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Moving a Hot Tub

A dip in a hot tub set in your backyard or patio could actually help alleviate the stress of a move. It helps relax your muscles and you practically have a spa like experience at your doorstep. This is why we completely get why you’d rather turn to the Internet for answers to move it instead of leaving it behind. Let’s not forget that it also costs megabucks! (anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 just for a standard one).

We agree that it makes sense to take it along with you but the actual task of moving a hot tub is no easy feat. As you’re probably aware, hot tubs aren’t the most mobile. To add to that challenge, it’s heavy, which makes it pretty dangerous if things aren’t done right. Fortunately, we’re here to help you ace moving the hot tub without damaging property or yourself.


The Planning

Pay Heed To The Navigation

Depending on whether you place your hot tub in the backyard or patio, you want to ensure that there’s no complications en route. If it’s kept in your backyard, take some time to get rid of any plant pots or typical things that would come in the way while moving the hot tub out.

Go into your headspace and visualize the path from your backyard to the moving truck where it will be placed. We suggest physically walking the route the hot tub will go through just to make sure that there’s potentially no obstacle. Even a simple rock could create a dangerous bumpy path and increase the chances of things going south.

Don’t forget to figure the path you’d also follow in your new home. Be prepared with a pathway that must be followed once the truck reaches the prospective home. Think about where and the distance at which the truck would be parked in advance. Make sure the reinforced platform or concrete on which you’d like the hot tub to be placed is ready and in place. You can prepare an outline of where you want it to be placed with tape so that it’s not placed crookedly. Plan the spot by checking that there’s sufficient place for the steps to also fit the frame.

Get Accurate Measurements

We suggest getting details on the width of the hot tub and its weight so you’re able to hire the correct size rental truck to place it in. Knowing the weight is also in harmony with the previous navigation point, it helps you gauge the number of people you’d need to lift it at some point. To know the exact weight, we recommend checking the booklet that came along with the hot tub when you bought it.

Remember that hot tubs can be 6 to 8 feet in length if they take the square shape. So you must have a proper plan for the time when it has to pass through a smaller passage or entrance door to your backyard. We’ll share tips on this in the execution phase of things.

Ask For Help

Moving a hot tub is not a one man’s job. We can’t stress on this enough, but there is a high risk of damaging property or physically hurting yourself if you try to do this task independently. If you choose to get professional help, it could cost you roughly $400 and upwards depending on the level of difficulty. Do consider hiring help if you’re unable to get assistance from colleagues, family or neighbors.

Ideally, we suggest having minimum 4 and maximum 6 people to help you with this part of your moving project. Also, the more might not be merrier in this case. So try to set rules that those who aren’t part of the moving team, stay indoors so there’s no sudden bumping or clashing. Not to mention kids and pets, who should be entirely out of the frame when the move actually commences.

Drain The Hot Tub

Part of the preparation is also ensuring there’s no water inside the tube. You can make use of a garden hose to completely drain the water out. We highly recommend not to drain the water all in one go because that just creates a bad situation for your lawn. (Reminder: A 5 person hot tub can hold 300 to 350 gallons of water). This is why it could also go into your neighbors yard and create issues for their plants.

You probably use some kind of chemical to keep the water clean, so a sewer cleanout is ideally where you could drain the water (you may need permission from the municipality). If you are draining it on your property, ensure it is away from any trees or a foundation part of your house.

Try to do this 2 days before the actual move. This is to ensure that it’s completely dry (yes, as dry as our skin gets in winter). You can then pat the interiors with a towel so that it’s ready for moving day.


Packing Materials Needed To Pack The Hot Tub For A Move

The reason we ask you to consider hiring a professional mover for a hot tub is because you need a lot of equipment to carry out this project. You can hire these materials from a store like Home Depot or from professional moving companies. We have given you a couple of alternative options in case you can’t find these equipment.

1. Four-Wheeler Furniture Dolly

The only time the hot tub must be lifted physically (manpower) is to place it onto the dolly. You don’t have to work harder but smarter by wheeling the hot tub at all times. This is why a dolly is the most important tool needed on site.

Dragging or rolling your hot tub is much better than lifting it. But in case you can’t get hold of a dolly, you can make use of a spa sled or a sleigh. It doesn’t exactly need to be like the one Santa uses, but should definitely get the job done!

2. Moving Straps

Once the tub is placed inside the back of the truck, you would need to hold it in place with a moving strap. You can get this on rent in case you don’t want to purchase it.

3. Loading Ramp

Since the truck won’t be at ground level, you would need a ramp or basically a slide to push the hot tub into the truck efficiently. Once again, most moving trucks include this with the hire.

4. Treated Lumber Planks

Lumber planks would work to create a neat smooth path for the hot tub to be dragged on. You want to get at least 4 of them that are wide enough for the tub to be placed on them. The lumber planks are going to be the red carpet on which the tub will be rolled on.

If you don’t get lumber planks, you could turn to using cardboard sheets. You can flatten out old boxes and create a cardboard pathway. However, lumber planks would ideally be the best way.

5. PVC Pipes

You would require PVC pipes to put the spa sled or dolly underneath the hot tub. They are strong enough to hold the weight of the tub.

