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Sustainable living is the need of the hour and one of the best ways of promoting sustainability is by living off the grid. It’s cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and makes you self-sufficient as well. If you’re new to the concept, to live off the grid means to survive by resources that are harvested from the natural land. In simple terms, your primary resources like food, water, and power will be generated naturally and in an energy-efficient way.

You can choose to live off the grid in any of the US states as long as you’re abiding by the state laws. However, some states are better suited than the rest as they have a lower cost of living, more open spaces, better climatic conditions, and adequate resources needed to facilitate living off the grid. Keep reading further to know the top states to live off the grid in the USA. All these states will welcome you with open arms if you wish to experience living off the grid.


1. Missouri


Water, food, shelter, and power are the basic requirements for living off the grid. All these aspects are readily available in Missouri and that makes it one of the top states to live off the grid in the USA. The state actively supports and encourages off the grid settlement. Many of the areas have very few or no building codes other than for septic. The state does not closely regulate an individual’s life which gives you the freedom of setting up a convenient living space.

The geographical location of Missouri is another plus for living off the grid in the state. The cost of housing and land is almost 30% lower than the national average and the overall cost of living is around 15% lower than the national average. Even the local climate is great for growing different kinds of crops. The only thing you could be a bit wary of is the high crime rate of Missouri. But if you’re willing to look past it then Missouri is a great place to live off the grid.

Lewis County, Texas County, Franklin County, Worth County, Linn County, Ralls County, and Howell County are among the top places for homesteading and off-grid living in Missouri.

2. Alaska

Being the northmost state of the country, Alaska is almost untouched by a heavy human population. This makes it a peaceful and natural place for you to enjoy living off the grid in the forests. What’s also interesting about this remote state is that it has comparatively lenient laws and minimal regulation, at least when it comes to establishing your off the grid homestead. However, it’s always advisable to check the laws of the state and get yourself familiar with the local regulations about the production of solar and wind energy.

Alaska, in general, is more of a remote state. So when you’re choosing a location for living off the grid, make sure that the surroundings fit your comfort level. You also need to get yourself familiar with the state because not all areas are easily accessible, especially during winters. All in all, The Last Frontier offers many suitable conditions for off-grid living. It has lush green forests, plenty of natural resources, and diverse wildlife.

There are some places in Alaska that are better suited for off-grid living. Some boroughs that are worth mentioning are Fairbanks North Star, Unorganized Borough, Matanuska-Susitna, Anchorage, Kodiak Island, and Yakutat.

3. Hawaii


It isn’t just the northernmost state that is a good choice for living off the grid, the southernmost state of Hawaii is equally appealing. The abundance of sunshine, rain, wind, and fertile soil make the state an attractive place to live off the grid. You would notice that most parts of Hawaii are already off the grid, so you’re likely to find other like-minded individuals rooting for this lifestyle.

Although the state is beautiful in a lot of aspects, you also need to know that the cost of living in Hawaii is among the most expensive in the country. From high property costs to using imported goods, everything is expensive in Hawaii.

Hawaii County and Maui County are popular places for living off the grid in the state. The population density of Hawaii County is relatively low and it also offers the lowest cost of living in the entire state. The southern parts of Maui Island, the western parts of Molokai Island, and Lanai Island are other suitable places to live off the grid in the Aloha State.


4. Louisiana

New Orleans Louisiana

If you’re looking for cheap and affordable places to start living off the grid, Louisiana is one of the best states to consider. The state laws of Louisiana are generally favorable to off-grid living and you’ll find it easier to secure off-grid water and power for your home. Basically, the Bayou State has everything that you need for living off the grid. It offers cheap property prices, plenty of freshwater, and a long growing season. Don’t be surprised if you find a lot of off-grid communities safely settled in Louisiana, the state does offer a lot of benefits!

One of the best aspects of living off the grid in Louisiana is that you can choose to settle almost anywhere in the state. It goes without saying that you need to abide by the prevalent zoning and building laws, but they’re flexible to quite some extent. The state’s warm weather and farming culture are just the cherry on the top for easy off-grid living. Being a water-rich state, the water-rights laws in Louisiana are also very friendly to off-grid living.

Some of the best counties to live off the grid in Louisiana are Caddo Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, Claiborne Parish, Cameron Parish, Tensas Parish, and Ouachita Parish. The unique geographical position of these places coupled with a low cost of property makes them an ideal choice for living off the grid in Louisiana.

