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Cost, convenience, time and effectiveness are just some of the things that you need to consider when formulating the best moving options for your relocation. There are several alternative means to have your things transported, some even have mixed modes of transportation. Two of the most common methods for national moving are ground shipments and air shipments.


Ground Shipments

Ground shipments are the most common type of transport method for households who are planning a relocation. As the name suggests this involves travel by land via one or more moving trucks. There are several types of ground shipments that you can avail from professional movers:
  • Full service moving
    Where they don't just transport the goods, but also assist you in the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking of your things. Here's the list of best full service movers in USA: https://9kilo.com/national-moving/the-10-best-full-service-movers-in-the-us
  • Pods or rental containers
    Where the company will drop off a container at your house and leave it with you until you've finished packing it with your things. Once you're done they will pick up the pod and then transport it by land into the designated location.
  • Rental vans in transit
    Some moving brokers rent trucks from third-party movers who will then fill the truck with various items and packages from several people. In this setup, it might be a little cheaper but you don't have exclusive access to the space inside the truck.
The overall delivery time varies for ground shipments. Depending on the distance between the original and delivery location, this can take anywhere between a few hours or a few days.


Shipping Via Air Freight Forwarders

An air freight forwarder provides pickup and delivery service under its own tariff, consolidates shipments into larger units, prepares shipping documentation and tenders shipments to the airlines. In most cases, air freight forwarders do not generally operate or own an aircraft and may therefore be considered "indirect air carriers." Because the air freight forwarder tenders the shipment, the airlines consider the forwarder to be the shipper. Also Read: The Best National Moving Companies There are several airlines that offer cargo shipping services, including major carriers like Delta, Continental and Northwest. Then there are also companies whose sole purpose is to ship cargo around the world. These carriers include Air Lingus, TNT and Atlas Express. In addition to these, there are also courier companies offering flight cargo service. Some of the most popular are DHL, Emery and UPS. As for the speed of delivery, it varies also depending on where the new location is. However, it is important to note that a lot of courier companies offer door-to-door next-day delivery which is very popular among a lot of people. Air shipping is an option for cross-country moves. It's also the best option for international moves.

What to Bring with You Personally

Regardless of what method you choose for your relocation, always remember that you should always keep your personal valuables with you. Some of the things you need to bring with you personally are:
  • Jewellery
  • Personal gadgets
  • Identification cards
  • Travel documents
  • Bank documents
  • Other important papers like (birth certificates, marriage certificates, and so on)


These are generally items of great importance and high value. However, for other specialty items that are of high value (antiques, expensive artwork, etc.), getting the services of professional movers is also an option. Just make sure to cover them with an insurance policy to the company will be liable for any damages or losses. To know more about your various moving options, please feel free to contact 9Kilo Moving today so we can help you get started with your move. Also Read: International Car Shipping Guide