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Atlas Van Lines is in close association with the most trusted network of moving companies which is Van Lines. This is the most renowned moving network in the nation. Their operations have had a long standing presence in the moving industry and there’s instant brand recognition to the two words ‘Van Lines’. You’ve probably experienced this yourself, where a simple google search of moving companies will lead to the words ‘Van Lines’ popping up a couple of times.

We mention this so you know that Atlas is not just any novice moving company, but in its essence a part of a highly professional network. Now, being experts at moving is certainly something that this company boasts about, but let’s help you learn more about Atlas in this review.



Atlas Van Lines is headquartered in the state of Indiana, but you can surely make use of their moving services from anywhere in the nation. They are able to help with both interstate and international moves. Atlas works with around 400+ local agents and this ensures that they can operate from anywhere in the nation. They also have partnerships with agents in roughly 140 countries.

This is probably the reason why their website asks you the question, ‘Where do you want to go?’ and the company name is Atlas, helping you reach anywhere you want to go on the map (even if it’s international waters)!

Like we said earlier, Atlas is also part of the Van Lines family which is a moving network that receives global attention. Should you choose to hire them, you can assure yourself that you’d be working with a professional in the industry. To give you more perspective, this line was started in 1948 so they certainly have been in the game for long enough and a history with moving.

You should also note that Atlas Van Lines are ProMover certified. This is a high ranking that is dedicated to renowned moving companies by the American Moving & Storage Association.

What Services Do Atlas Van Lines Provide?

Local And Long Distance Moves

Local and long distance are the two primary types of moves that Atlas Van Lines will be able to help you with. The estimate for both these kinds of moves are determined after an Atlas moving expert evaluates the size of your move.

The Atlas agent will be the sole person of contact and guide you through the various options you have. It is necessary to discuss the window within which you’d like your belongings to reach you and other smaller matters with the Atlas agent.

The standard services included for a local or long distance move involve:

● Loading
● Unloading
● Transporting
● Tracking of the rental truck.

You can pick the following extra services to be included in the standard moving package:

● Packing
● Protection
● Storage unit
● Move specialty items

Do note that if this is a small fast move then you can request for the SimpliCity. It basically aims to simplify the moving process for an urgent or last minute type of move. With the SimpliCity launch, customers of Atlas Van Lines have the advantage of picking the date suitable to them and not the moving company. Time is of the essence for such moves and this is something that Atlas understands and hence aims to simplify processes in your favour. From logistics to evaluation of your home to the invoice, everything is simplified.

Corporate Moves

Atlas Van Lines can help both the person being transferred for a job as well as the administrator of the company to come up with a beneficial relocation package.

When you move for a job, it is the company’s responsibility to make sure that the move takes place in a smooth and professional manner. This is mainly so that you don’t burden yourself with the stress of moving. If you hire Atlas Van Lines, you can be assured that things work efficiently for you and your employer, because of the unique ‘Movr’ tool. To give a simple idea, it is an online dashboard where the employer can keep track of the sums you need to use for your relocation.

If you’re given the chance to take control of the mover, you choose then you can take Atlas Van Lines into consideration as they put immense efforts into building the relocation policy in your favour.

Military Moves

The crew at Atlas is also well-versed with military moves. As the company is no stranger to such a specific type of move, they have all the guidelines in place to handle such a move. In total, this company has been of help to roughly 13,000 military families. They also state that they all have practical knowledge about the Personally Procured Move Program so this is an added advantage for a member of the military.


Key Takeaway

Any company that is affiliated with Atlas Van Lines can help you with local, long distance and international moves. Military, job relocation and government moves are the other secondary types of moves that are also offered by Atlas Van Lines. There’s over 400 Atlas agents that serve the nation as per the standards set by the company. The agents are also well-versed with dealing with speciality items like a grand piano, pool table or a kids swing set.

How To Contact Atlas Van Lines?

Option 01

You can request a free moving quote, leave few of your personal details such as your phone number and email address. Post that a sales representative should get in touch with you with a detailed response.

Option 02

You can find an Atlas affiliated agent close to your home location and then reach out to them in person. Click on the ‘Find an Atlas agent near you’ icon on the contact us option on their homepage.

Option 03

If you live in the state of Indiana, you could choose to drive to their headquarters personally. Their office is situated on the following address -

Atlas Van Lines Office Address:

1212 St. George Road
Evansville, Indiana 47711-2364

We suggest giving them a call before dropping by the office. Also, if this is an international move, you’d need to call them up. Their office timings are from 8 am to 5 pm, every Monday to Friday.

Why Choose Atlas Van Lines For Your Move?


Atlas Van Lines is a great moving company to consider since they are an up to date company and not an upcoming one. They’ve understood the worries of customers over the years they’ve been in business and have concrete solutions such as the Atlas Portal.

