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Moving to Colorado

If you are considering moving to Colorado, you are not alone. Colorado is one of the most desirable places to live in the country. It is actually among the top ten fastest-growing states based on population. Colorado offers you everything. From amazing sceneries of the Rocky Mountains to favorable weather, beauty is all around you. The availability of several leisure activities and a strong job market makes it one of the best places to move to.

Each city in Colorado is unique in its way. However, they all have one thing in common – beauty and fun. The Centennial State is the place for you if you dream of a place where you can enjoy snowboarding, fishing hiking skiing, and other outdoor activities. It is one of the most popular destinations for nature and outdoor enthusiasts in the country. Its cities also offer easy access to education and affordable living standards.

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Here are a few of the best places to live in the Colorado state.

1. Aurora

Aurora is a small city that is considered one of the fastest-growing in the state. It has become a popular destination for newcomers and Colorado residents since it offers many opportunities and leisure activities. With a diverse population, professionals and families have built beautiful and safe neighborhoods. Aurora provides a conducive environment for families and professionals. It offers many social amenities and conveniences.

2. Boulder

Also called the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, the city is a beautiful place to live. If you are an outdoor and nature enthusiast, Boulder is the best place for you to live. You can see the breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks form the bottom of the mountain.

The city is a hotbed for startups and new ventures. Serial entrepreneurs are opening more opportunities with the town donning the title of ‘America’s Startup Capital.’ A significant contributor to the growing entrepreneurship culture in the city is the University of Colorado. The city is a famous top tier college city known for its huge bar/restaurant scene, educated community, and public transit.

3. Castle Rock

There are a lot of things that attract people to this beautiful city. Castle Rock is known for its low crime rates, high household incomes, beautiful parks, outdoor recreation opportunities, top-notch dining & shopping, and its Plethora of amenities.

The city is one of the fastest-growing in the country. It is a small town with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It is within proximity of major cities in the state, making everything is within its reach. On the other hand, it offers a serene environment for relaxation away from the hassle and bustle of the big cities.


4. Colorado Springs

This is the second most densely populated city in the state. It offers affordable living standards for its residents and has become a popular place for families, millennials, and professionals. With relatively lower prices in rent than Denver and Boulder, it still offers the infrastructure and social amenities that the other cities have.

It boasts a massive variety of outdoor activities and stunning nature. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the state with destinations such as the famous Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. It is also known for is cool local art galleries and coffee shops.

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5. Denver

Denver is one of the best places to consider moving to in Colorado. It is known for its stable job market and low unemployment rates. It has offered many people opportunities, especially considering its rapidly developing tech sector. The city also provides favorable weather, getting an average of 254 sunny days in a year.

Denver’s neighborhoods are unique and have their own feel. With scenic views considering its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, you are sure to find a spot that suits you. The downtown area provides an abundance of entertainment, easy access to outdoor activities, dining and shopping centers, etc.

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6. Fort Collins

Fort Collins is another popular college town in Colorado that offers plenty of things to see and do. Home to the Colorado State University, the city also hosts giant tech brands, entertainment joints, and tasty breweries.

Fort Collins has a lot of similarities with vibrant cities in the state like Boulder. It has a fast-growing business sector and is also a bonafide college town. Like Boulder, the city has a stable job market in the tech industry and has offered many people employment opportunities.

7. Lakewood

Considering its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the Denver city, Lakewood is one of the best places to live the state. It is a popular outdoor escape from the big city chaos. Home to some of the coolest parks in the country, the city offers several outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

Lakewood residents also enjoy a variety of entertainment options, dining, and shopping. The city hosts several bars, restaurants, shops, and seasonal festivals.


8. Louisville

Louisville is popular because it offers all the opportunities, amenities, and conveniences that a big city offers. It is an excellent place for families to live, especially those with school-age children. The city provides easy access to education, and the public schools are highly rated.

Louisville is more than a century old and has withstood its test of time. With about 20,000 residents, the city has invested in fostering community pride and an environment where everyone can work happily and have fun. It is one of the safest places in the country and registers significantly low crime rates annually. It also offers unlimited employment opportunities with high household incomes.

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9. Pueblo

Pueblo is one of the most affordable places to live in Colorado. It offers abundant employment and recreational opportunities like other big cities in Colorado despite accommodating plenty of low-priced homes. Other factors include beautiful weather, outdoor recreation, and modern amenities.

Pueblo’s climate is favorable for living thanks to its relatively high elevation. It is one of the sunniest places in the country, receiving more sunshine than Honolulu and San Diego. The town also offers many outdoor opportunities like most towns in Colorado. It offers mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, etc.

10. Vail

Vail is home to more than 10,000 permanent and part-time residents. It offers a lifestyle of the most luxurious resort with a feel of a small peaceful town. Though the skiing hot-spot may be an expensive place to live, it offers the luxury and relaxation you can’t find in any other city.

Besides being one of the most popular skiing destinations, Vail provides a variety of employment opportunities with employers providing competitive benefits, parking programs, free transportation, and housing assistance programs. It also hosts diverse restaurants, bars, shops, and luxurious accommodations.


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FAQs about Best Places to Live in Colorado

Where Is The Most Affordable Place To Live In Colorado?

