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Need help booking movers for your upcoming move? Well, if you’re looking for movers to help you with packing, moving your furniture, or loading and transporting your things, HireAHelper surely ticks all the boxes. Known as one of the most reviewed companies online, it will help you move across all the 50 states in the United States.

Just to give you an insight of HireAHelper, it has almost 2,000 moving companies as a part of its marketplace. Having moved over 350,000 people so far, the company has earned a lot of positive reviews from its customers.  If you want to know more about HireAHelper’s moving marketplace, keep reading our comprehensive review as we list down the different services they have to offer you.

What Services Are Offered By HireAHelper?

Searching for various moving companies online can be really time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Even if you ask your friends and relatives, they would recommend movers based on their experiences regardless of the fact that every move is different from the other. So, to help you with yours, HireAHelper can surely help you find vetted moving companies that will assist you with your move according to your needs and budget.

Whether you need help with packing, loading, unloading, or cleaning services, HireAHelper has everything covered up for you. All you have to do is enter the details of your move, like the ZIP Code you’re moving to, and you get to choose from several companies. Not just that, you’ll also see the prices of these companies along with the customer reviews which will help you decide the right company suitable for your needs and budget.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of services and costs you can compare and choose from several moving companies through HireAHelper:

Full Service And Hybrid Moving Services

As mentioned earlier, not every person will have a similar moving experience as every move has specific needs and services different from the other. Considering all of this, HireAHelper offers you both full service and hybrid moving services.

For instance, if you’re a person who needs help with the entire moving process, right from packing your things, to loading, unloading, and transporting them, then you can ask HireAHelper for full service movers. But if you need help with partial moving services like only packing or only transportation of your things, then you can ask for labor-only services. As you see, the company takes care of your needs and connects you with moving companies that will complement your budget and type of move.

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Packing And Unpacking

Moving can be really stressful, and if you’re moving an entire household, then it can be a nightmare. Packing up an entire house for a move will be really time-consuming. But don’t worry, as HireAHelper will take care of that for you. Whether you want full or partial packing services, you can approach the company and then you can choose from its list of moving companies and get professional packing services.

Loading And Unloading

Just making an inventory of your items and packing them in their respective boxes isn’t going to get the job done. Your boxes aren't going to crawl to the moving truck by themselves, right? So instead of bribing your friends with a pizza to get the job done, the best thing you can do is get the job done professionally with minimal risk of any damage to your items. Whether you need help with loading and unloading in your moving trucks, storage containers, freight trailer, or anything else, HireAHelper will provide you with helpers for everything.

Furniture Moving Services

Now every item in your house cannot be packed and moved in the same way, like for example, your furniture. Whether it’s your bed, sofa, couch, outdoor furniture, etc., it first has to be disassembled and then packed for a move. Having said that, packing and moving furniture is not an easy task as any teeny-tiny carelessness can damage it. So if you need help with furniture disassembly and assembly, packing, loading and unloading, you can surely rely on HireAHelper for professional services.

Day Labor Services

If at all yours is a small move and you need helpers to set up your new house, you don’t need to hire a moving company. To suit your needs, HireAHelper offers you day labor services by connecting you with helpers who will assist you in several kinds of tasks like heavy lifting, unpacking your items, loading and unloading, setting up your new house, etc.

Rental Truck Services

If you’re taking the DIY approach to moving and you only need help with a moving truck, you can approach HireAHelper as it offers you some of the best truck rental services. Depending on your move and needs, you can choose from different sizes of trucks that suit your budget. The best thing is that the HireAHelper website also allows you to read through their customer reviews to help you choose the best rental truck for your move.

You can choose from some of the best truck rental companies like Penske, Budget, U-Haul along with comparing their prices for your local, medium or long distance move. Whether you need a cargo van or a big truck to accommodate your things, you can choose a rental truck according to the size of your move and the number of belongings you need to move.

Semi-Trailer Rental Services

For long distance moves, you can opt for semi-trailer rental services. If you approach HireAHelper, you get to choose from Estes SureMove, OD Household Services and U-Pack. Along with a rental truck, you’ll also get a driver who will transport your belongings to the desired location. Just visit the HireAHelper website to compare the costs of these companies and choose what best fits your move.

Military Relocation

Regardless of your military move being a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) or PPM (Personally Procured Move), HireAHelper is here to help you move by assuring you low costs and high satisfaction. All you have to do is log into their website, enter your moving details (location, ZIP code, loading and unloading date, etc.), compare the prices of several companies, and then decide what’s best for your move.

Corporate Relocation

Moving an entire office surely isn’t an easy task. To help move your company and employees, HireAHelper also offers corporate relocation services. You’ll not have to worry about the heavy lifting of your items and neither their transportation as you can seek helpers to take care of that for you.

Moving Containers

Depending on the number of containers you need and your location, HireAHelper lets you choose from a variety of moving companies that offer containers for your small, local, or long distance move. One of the perks of approaching HireAHelper is that you get to choose from a variety of moving companies like PODS, Pack Rack, U-Haul, etc., and compare their prices. The moving containers are of steel, plywood, metal and come in sizes right from 7 to 16 feet. If yours is a local move and you need the largest container, the price range starts from $500 and for long distance moves, the starting price for two large containers is $5,000.

