How to Make a Coast to Coast Move?

There are various kinds of people involved in the business of moving. In order to do a successful coast to coast move, you have to consider your options carefully and pick which provider suits you best.

Let’s take a look at some of the usual contenders:

  • Moving Brokers or Agents

    Agents or brokers are people who hook you up with the moving companies. Agents don’t perform the actual shipment, what they do is contact their moving partners that will be the ones to do the move for you. There are a lot of credible brokers out there but at the same time, there are also some unscrupulous agents in the market. You may also want to note that agents rely on commissions depending on the projects they bring in.


  • Van Lines

    Small van lines usually concentrate on limited operations because they only have a few trucks and resources. Majority of these companies don’t look for their customers, they rely on moving agents or brokers who find the customers for them. The most common van lines only have drivers and movers who assist in loading the truck.


But of course, these two players have their own varieties as well. There are small-time agents and big, hotshot brokers. There are small van lines and nationwide van lines.

Which is better?

Some van lines offer comprehensive moving services that they can be considered as full service movers already. There are also some big-time agents that have actual companies with people who are great at what they do. So which one is better?

We say both of them. There’s no right or wrong here. There’s no harm in trusting an agent that’s fully capable of connecting you with expert movers. There’s also nothing wrong with booking directly with movers if the opportunity presents itself.

But we must warn you that there are certain things that you’ll have to look for in order to have a fast and easy national move.


What to look for?

  • Credibility

    Choose a moving provider that has the proper licenses and accreditations.

  • Sound payment options

    If you are forced to make a huge cash down payment, raise the alarm and start looking at other companies. Most professional movers will accept full payment after the move is finished, and they also offer various modes of payment such as credit cards, checks, money orders, etc.

  • Years of experience

    Experience in the moving industry is always a good thing.

  • Great customer feedback

    Check with the BBB and some of their previous customers to find out if the company really does walk the walk not just talk the talk.


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