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As you look around today, you can find a large number of professional moving companies offering you any and all services right from visiting your house for planning everything to the last step of unpacking at your new house. Although this is a huge relief from having to deal with any of the tedious moving aspects, there is no denying that it costs a fortune, and not all of us can afford these services. Therefore, we take the DIY (do-it-yourself) route for as many steps as we can. That’s where MovingPlace comes in. Don’t just decide on this self-service moving company right away; read our comprehensive MovingPlace review and decide if this company is the right fit for you!


MovingPlace Overview

Founded in 2012 and based in Florida, MovingPlace is a professional moving company that primarily offers self-serve moving services for long distance moves. Apart from providing moving trucks to transfer different sizes of apartments and houses, the company also helps you with shipping your car and any kind of furniture from one state to another.

Prioritizing your precious time and keeping in mind your budget, the professional moving experts at MovingPlace ensure to guarantee your peace of mind. You can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure as the expert movers working in the company are selected from the country’s best service providers. MovingPlace is for those who want to go the DIY way either because of budget constraints or simply because they want to!

Now let’s get into the specifics of what are all the things that MovingPlace puts on the table.

What Services Does MovingPlace Offer?

Long Distance Moves

The most important service that MovingPlace offers is called ‘You Load, We Drive’. If you’re moving to a new location within the USA that is at least 250 miles away from your current house, the company will provide you with a moving truck, fuel, an experienced driver, and door-to-door transportation. The trucks are available in two sizes - 28 feet and 53 feet.

Keep in mind that only the trucks are provided to you. You’ll be solely responsible for carefully loading all your belongings in the truck to avoid any kind of damage. The truck that you get has a loading ramp, a bulkhead wall for separating the goods of different clients, and a dolly to make the whole process of loading and unloading smooth and hassle-free for you. However, if you have completed packing and want the truck and the driver to stay back, you’ll be charged $150 per hour after the first free hour. The company can drop off its truck at your doorstep for up to 3 days to load your items. And the same goes for unloading.

Pro Tip: When the truck arrives at your new home, unload your belongings and refer to your inventory list to ensure that nothing is missing.

Automobile Relocation Services

Don’t want to drive all the way to your new house? Have your car shipped by MovingPlace. Driving hundreds or thousands of miles is neither easy nor fun, and you need not be harsh with yourself. The company gives you a couple of options. It can ship the car separately through a professional car transporter but this will cost you a little more. The other option is to call for a full-sized truck that can easily accommodate your car along with all of your household furniture.

Storage Services

MovingPlace offers storage facilities throughout the country but not for more than 3 months. After the completion of your move, you get one week of free storage. Also, there are no options for local storage as of now.

Military Moves

MovingPlace has been successfully helping military members around the country with its DIY service for quite a few years. The moving company offers certified weight tickets and bills of lading to the military members so that they are reimbursed for PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves.

Full Service Moves

Yes, the USP of MovingPlace is the DIY moves. But for those who’ like to sit back and relax leaving all the hard work to the professionals, MovingPlaces has got you covered there too! The company prides itself on customizing each move to the choice and requirement of each customer.


How Much Does MovingPlace Cost?

You’re in for a treat if you have decided to go the DIY way, and not just because you’re going to save on packing and loading services. The prices that MovingPlace offers are 30% to 40% below the average market rates. A long distance move with MovingPlace would cost you anywhere between $3,200 and $3,500. This is much cheaper than the market rate of over $4,600!

Speaking of insurance coverage, MovingPlace is indeed a fully licensed and insured moving company. However, there are no options for you to buy additional insurance from MovingPlace. Then again, you’re offered a DIY move with you doing all the loading and unloading.

How To Book A Move With MovingPlace?

Booking a move with MovingPlace is quite a piece of cake. You can start off by availing of the free moving quote on the website homepage. Add your personal details, where you’re moving to and from, and the size of the move. Click on ‘Submit’ and that’s it! A MovingPlace representative will get back to you with a quote!

On the other hand, if you’d like to get in touch with them right away, you can also call up on 904-849-3882.


Reasons To Choose MovingPlace

With nearly 200 reviews, MovingPlace has a spectacular customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google. While that might be a reason enough for some of you, there are more pros of choosing MovingPlace.

Easy On The Pocket

No denying that a lot of effort and time will be put in by you, but once that’s done, it will feel like you almost got the entire moving process completed for the cost of just renting a truck. Speaking of renting a truck, the three-window to load and unload the truck allows you to do your work in an unhurried manner. Planned a move in a hurry and want a truck within 48 hours? MovingPlace has got your back. Also, the company ensures to not overcharge you for any services.

Pay For Only Your Space

If you’re using the company’s 28 feet moving truck but your shipment is occupying just 12 feet of space, you’ll be charged for 12 feet and not the entire space. Movable walls are used inside the truck in order to determine the exact space your goods are taking.

Excellent Customer Support

The official website of MovingPlace has a question and answer forum on each and every page where you can ask anything related to their services and are guaranteed to get an answer. Whether it’s a query, complaint, or you want to put forward your exact requirements, you’ll get a quick response.

Things To Consider Before Hiring MovingPlace

Like everything else in life, MovingPlace isn’t perfect and has its share of flaws. They aren’t necessarily dealbreakers, but you can consider them as well to get a clearer picture.

No Local Moves

The minimum distance for MovingPlace to come into the picture is 250 miles. It recognizes itself as a long distance moving company. If you’re looking for relocation services within your city, you’ll have to look for another mover.

Packing Services And Packing Materials Not Available

Those who have moved their houses before know that packing and unpacking are the most dreaded aspects of the moving process. You need to get the best packing materials and supplies to ensure the maximum safety of your belongings. Even that’s not enough. You need to know how to pack the items in the correct manner. Unfortunately, MovingPlace does not offer packing and unpacking services and nor does it provide you with any kind of supplies like many other companies.

No Valuation Of Your Belongings

Since the responsibility of packing, unpacking, loading and unloading the goods lies with the customer, MovingPlace does not offer any insurance coverage options. Make sure that you do your packing well!

Sorry Hawaii And Alaska

Currently, MovingPlace offers its moving and storage services to each and every part of the USA except for Hawaii and Alaska.

Our Take On MovingPlace

A transport-only company, MovingPlace caters to those who just need a quality moving truck with an experienced driver to safely transport their belongings from one place to another. The company does not claim to be a full-service moving company. If you think you can take care of packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading your belongings, you can rely upon MovingPlace to do its part of transporting them to your new residence. Hope this detailed MovingPlace review helped you in your decision to select the moving company for your next move.


FAQs about MovingPlace

Does MovingPlace Offer Loading And Unloading Services?

No. MovingPlace neither offers the services nor the labor for loading and unloading. But you can rope in its sister company, HireAHelper, which operates across the US.

How Much Time Do I Get To Load And Unload?

MovingPlace gives you up to three days for loading and three days for unloading your household goods into its trucks. If you want more than three days, you’ll be charged.

Does MovingPlace Allow Customers To Ride In Its Trucks?

No. Being a commercial enterprise for moving household goods, MovingPlace is not licensed to carry passengers in its moving trucks.

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