6. Moving Blankets

This is to provide protection to the hot tub from getting scratches if it moves in the truck. Ideally, you don’t want the tub to be moving at all.


The Execution

Step-by-Step Guide To Pack A Hot Tub For Moving

Before you follow this part of the guide, you should have the supplies, hot tub drained and enough manpower to help you with the next steps.

Step 01 - Disconnect The Wires

Just like any other electrical appliance, cutting the source of electricity is the first step to keeping things safe. Ensure the power cord is not dangling as it could come in your way while in the process of moving it out. We suggest rolling it and taping it to the side.

Step 02 - Lift One Side Of The Hot Tub And Place A PVC Pipe Underneath

Do you ever recall sitting at a wobbly table? Where one leg of the table is slightly shorter than the rest? Then you’d probably place some cardboard or rubber underneath the uneven table leg. Similarly, over here you just have to lift one side to place a PVC pipe underneath it. Repeat this step for the opposite side too. The pipe has to be placed underneath the two shorter sides of the hot tub and not the lengthy side.

For the lifting part make sure there’s at least 2 people to lift it and 1 person to push the pipe underneath. Be extremely careful to not leave the hot tub till the person has placed the pipe because this is a dangerous situation for your toes and fingers.

Step 03 - Place The Dolly Or Spa Sled Underneath To Drag

Once there’s pipes underneath, it acts as wheels which makes it easier to make the tub travel by rolling. But to make it a tad bit easier, we suggest using a spa sled at this point. Place the sled right underneath the middle portion of the tub, so you’re able to drag it with the leash of the sled instead of lifting it.

Your goal is to always drag it on ground level because it is extremely heavy and not smarter to carry it. (Reminder: Hot tubs are 500 to 1,000 pounds depending on the model you have, do not try to lift it alone. Consider getting professional manpower if needed).

Step 04 - Create A Pathway

Like we said earlier, you need to recreate a red carpet kind of scenario for the hot tub. You want a path where you can drag the tub safely and smoothly. For this, place two lumber planks to form like stepping stones on which the tub can be dragged. After the tub is dragged over these two planks, repeat the process.

You would need two people dedicated to picking the plank that the tub was dragged on and placing it in front of the tub again. Hot tubs don’t really move smoothly if the surface isn’t smooth and without bumps. If this process is taking place in your backyard, ensure there’s no pots, plants, stones or anything that would make the tub slip or tumble en route.


Step 05 - Turn The Hot Tub Into Cartwheel Position

Now at times while you’re dragging the hot tub you may need to turn into a cartwheel so that it can fit between a small gate. If this is the scenario, it is necessary to keep the hot tub in a standing position similar to a cartwheel or even watermill for that matter. Just keep in mind that hot tubs aren’t circular in shape so you would still need to drag it.

If you personally feel that the backyard pathway is small, we recommend using the cartwheel position right from the beginning. You can drag it out with the sled as it is only if there’s sufficient space in both your current home and new home.

Step 06 - Have The Ramp Ready And Load It In The Truck

Rental trucks are not usually on ground level. You would need a ramp to push the hot tub into the truck. This is when you’d realize that moving a hot tub comes with its own share of challenges. When loading the truck, you’d truly need the manpower to push it upward. If possible, try to get a truck where the height isn’t on the extreme end.

Step 07 - Secure The Hot Tub With Moving Straps

Once you've successfully placed the hot tub in the back of the moving truck, you must secure the placement with moving straps. This makes sure that the hot tub doesn’t shift during transit. We also suggest to place a moving blanket to prevent the tub from attaining any scratches on its surfaces.

Step 08 - Unload The Hot Tub From The Truck

At the time of unloading, you would need 3 to 6 people on board to get the tub out efficiently. Two people would need to drag it out to the entrance portion from the back of the truck. Post that it must be safely pushed down the ramp. After the tub is once again back to ground level, follow the same process.

Start with placing pipes so that you can place the sled in between and drag the tub to its new home. Now you can set it up and celebrate the fact that it reached safely!


Things To Note When Moving A Hot Tub

  • Ask yourself if you really want to take the risk of moving it independently. A professional could intervene and help you out for roughly $400 or more based on difficulty or complications involved.
  • Pay enough attention to navigation. This is the key step that ensures the potential of a dangerous accident is low.
  • Don’t lift the entire weight of the hot tub at any point. Always stick to dragging or rolling it.
  • You have to make sure that you have equipment for the move. In this case the supplies are not boxes or tape but tools that professional movers tend to keep. Try to hire or rent the supplies in advance.


What are the costs to hire professional movers to move a hot tub?

Hiring professionals movers is the best way to move your hot tub to your new home. It could cost roughly $400 or more if you hire professionals. The cost varies depending on the difficulty level of the move.

How heavy is a hot tub?

The weight of a hot tub varies on the model. Typically a 2-3 person hot tub would weigh 500 pounds. A tub that can accommodate 6 people could weigh somewhere between 800 to 1,000 pounds.

Can you move a hot tub by yourself?