HireAHelper Cost And Pricing

Now that you know about the different services you can avail of from various companies through HireAHelper, let’s look at their pricing. For a DIY move, your best option would be opting for a basic hybrid move with a few moving services. Your basic labor cost for loading and unloading would be an average of $878. But if you need movers to help you with packing and unpacking, loading or unloading, and driving, your average cost for a move with such transportation and labor services would be around $2,889.

For renting a truck, your average price for a local move would be around $155 which can go up to $225 for a medium distance and almost $971 for a long distance move. Speaking of your long distance moves, you would probably want to rent a spacious freight trailer where you’ll be paying around $1,500 for a local move and up to $2,000 or more for a long distance move.

Here is an example of your average cost for both hybrid and full-service move based on HireAHelper’s official website:

Type Of Move Local Medium Distance  Long Distance
Hybrid Average Cost: $523 Average Cost: $826 Average Cost: $2,171
Full Service Average Cost: $1,300 Average Cost:$3,000 Average Cost: $6,000

There are a lot of things that can go wrong during the move, especially the risk of your items getting damaged. That’s why HireAHelpers have listed down the importance of liability coverage, here’s what you need to know:

Released Value Protection: Every moving company has to have released value protection as stated by federal law. Most moving companies calculate it as sixty cents per pound for each of your items. That means, if your 50 pounds flatscreen TV gets damaged, you’ll be compensated only $30 regardless of how expensive the TV actually is. Do keep in mind that this coverage is limited to a maximum of $10,000.

Full Value Protection: If you purchase full value protection for your items, then your movers will repair or replace your damaged items. HireAHelper assures you that they will reimburse up to $1,000 in case your items are not repaired or replaced. You just have to make sure to notify them about any missing or damaged items within 90 days of your move. Having said that, this depends on your move and the total value of your items, meaning, higher the value of your items under coverage, the higher the total cost of the coverage.

Third-Party Insurance: You can get a third-party insurance policy from your movers or check whether your homeowner’s policy covers moving. Just make sure you go through the policy properly and consult your movers for any queries about the same.

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Reasons To Choose HireAHelper

Transparency In Pricing

One of the best things about approaching HireAHelper is that it is transparent about its prices and provides quick moving quotes. All you have to do is enter your moving details on the website, compare the costs and services of different moving companies and see what suits your move and budget. Just in case the moving company’s price is a little over your budget, you can just reach out to HireAHelper and let it take care of it for you. With a nationwide coverage of some of the best moving companies, you get to choose one that will be in your budget.

Professional And Vetted Movers

Whether yours is a local or long distance move, you get to choose from some of the best professional moving companies through HireAHelper. Regardless of your move being small or big, trusting a stranger with your precious belongings isn’t easy, especially when you know about the risks related to moving. That’s why HireAHelper not only lets you choose from licensed and professional movers but also sees to it that you make a decision after reading customer feedback for various companies. The website shows the feedback of several customers which will help you in deciding which moving company will be the right one for your kind of move.

Guaranteed Moving Services

Moving to a new place is a big decision and so there will be lots of things you’d be worried about with respect to the planning and execution of your move. So, to help you with all your queries and doubts, HireAHelper is available throughout the week. Also, you can get a 100% refund of up to $1,000 just in case your move doesn’t go according to your plans because of the movers you hired. Now that’s a guaranteed service you wouldn’t want to miss out on, right? With over 10 years of experience in the moving industry, HireAHelper assures you a positive moving experience.

Things To Consider Before Hiring HireAHelper

Inconsistent Reviews

Since HireAHelper will connect you with a moving company you choose, it’s all up to the movers to live up to your expectations. As mentioned earlier, every move has different requirements and so it’s all up to how the movers get the job done to give you a satisfying moving experience. A few customers have complained about extra costs for a flight of stairs or large items and movers taking a lot of time to load and unload things. So before you make a decision, you can check the company’s website for customer reviews and then decide whether you really need that particular moving company.

No Drivers For Your Truck

In case yours is a DIY move and you get your own moving truck, you can ask for helpers to help you with packing and unpacking or loading and unloading. But don’t expect the helpers to drive your truck and transport your items to the new location. HireAHelper will not provide you with a driver if you get your own moving truck.


HireAHelper surely is a great online marketplace if you want to hire people to help you with packing or loading and unloading services. But you’ll have to rely on a third party, that is the moving company or laborers you choose through them to get the job done. If you need help with packing and loading your items, you can consider HireAHelper as it will offer you with a variety of options to choose from. In the end, it’s up to you and what best suits your move and moving budget.


Is HireAHelper Legitimate?

Operating in Oceanside CA, HireAHelper is one of the best easy-to-use online marketplaces that you can consider especially for your DIY move. You can choose from labor-only and full-service moving companies, where all the full-service movers are verified licensed companies.

How Much Should You Pay Someone To Help You Move?

If yours is a full service move that includes all kinds of services like packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading, then you can pay around $25 to $50 as an hourly rate. Having said that, this price may increase or decrease depending on the type of your move, size of your house, and location of your move.

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