5. Oregon


A land full of green and open spaces, it’s not surprising to see why Oregon is one of the top states to live off the grid in the USA. The state prides itself with over 300 miles of coastline being located close to the Pacific Ocean. Apart from stunning beaches and an abundance of green spaces, Oregon also has a thriving cultural scene which means there will always be something to keep you occupied at all times. With lakes, mountains, and lush river valleys, the diverse landscapes of Oregon make it one of the most beautiful places to live off the grid. No matter where you’re located, you can easily plan travel trips and fun weekend getaways to explore the beauty of the Beaver State.

What makes Oregon attractive to many people who call it home is also the Mediterranean climate enjoyed by the state. It’s also considered one of the most environmentally friendly states in the US which lays the groundwork for sustainable off-grid living. The climate along with the land conditions and resources allow you to grow vegetables fairly easily and also generate power with solar panels. Though land prices and housing could be a tad bit on the expensive side in the state, you also get to save a few bucks on taxes. That’s because Oregon is among the few states that do not charge you state sales tax.

Among the many areas, Coos County, Josephine County, Wheeler County, Curry County, Jackson County, Douglas County, and Harney County are some of the ideal places to live off the grid in Oregon. These places offer a comparatively lower cost of land and experience pleasant climate.

6. Florida

Welcome to Florida

There are a lot of things to love about the Sunshine State. Pristine beaches, natural hot springs, and a number of lakes, rivers, and water bodies, you can explore the best of all in Florida. When it comes to living off the grid, Florida won’t disappoint with that either. It is legal to live off the grid in Florida as long as you abide by the Florida Building Code, Florida Fire Prevention, and the Life Safety Codes. What you also need to keep in mind is the requirement to connect to a municipal sewage system, if one is available, to live completely off the grid in Florida.

Florida’s climate is another plus for living off the grid in the state. Most regions enjoy a warm and pleasant climate with plenty of sunlight all throughout the year. Most agricultural zoned lands in the Sunshine State allow livestock. This helps you plan better for making your food arrangements when living off the grid. Florida does have open spaces and adequate natural resources for you to choose a location you like for living off the grid. Another bonus - it’s also among the only seven states that do not have a state income tax. So you save a few extra bucks there too!

Liberty County, Lake County, Monroe County, Collier County, Broward County, Glades County, and Jackson County are some of the most popular places to live off the grid in Florida.

7. Colorado

Moving to Colorado

For the past few years, Colorado has become one of the most welcoming states in the US. It’s also one of the top states to live off the grid in the US. One of the main reasons is that the state has taken several steps to ensure that the zoning codes are more flexible. Along with cheap land, many counties are also offering green and sustainable houses in Colorado. It’s also a cost-efficient state with ample energy resources. With relatively sunny summers and windy winters, Colorado’s climate also supports off-grid living to quite some extent.

Eagle County, Las Animas County, El Paso County, Delta County, Weld County, Jefferson County, and San Juan County are some of the best places to live off the grid in Colorado. Most of these areas receive adequate rainfall and allow harvesting rainwater at present. While many of these places have flexible zoning laws and building codes, it’s important for you to check them beforehand and abide by them if you plan on living off the grid in Colorado.



Living off the grid sure does have benefits more than one. It facilitates the idea of being self-sufficient and offers a lower cost of living as well. The initial shift to off-grid living could be overwhelming for some, but with adequate planning and preparation, you can ensure a positive outcome.

If you’re looking for a place in the US, you can choose any of these top states to live off the grid in the country. Along with having the required resources, the laws of these states also support the idea of living off the grid to some extent. So you can start preparing and laying your groundwork for a safe and healthy experience of living off the grid.

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What States Allow Living Off Grid?

Most states in the US do allow living off the grid, however, some states may not have the adequate resources or appropriate weather conditions to facilitate off the grid living. Apart from Missouri, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Oregon, Florida, and Colorado, there are also other US states like Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee that you can choose for living off the grid.

Is It Illegal To Live Off The Grid In The USA?

No, it isn’t illegal to live off the grid in the USA. In fact, some of the states also encourage citizens to opt for off the grid living. However, you need to abide by local building codes and tax codes even when you’re living off the grid. Failing to do so or not having legal permits could land you in trouble whether you’re living off the grid or not.

What Is The Cheapest State To Live In The United States?

According to World Population Review, Mississippi is among the cheapest states to live in the United States with the overall cost of living being around 15% lower than the national average. From housing to transportation and groceries, everything is available at lower costs in Mississippi. Healthcare, food and other necessities are also among the least expensive in this state. Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri are some of the other cheapest states to live in the US.

How Much Does Living Off The Grid Cost?

Living off the grid is an economical choice for many as the daily cost of living is significantly reduced. Do keep in mind that you’ll need a big amount as your initial investment for buying land, building a house, and setting up utilities. Once you have these in place, your monthly expense for living off the grid could cost around $1,000 - $2,200, depending on your location and specific needs.