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Alex Sherr is the founder of 9Kilo Moving. He has been in the moving and relocation industry for more than 17 years, making him an expert in his field. Alex started as a helper, dispatcher, and driver and has worked his way up to owning his own company. He takes great pride in his work and enjoys helping people relocate.

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There’s no denying the fact that California’s vast scenic landscapes, diverse culture, and pleasant climate have always attracted people to live in the Golden State. But that’s just one aspect of life in California. What you also get as a combined package are burdensome taxes, high cost of living, expensive housing, and unending earthquakes. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more people today are also wanting to leave California.

If you too are amongst them and have decided to leave the Golden State, the first question you’ll be thinking about is probably going to be “Where should I move after leaving California?” Picking a new place to live in could get confusing and so we want to make it a little easier for you. Here are a few popular states that you could consider moving to after leaving California. Interestingly, each of these places has a few aspects similar to California but also have something new to offer of its own.


1. Texas

California and Texas are like those two sisters always competing against each other. While California is the most populated state followed by Texas, when it comes to the largest U.S. states by population, Texas stands a step ahead of California.

It’s tough to beat the near-perfect climate of southern California, but parts of Texas offer year-round warm and pleasant climate as well. Head to the southeast portion of the state if you’d prefer a warm, tropical climate. The overall cost of living in Texas is significantly lower than in California. As per Numbeo, you’d need around $6,365 in Los Angeles, CA to maintain the same standard of living that you can have with $4,800 in Dallas, TX. Not to forget, Texas is also among those very few states that have no personal income tax, which means you needn’t spend half of your income on taxes anymore.

Texas has a booming economy with manufacturing, business, and technology being some of the most prominent industries contributing to the state’s growth. It has plenty of employment opportunities for young professionals as well as for those wanting to advance in their careers. The state is also home to some of the highest-ranking schools and universities like the University of Texas, Rice University, and Texas Tech University, to name a few.

Median home value: $186,441
Average market rent: $1,331/month
Median household income: $61,874


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2. Arizona

Not just from California, but people from many other states are increasingly moving to Arizona to call the Grand Canyon State their home. It has plenty of educational and employment opportunities for all. Transport and utilities, mining, technology, and healthcare are some of the major sectors of the state. As far as the climate is concerned, it’s warm like California but definitely not so humid. Most parts of the Grand Canyon State don’t receive a lot of rainfall and experience cool and pleasant winters as well.

One of the main reasons for people (and it could be for you too) to move out of California are the skyrocketing living expenses. But the cost of living in Arizona is around 60% lower than that of California. Arizona also has a lower overall tax burden in comparison to many other U.S. states. It’s an exciting place to call home not just for the younger population but also for the retirees as it has no social security tax and estate tax.

If the liveliness and hub-hub of the Californian cities are what you’ll miss the most, Arizona can surely compensate for it with the variety of outdoor activities the state has to offer. From white water rafting and rock climbing to golfing and skiing, the landscapes of Arizona are suitable to enjoy a number of adventure activities. Arizona and California are also close-knit neighbors, so you’ll be able to carry out your interstate move without too much trouble.

Median home value: $277,194
Average market rent: $1,573/month
Median household income: $58,945


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3. Nevada

Home to the entertainment powerhouse of Las Vegas, the state of Nevada has no shortage of night life, entertainment, gaming, and fine dining options. It’s also one of the states with no tax on personal income and no state sales tax on food and medicine. That gives you a bit more leeway to easily save a few bucks and spend more on leisure activities. The overall cost of living in Nevada might be slightly higher than the national average. Even so, it’s still lower than that of California, especially when it comes to rent and housing.

Nevada’s scenery is also something to look out for. The state has a number of mountain ranges as well as thousands of miles of hiking trails for you to explore and satiate your adrenaline rush. As far as career prospects are concerned, the Silver State has a good amount of educational and job opportunities especially in the healthcare, business services, and transportation sectors. The pace of life is comparatively slower in Nevada, so if that’s something you’d prefer then it’s worth giving this state a chance.

Median home value: $312,817
Average market rent: $1,506/month
Median household income: $60,365


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4. Washington

One of the best reasons for moving to Washington from California is that you can enjoy the same quality of life, the surf, sand, sun—all at a much lower cost. It has mesmerizing sceneries, a thriving job market, and a booming tech industry, so there’s something to do for everyone. Add to it lower taxes and cheaper housing and it’s not difficult to see why the Evergreen State is among the best states to live in the country.

