammable, so it is subject to additional rules for transport. If you are only moving a few miles, drive your car and bring your alcohol with you to transport it in your vehicle. Alcohol bottles must be sealed tight, and you should have good corks for your bottles so that there is no leakage of the alcohol. If the seal is broken, this may cause your package to be declared as a hazardous material. Most of the time, movers won't transport alcohol if it isn't packed correctly.

It's important to remember that some items are not allowed for transport on moving trucks due to federal law and safety. For instance, flammable materials such as lighter fluid, gun powder, and propane tanks are not allowed in moving trucks. 

Make sure you ask the moving company for a list of non-movable items before you set the date of your move. You should always ask a moving company if they allow alcohol before booking a service or make sure to mark it on a note. If you have any questions, call a mover today for additional information.

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How much does it cost to move alcohol?

There is no special price. The price is determined by the volume of alcohol you want to be moved, the preferred transportation, and just how delicate these bottles would be. 

However, shipping boxes are designed to protect the alcohol bottles from breaking for $12 each. Also, these boxes are designed to prevent leakage from the alcohol bottle for an additional $5 each. 

The simplest way to avoid it is to order a moving service that allows for special exceptions in your plan. Call movers today if you are concerned about the best way to move alcohol. 

How to pack your alcohol before a move

Use strong boxes

Stock up on sturdy boxes, especially when it comes to packing bottles. Make sure that the bottom of the box is strong enough to hold the bottles so that they don't slip out. 

Use strong packing materials on the inside of the box to hold the bottles upright

When you pack alcohol, use a double-layer corrugated cardboard box and sprinkle some Styrofoam chips for additional support. Remember that air is the enemy of your wine collection as it can dry out your herbs, causing flavor damage. Make sure to use peanuts or bubble wrap for your alcohol collection or anything else you don't want to be exposed to the air.

Wrap all bottles individually

Please don't leave the bottles exposed; make sure they are wrapped individually. Use bubble wrap around each bottle, and be careful not to scratch the label when you move them. 

Ensure every bottle is sealed tightly with a cork or rubber bands to prevent leaks during transport. You can also consider using re-usable corks or screw caps to protect the alcohol from spilling and leaking during transportation. Place loose bubble wraps between the bottles to avoid any slight cracking or breaking. 

Mark your boxes

Marks the boxes with what items are in them. This will help you arrange your home accordingly and show movers which boxes need to be handled with care.

Make sure to stack the boxes carefully and place them near your elevator if it's a long walk from the truck. If you have items too big for packaging, make sure to let movers know this as well so they can plan accordingly.

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Alcohol fanatics would understand the pain of losing one of their thousands and centuries-old wine and liquor bottles during the move. So if you don't want to lose one of your precious bottles, you must box them and handle them with care so that it reaches your new place safely. Just remember to talk to the movers of which boxes need to be handled delicately, and they'll pretty much get it through without any cracks or leakages. Happy moving!



Can you transfer your alcohol?

Yes, you can transfer your alcohol. Many moving companies will allow for alcoholic beverages with an additional fee. You must contact a mover to receive this information before making any moving arrangements.

Can you move wine in a moving truck?

Yes, but only if you have the original packaging for most bottles of wine. You must remove all corks and transport them with extreme care to avoid spilling any liquid during transportation.

How much does it cost to move alcohol?

There is no set price; the volume of alcohol determines the cost, desired transporting method, and location. We recommend calling a moving company to estimate the cost of transportation.

Can you ship alcohol by mail?

No, it is not possible to ship alcohol by mail. You may transport it within the United States if you pack and label it correctly and pay for required licenses and permits. 

Does a moving company move alcohol?

Yes, many moving companies are willing to transport alcoholic beverages. You need to contact the company for this information before your move date. 

What will happen if you try to ship alcohol by mail?

You can be fined or face criminal charges for attempting to ship alcohol by mail. It is not possible to ship alcoholic beverages by mail due to the high risk of breakage. 

How do you ship alcohol by FedEx?

FedEx will only ship alcoholic beverages if they are appropriately packaged and labeled according to federal regulations. You can contact a FedEx representative for more information on how to properly package and label your shipment of beer, wine, or liquor. 

Can I move alcohol on my own?

You may transport alcohol within the United States if you package and label it correctly. You must pay for any required licenses and permits before your move date. 

Who ships expensive wine?

The most common way to ship expensive wine is using a box and shipping label. You must package and label the wine properly according to federal regulations. When possible, we recommend using a mover instead of moving it yourself to ensure you can follow all regulations required by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and Federal and Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau (TTB) regulations. 

Can I ship alcohol by air?

Yes, it is possible to transport your liquor by air; however, it is the most expensive method of moving alcohol. You must package and label it correctly to ensure safe transport. Furthermore, you will need a license from the Federal and Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau (TTB), which may take up to a year to process.

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