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How to Spot a Professional Moving Company

It's not hard to find a moving company that's willing to take you on. What's hard is finding a good nationwide moving company that will not rip you off and give you a fair deal. So how do you know if a moving company is honest and professional? How do you recognize the good eggs from the bad? Today we will give you 9 ways to do so.

Are they part of any moving associations?

The company should have a DOT number issued by the Department of Transportation. They should also be a member of the FMCSA and have accreditation from ProMover. For any doubts, contact the organizations yourself and inquire about a company's status.

Do they have good client feedback?

An honest interstate moving company should have rave reviews from their previous clients. Check with the BBB if the company has a good client standing. You can also ask around with your friends who have used them before, or ask other people from the moving industry for feedback.


Do they have advertisements elsewhere other than the internet?

Credible moving companies pay for advertisements in various forms of media including newspapers, radio and local television.

Do their employees wear uniforms?

Their estimators and movers should all wear a uniform that's labelled with their company's name of logo. Most credible companies have caps as well.

Do they have a physical office address and working contact details?

The address that they claim to have should be real and their contact details should all work perfectly. The company should easily be reachable for questions and clarifications. Friendly sales people and customer service are plus points too.

Do they own their own vehicles?

Find out if they own their vehicles of if they rent. Their trucks should be marked by the company name and logo too.

Do you get good results once you Google them?

Although not a hundred percent accurate, simple Google searches can yield informative results about a company.

Do they have various payment options?

They should accept credit card payments and provide other options such as money orders, checks, debit cards, etc.

Do they offer on-site estimates?

An honest moving company will not decline an on-site estimate. This will ensure accurate measurements and face-to-face conversations.


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Knowing how to spot a good company when you see one is just as important as knowing a scammer once it approaches you. If you successfully team up with a reliable nationwide mover then you'll experience a move that's quick, efficient, and definitely convenient.