Empty hot tubs can weigh up to 800 lbs, therefore moving one by yourself is no joke. There is a high chance you’ll damage the surrounding area and probably even pull a muscle or two if you can get it off the ground at all. Ideally, we suggest having minimum 4 and maximum 6 people to help you with this part of your moving project accompanied by a furniture dolly and pallet jack.

How difficult is it to move a hot tub?

When it comes to moving any piece of furniture or in this case a hot tub, it is all about having a solid game plan. Hot tubs can be 6 to 8 feet in length and weigh upwards of 500 lbs to 800 lbs when empty, therefore one must be prepared with the appropriate tools to lift the hot tub off your deck and make its way safely to the transportation vehicle. Plan its way through narrow passages and get as much help as you can in moving and lifting things out of the way.

How much does a 6 person hot tub weigh?

The weight of a hot tub varies from model to model and is based on its size and capacity. Typically, a 2-3 person hot tub would weigh 500lbs whereas a hot tub that can accommodate 6 people could weigh somewhere between 800 to 1,000 lbs.

What does it cost to move a hot tub?

The most common and safest way of moving a hot tub into your new home is with the help of professionals. Hiring professionals could cost roughly $400 or more. The cost varies depending on the weight of the tub, difficulty level of the move as well as the equipment required to move it.

Can you move a hot tub in a pickup truck?

Ideally, you will require a pickup truck to transport your hot tub, as strapping it to the hood or roof of your car would not be wise. Loading a tub into the truck will initially require a lot of physical manpower as the rental trucks aren’t near ground level. Dollies can be used to wheel the tub to the truck and ramps can also make the loading process a whole lot smoother.

Can you move a hot tub with a pallet jack?

Professional movers typically use pallet jacks in order to lift the hot tub to move it onto a ramp or dolly. You’d be required to manually lift the tub a few inches off the ground and provide a smooth surface so the pallet jack can slide under and lift your hot tub without damaging it.

Can you lift a hot tub over a fence?

Though not unheard of, when access to the house is cut off, it’s definitely possible to transport your hot tub over a fence or wall with the help of a crane. Cranes typically cost from $500 to $1,500 depending on the weight of the tub and how high or far you need to carry it. Therefore, you should make note of it when planning out a budget for your move. You can also hire a HIAB (loader crane) for simply lifting it over the fence.

Can you take apart a hot tub?

It is possible to take apart a hot tub, but this will differ from model to model. For a regular move, you’re only required to unplug the tub and tape the wire to its side. Drain the remaining water and detach any supply plug as mentioned in the user manual. For any other major dismantling, it is advised to best leave it to the professionals.

Can a deck hold a hot tub?

In the US, if it isn’t in the backyard, the deck is a common place for a spa. Hot tubs can weigh anywhere between 500 lbs to 1,000 lbs, when you add water and a couple of individuals, it just gets a whole lot heavier. For decks built ground level up to 2 feet off the ground, they will be able to support up to 100 lbs per square foot. This will be sufficient for most hot tubs. But for decks built 2 feet or higher, extra support will be needed. But you don’t need to worry as it is quite easy to find and add support beams and posts to take the weight of your hot tub.

How do you move a 6 person hot tub?

As hot tubs are heavy pieces of furniture, the appropriate planning and equipment will be required to move them. It is advised to have at least 4 other individuals available to help you lift the hot tub, either onto pallet jacks, dolly, or directly onto a truck or help create a safe passage after being drained and unplugged. There are also a number of moving companies that are available to provide professional assistance.

How heavy is a 7 person hot tub?

Before purchasing a hot tub, it is always a good idea to see its size and capacity allowing you to understand how much water as well as people it can hold. Large spas can easily accommodate 6-8 individuals. Empty, these hot tubs can weigh around 800 lbs, whereas when filled plus the added weight of the individuals, the spa can weigh around 4,300 lbs to 5,500 lbs.

How heavy is an 8x8 hot tub?

An 8x8 hot tub can easily accommodate 8 people. When empty, it can weigh around 800 lbs to 1,000 lbs depending on the model. But when it’s full, it can easily weigh 4,500 lbs to 5,500 lbs.

Is it worth moving a hot tub?

Moving, in general, is not the easiest thing in the world to do. That’s why weighing all your options before a move sounds like a good idea. There are a number of services that cater to transporting hot tubs both locally and nationwide. The average cost of moving a hot tub is $400 to upwards of $1,500, depending on the size, weight, and complexity of the move. These are all variables one needs to consider before figuring out whether it is worth moving an entire hot tub or not.

How much does it cost to Crane a hot tub over a house?

Cranes that are required to move hot tubs over larger heights are typically larger and therefore more expensive. They charge anywhere between $500 to $800 depending on the size. It also depends on the complexity of the move as well as the weight of the tub itself. Homeowners may also be required to sign a waiver in case of any potential damage or extra street parking charges depending on the location of the house.


Moving a hot tub is not an easy task but you can give it a shot if you plan with precision. There is a high potential for dangerous events which is why we strongly believe getting movers would ideally be best.

If you choose to do it independently, be extremely careful and make the use of the right equipment so that you’re not physically straining yourself at all. We suggest taking things one step at a time and planning well in advance so that you have success with the move.