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Alex Sherr is the founder of 9Kilo Moving. He has been in the moving and relocation industry for more than 17 years, making him an expert in his field. Rostislav started as a helper, dispatcher, and driver and has worked his way up to owning his own company. He takes great pride in his work and enjoys helping people relocate across the United States of America. When he's not working, Rostislav enjoys spending time with his family and friends. They are the light of his life and bring him happiness every day.

When nationwide moving comes to mind, we often think of people packing up their belongings and relocating to a new location across the country. However, it’s not always about the big boxes, and huge container trucks.

Small items, documents and other personal articles are important too and when these items need to be delivered in the quickest way possible, people turn to UPS.


All About UPS

UPS (United Parcel Service, Inc.) was founded in 1907 as a simple messenger company in the United States. More than a hundred years later and UPS is now a multi-billion-dollar corporation that plays a pivotal role in global commerce. In fact, it’s one of the most recognized brands around the world. Today, it’s the largest package delivery company as well as a leader in specialized transportation and logistics services, managing the flow of goods, funds and information in more than 200 countries all across the globe.

UPS has branched out into several businesses each with specific goals and operations, but for the purposes of nationwide moving, we are going to focus on their core business- shipping.

Did you know that UPS delivers more than 16 million packages and documents every single day?

Scenarios Best Suited for UPS

So when are the services of UPS be most applicable for a person who is planning or undergoing a relocation? Here are a few instances:

  • While creating an inventory of your belongings and you encounter an item/items that you would rather send to a friend or relative, rather than simply throw it away.
  • For the fast delivery of important paperwork such as school records, work-related items, financial documents, medical records and so on
  • When you want the expedited delivery of an item or items that you left behind from your old address
  • When your trusted contact/neighbour needs to forward mail or packages that were delivered to your old address

Basically, UPS is your best option if you need to send and receive small items urgently. Some of their most well-loved services include the same-day and next-day delivery options (as early as 8AM).

Visit their website to see their roster of US and International Shipping Services.


What is their lost items policy?

Whenever you’re sending or receiving an item via UPS, take note of the tracking number so you’ll be able to:

  • Determine the current status of your shipment
  • Verify delivery of your shipment
  • Access delivery change options

If your package gets lost or is not delivered, you can ask UPS to help you locate the package. If it really cannot be found, the shipper can file a Lost Package Claim up to the declared value of the package’s contents.

  1. You can simply log on to UPS to report a lost package and follow the instructions there.Remember: in order for a package to be considered lost, it should be undelivered at least 24 hours after the expected delivery date and time. You cannot file a report earlier than that.
  2. UPS will then conduct an investigation to try and find the lost package. This can take around 7-10 business days.
  3. If they’re unable to locate your package, a Damage/Loss Notification claim letter will be sent to you (if you’re the shipper). It’s important to note that UPS will not send this claim letter to the receiver. It will be directed to the person who sent the package.
  4. Make sure to provide UPS with proper documentation. This includes original invoices, purchase orders, proof of shipment, etc. This will allow them to analyze the lost item and determine the value of the package contents.
  5. If your claim gets approved, the payment will then be processed. UPS will pay the lesser of purchase or replacement of costs, up to the declared value of the items.


What NOT to Send

UPS will not ship any items that can be dangerous or hazardous. Here are some common household items that will not be accepted:

  • Alcohol, Alcoholic beverages, tobacco
  • Air bags
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Auto parts
  • Batteries
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Camping gear/equipment
  • Power tools
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Computer equipment
  • Cosmetics
  • Engine parts
  • Fertilizer
  • Household goods such as: sprays cans, bleaches, paints, etc.
  • Hunting supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Perfume
  • Oxygen generator
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Thermometers
  • Weather, laboratory or testing equipment

In addition to these hazardous/dangerous items, UPS will also refuse to ship perishable goods that may deteriorate, die, or decompose during travel. If you have any pets or live animals, you’d be better off traveling with them yourself provided that you have the necessary permits if applicable.


For more information about UPS and their services, visit their website.

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