This portal is your one stop solution to keeping track of the entire progress of your move. As a customer, you can create an ID on it to find every document you’ve signed up for on it, file claims and even payments. It also allows you to get text messages and notifications about the move. This eliminates the battle of worrying and constant calling just to know what’s the status of your move.

Companies affiliated with Atlas Van Lines also don’t limit themselves to helping you with just the physical strain of the move but logistics as well. Your Atlas agent will provide you with consultation and advice so that things work in your favor. If you like, you can also utilize all the free advice provided by the company website like the free moving checklist that you can print.

They also have a moving dictionary that simplifies all the technical words thrown around by people familiar with the moving industry (Don’t we all just dislike industry jargon?).

In addition to that, if you have a AAA membership, you might be able to get a decent discount. In terms of rating, the company has 605 reviews on Google Reviews and a 4.6 rating. A common thread in all the positive reviews is that customers appreciate the professional conduct of the crew. It is tough to find any negative reviews in the wave of positive ones that the company has received.

These few aspects collectively make Atlas Van Lines a great company to consider for your local, long distance or international move.



The only drawback is that your move experience will vary depending on the moving company you get. Atlas Van Lines works with over 400 qualified agents but there’s no guarantee that every single company they are affiliated with perform like the ones that get positive reviews. This is why we highly recommend doing a little more homework on the company that’s suggested for you by Atlas Van Lines.
Fee Structure Of Atlas Van Lines

The average costs for an interstate move with Atlas Van Lines is $7,655. The average costs for an interstate move falls in the bracket of $3,000 to $6,000. So, this proves that the median cost for Atlas movers is way higher than the average. Therefore, something to keep in mind is that Atlas Van Lines can be a pricey moving service to opt for.

But we highly recommend that you don’t be taken aback by the average costs as prices also vary depending on the type of move it is. It’s worth finding out the actual cost of your move by requesting for a free quote on their website.

To give you a perspective in terms of costs, we’ve gathered a few examples of how much you can expect to pay:

Moving From Moving To Number of rooms Full service costs
Arizona Missouri 4 Bedroom $12000
California Washington 2 Bedroom $9000
Texas Colorado 4+ Bedroom $13000
Ohio New Mexico 4+ Bedroom $24000
Massachusetts Minnesota 2 Bedroom $7500

Now a simple glance at the table above will make you realize that moving with Atlas Van Lines can be expensive. But like we said earlier, the quote you see above could be entirely different from what you receive. The estimates will always vary depending on the season you’re moving in, the distance and the amount of things being moved.

If you want a better idea of how you’ll pay them, it’s best to contact them directly. Be sure to also request for an estimate after the company has toured your home for a more accurate quote. It’s anyway a good rule of thumb to get at least 3 quotations from 3 different companies before you settle with one, so there’s no harm in finding out how costly this service might be.


Our Take On Atlas Van Lines

Something to think about if you hire Atlas Van Lines is that they are affiliated with different companies all over the nation. For instance, your local Atlas Agent near your home could be under the name of X, Y and Z. It can be difficult to gauge whether all the companies that work in partnership with Atlas Van Lines are as good as Atlas standards.

Besides this downside, Atlas Van Lines is a pretty big name in the moving industry and a one that has a great reputation. Should you get the right Atlas Agent, you may have a splendid experience with your move. However, there are a bunch of not-so-good companies affiliated with the Atlas network that make it to the bad reviews.

This makes choosing Atlas Van Lines like a game of roulette, you don’t know what you’ll get. This is why we suggest doing a good deal of digging on the local Atlas Agent picked for you by the company. See the available options and go for the best since you’ll most probably also be shedding a huge sum to hire any company associated with the brand Atlas Van Lines.

Overall, our final verdict is that if you wish to work with a moving company that is held with high standards, then Atlas Van Lines is worth taking into consideration. However, don’t be completely unsuspecting of the service because of the brand.


How much does it cost to hire Atlas Van Lines?

The average costs to hire Atlas Van Lines for a full-service move is roughly $7655. This most certainly falls in the expensive side of things. We know the average can seem exorbitant but don’t be taken aback by the high costs. Keep in mind that every move is different and things could be less costly depending on the type and the size of move it is.

Is Atlas Van Lines a good company?

Atlas Van Lines is a great company to consider since it is held in high regard in the moving industry. But the service can be costly. On the plus side, this to an extent guarantees that you’re being provided with excellent service.

Something to keep in mind is that your experience can be positive or negative depending on the Atlas Van line agent that handles your move. The company is affiliated with over 400 small companies in the nation so service varies based on that.

Does Atlas Van Lines have an app?

The moving company Atlas Van Lines has an extremely tech savvy website and hence it’s no surprise that they do have an app. The mobile app is called AtlasNet and it helps customers track the truck. However, the app has received a ton of negative reviews which means it could not be up to the mark.


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