Pueblo is the most affordable place to live in Colorado, with a cost of living that is 10% lower than the national average. Housing is 19% lower than the national housing average, and utilities are a whole 28% lower. Groceries are 3% lower, and the median home value is $229,472. Another affordable option is Colorado Springs that has a cost of living 6% lower than the national average. Housing costs and groceries are 2% and 3% lower than their respective national averages, while utilities are 26% lower than the national average.

What Salary Do You Need To Live Comfortably In Colorado?

The average annual income of a family in Colorado is $72,331, and the average salary is around $69k. Plus, according to recent data, earning $62,000 per year is what is considered to be a good salary in Colorado. This is approximately $5,168 per month.

Is There Anywhere Affordable To Live In Colorado?

Colorado has several affordable cities to live in, out of which Pueblo seems to be the most affordable at the moment. Aurora is yet another affordable city with a cost of living only 5% higher than the national average, and even better is Colorado Springs with its 10% lower than average cost of living.

Where In Colorado Should I Move To?

Where you want to move to depends on loads of factors. If you want to live in a city that enjoys access to nature, Colorado Springs or Lakewood may be suited for you. If you want the urban rush, head to Denver. If you thrive in the lush life, Vail will be paradise while Louisville is ideal for families. Need to save up on that budget? Head to Pueblo or Colorado Springs.

Is 100k A Good Salary In Denver?

The average salary in Denver, Colorado is $71k, and the cost of living in Denver is 12% higher than the national average. A family of 4 will have monthly expenses of around $3,516, while a single person on the other hand will have to pay around $972.36 each month. A 100k salary will tick all of these boxes and leave you with a little extra cash on your hands, so it will definitely go a long way in Denver.

What Is The Safest Town In Colorado?

From the places we’ve listed out, Castle Rock is one of the safest in Colorado to call home. It is known for its low crime rate, and is safer than 43% of US cities. The violent crime comparison per 1,000 residents is only 0.44, much lower than the national average of 4 and the Colorado average of 3.81. Property crimes are marginally higher but yet lower than national and state averages at 14.05 per thousand residents.

Is 60k A Good Salary In Colorado?

Recent data shows that a salary of around $62,000 per year, or approximately $5,168 per month, constitutes a good salary in Colorado. The average salary of residents in Colorado is around $69k. 60k will be enough to live in Colorado, but if these estimates are truly accurate, you may not be able to live as comfortably as you’d like.

Why Is Rent So High In Colorado?

Colorado happens to be one of the top ten fastest-growing states based on population alone. Every year, more and more people head to Colorado to call the state home. Home values in Colorado have gone up by 9.6% over the past year, and the median home value is currently $449,182. The higher the demand for rentals, the higher the prices go, especially since the supply can only keep up this much.

Is It Cheaper To Live In Colorado Or Florida?

The median home value in Florida is $273,094, while it’s much higher at $449,182 in Colorado. The average salary in Florida is $52k, lower than the $69k that Colorado residents average at. Coupled with the views from online forums, Colorado is the cheaper state of the two.

What Jobs Are In High Demand In Colorado?

Several of the high demand jobs in Colorado are in the medical field, like physical therapists, surgeons, physician assistants, obstetricians and gynecologists. Alongside these, professions like network systems and data communication analysts, computer software engineers and database administrators are in high demand.

What Is A Good Salary In Denver?

If you want to live in Denver, expect to pay a cost of living that is around 12% higher than the national average. $3,516 is how much a family of 4 will have to pay each month for expenses, while a single person will have monthly expenses of around  $972.36. The average salary that people living in Denver earn is $71k. So, a salary of around $71k or a close amount that meets all your expenses is a good salary in Denver.

Is It Better To Live In Colorado Or Arizona?

Which state you choose depends entirely on your personal preferences. Both states have loads to offer, each with their own pros and cons. The median house value in Arizona is $319,888, but it is higher in Colorado at $449,182. Colorado residents earn an average salary of around $69k, while Arizona residents earn $57k. Comparing data across these and a few other factors, Arizona is the cheaper state to live in.

Is Colorado Expensive To Live In?

The average home value in Colorado is $449,182, and residents earn an average of around $69k. The home values in Colorado have been on a steady rise over the past few years, as has the rent, and these figures are slated to increase. While it certainly isn’t as high as bigger cities like New York, life in Colorado is on the steeper side of the slope.

Which City In Colorado Is The Best To Live?

Choosing the best city in Colorado depends on your income and preferences. If you’re on a tight budget, head to cities with a low cost of living like Pueblo, Aurora or Colorado Springs. People with the big salaries and budgets can enjoy the amenities of Vail, while families will thrive in Louisville. Colorado has loads to offer, including cities like Lakewood that are perfect for nature lovers, so make sure you explore all your options.


Moving to a new place is easy if you know what you want. There are a lot of considerations to assess when planning for a new city to live in. Several factors can influence the suitability of a place e.g., infrastructure, schools, type of leisure activities available, neighborhoods, etc. The cities have been ranked in the list above, depending on education attainment, safety, job market, culture, and affordability. Also considered is the rate of growth. This list may serve as a good starting point for you. However, do not rule out that there are other areas and cities in Colorado that are desirable places to live.

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