Many major corporations such as Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Boeing have laid a strong foot in Washington. The state also has a varied climate which makes it among the nation’s largest agricultural producers. This indicates that the thriving job market in the state offers a lot of variety for you to pick and choose from. There are also ample higher education opportunities in the state, thanks to a number of excellent educational institutes like the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Washington State University.

As someone who has lived for a while in California, you might be used to scenic views and beautiful landscapes. But even when you move to Washington, the spectacular views of nature wouldn’t disappoint. After all, the Evergreen State is one of the most ecologically diverse states offering both mountain and coastal views. The diverse climate of the state also allows you to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities during both the summer and winter months.

Median home value: $419,248
Average market rent: $1,837/month
Median household income: $73,775


5. Oregon

Located next to the Pacific Ocean, the state of Oregon prides itself with over 300 miles of coastline to explore. If you’re an adventure lover who loves spending time outdoors, you’ll easily fall in love with Oregon. The state has stunning beaches, lots of green space, and a thriving cultural scene, so it has a lot to keep you occupied at all times. You can also easily plan weekend getaways when you wish to explore the diverse landscapes with lakes, mountains, lush river valleys, and a lot more. Oregon’s Mediterranean climate just adds to the charm!

Portland is the most famous city to move to in the Beaver State. It has a great climate, strong economy, an abundance of jobs, progressive lifestyle, and a high quality of life. And all of this is offered at a much lower cost in comparison to California. There’s much to Oregon beyond Portland as well, if it’s a quieter lifestyle that you’re looking for. Interestingly, the Beaver State is also one of the most environmentally-friendly states in the nation. So if you want to live a greener lifestyle with less pollution around you, that’s also a possibility in Oregon. You don’t have to worry about paying state sales tax in Oregon, so that’s another plus!

Median home value: $380,519
Average market rent: $1,563/month
Median household income: $62,818


6. Florida

Let’s be honest, no matter your reason to leave the Golden State, a part of you will surely miss the pristine beaches, especially if you’re more of a water baby. In this scenario, the best place for you to move to after leaving California will be Florida. Rightly called the Sunshine State, Florida’s climate is warm and pleasant like California’s. It has a number of lakes, streams, rivers, and natural hot springs to explore. And beach lovers rejoice; no matter where you’re located in the Sunshine State, you’ll never be more than 45 minutes away from the beach!

Living in Florida is affordable in all aspects in comparison to California. As per an analysis by Numbeo, you’ll need around $6,300 in Los Angeles, CA to maintain the same lifestyle that you can have with approximately $4,488 in Orlando, FL, and that’s assuming you rent in both cities. In addition to affordable housing, Florida gives you another chance of saving those extra bucks as it’s one of the only seven states that does not have a state income tax.

Median home value: $260,905
Average market rent: $1,622/month
Median household income: $55,660


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Amazing climate, diverse communities, thrilling adventure activities, and the scenic natural beauty are all reasons to love California and not want to leave the state. But the growing population and skyrocketing living expenses don’t make it easy for many to live in the Golden State. All the other U.S. states that we’ve mentioned above are good alternatives to move to after leaving California. They have ample opportunities for all and will not leave you with a hole in your pocket. Depending on your interests and requirements, you can choose to move to any of these states that best appeal to you.


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Where Is The Best Place To Live Outside Of California?

If you’re planning to move out of California, then Texas, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon are some of the best states to move to. These states offer plenty of educational and employment opportunities and also have a lower cost of living in comparison to the Golden State. However, if you wish to stay in California but outside the Bay Area, then Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and San Diego are some of the best places to live in.

What Other States Are Similar To California?

Washington and Oregon are two states that are very similar to California. Both these states have similar geography and climatic conditions like California. They’re also liberal states that strongly favor the Democratic Party just like the Golden State. Apart from these two, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado are some of the states that are similar to California in some or the other aspect.

What State Is Like California But Cheaper?

Texas is one of those states similar to California but significantly cheaper. Along with a lower cost of living, Texas also offers the benefits of no personal income tax. Its climate is similar to that of California’s – warm summers and cool winters with hardly any snow. Colorado and Florida are also some of the other states like California but are comparatively less expensive.

What Is The Nicest Part Of California?

California’s vibe is surely one of its own and so living there is also an experience in itself. While the Hollywood City of Los Angeles is among the most popular places to live in the Golden State, Fremont could also arguably be the nicest part of California. It has a stable housing market, low crime rate, sunny weather, and welcoming residents. It’s also considered to be one of the happiest places to live in the U.S.