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Phoenix AZ

The capital city of Arizona, Phoenix has an estimated 1.7 million residents and is regarded as one of the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan cities. The amusement parks and professional sports teams together are this city's primary source of joy and entertainment. But the suburbs are a better place to live if you want less of the hustle and bustle of city life. We can say that Phoenix’s suburbs are as convenient as the city itself. So you won't have to worry about the suburbs not covering basic amenities.    


If you’re thinking of moving to Phoenix, check out this list of surrounding suburbs we have curated for you.

1. Gilbert

Population: 243,254

Median Home Value: $328,700

Median Rent: $1,518

Median Household Income: $96,857

Commute Time To Work: 27.8 minutes

Violent Crimes Per Year (US Average is 22.7): 10.4

Property Crimes Per Year (US Average is 35.4): 23.1

Unemployment Rate (US Average is 6.0%) : 4.5% 

A Little Bit About Gilbert

If you’re looking for a safe town to raise a family in, then you should hear about Gilbert. Before the economy diversified into different streams, this town was primarily known as the Hay Capital of the World because of its agriculture-based economy. The farming community thrived from 1911 until the 1920s in this town.

Being the fifth-largest municipality in Arizona, you can say that the community here is booming day by day. Why, you may ask. A large portion of people move to Gilbert to take advantage of its sturdy job market and quality schools. We have listed below some of the town's best schools for you to choose from in the later section.

Key Attractions

  • Water Ranch: Everyone needs some time to take their eyes off the concrete jungle once in a while and see some nature. But if you want to ease your mind off and happen to like birds, then the Riparian Preserve at the Water Ranch is where you should go. This local attraction is home to around 200 varieties of birds that are within the spaces of man-made lakes, which are constructed by pumping recycled water.
  • Hale Centre Theatre: This privately-owned theatre has a deep historical resemblance like no other in America. Built in 1947, the Hale Centre Theatre has produced thousands of complex acts that have fetched them countless Arizona awards (30 awards to be precise!).

Being the longest-lasting theater company in America, Hale Centre has entertained audiences through their musicals, comedies, dramas, tributes, and even classics. If you want to learn a thing or two about acting, then this place is a must-visit.

The Best Schools Serving Gilbert


  • Finley Farms Elementary School, South Columbus Drive, Gilbert Unified District
  • Houston Elementary School, East Houston Avenue, Gilbert Unified District
  • Greenfield Elementary School, East Elliot Road, Gilbert Unified District


  • Higley Traditional Academy, East Vest Avenue, Higley Unified School District
  • South Valley Jr. High School, South Lindsay Road, Gilbert Unified District
  • Greenfield Junior High School, South Greenfield Road, Gilbert Unified District


  • Perry High School, East Queen Creek Road, Chandler Unified District
  • Highland High School, East Guadalupe Road, Gilbert Unified District
  • Williams Field High School, South Higley Road, Higley Unified School District

2. Scottsdale

Population: 250,602

Median Home Value: $475,300

Median Rent: $1,365

Median Household Income: $88,213

Commute Time To Work: 22.5 minutes

Violent Crimes Per Year (US Average is 22.7): 11.0

Property Crimes Per Year (US Average is 35.4): 35.1

Unemployment Rate (US Average is 6.0%): 4.7%

A Little Bit About Scottsdale

If you want an affluent neighborhood with quality educational facilities, then Scottdale is the Arizona suburb you must move to. Since its economy runs on tourism, you can expect to see an abundance of museums, galleries, resorts, and heritage sites. A majority of those attractions, which comprises the Scottsdale Arts District, are located in Downtown Scottsdale. To celebrate art, the city hosts the Scottsdale Arts Festival.

Also, Scottsdale is one of the nation's main golf destinations that proudly hosts the yearly Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. So if you have an affinity for all things golf, you need to move to Scottsdale.

Key Attractions

  • House of Broadcasting: For all those who want to understand how television has developed over time, this place has to be on your bucket list. With a collection of vintage gear such as TV cameras and radio equipment, you will certainly be in awe of this gem of a place. They even have historic wardrobes of famous music and movie stars of the yesteryears.
  • McDowell Sonoran Preserve: If you want to stay fit by hiking, then the McDowell Sonoran Preserve will serve you best. What makes this preserve so special, you may ask. This protected desert habitat has varying degrees of trekking difficulty. So if the terrain is too challenging for trading, you can switch to a different one. Similarly, you can test your fitness level by taking on more complex terrains.

The Best Schools Serving Scottsdale


  • Cochise Elementary School, North 84th Street, Scottsdale Unified District
  • Sandpiper Elementary School, East Hearn Road, Paradise Valley Unified District
  • Copper Canyon Elementary School, North 54th Street, Paradise Valley Unified District


  • Desert Shadows Middle School, East Sweetwater Avenue, Paradise Valley Unified District
  • Great Hearts Academies - Archway Scottsdale, Archway Classical Academy Scottsdale
  • Sunrise Middle School, East Acoma Drive, Paradise Valley Unified District, 6/10


  • Horizon High School, East Greenway Road, Paradise Valley Unified District
  • Desert Mountain High School, East Vía Linda, Scottsdale Unified District
  • BASIS Scottsdale, 5-12, 1130 students, North 128th Street, Basis Charter Schools INC. (81078)


3. Tempe

Population: 187,454

Median Home Value: $272,900

Median Rent: $1,164

Median Household Income: $57,994

Commute Time To Work: 21.5 minutes

Violent Crimes Per Year (US Average is 22.7): 26.2

Property Crimes Per Year (US Average is 35.4): 62.7

Unemployment Rate (US Average is 6.0%): 5.4%

A Little Bit About Tempe

The prestigious Arizona State University is from Tempe. Located just 10 miles from Phoenix, this place is known for its quality education and robust economy. Several Fortune 500 companies such as Insight Enterprises. DriveTime, Carvana, Limelight Networks, LifeLock, and First Solar are based in Tempe. If you are looking out for a well-paying job or just want to have a formal education, this city has the best of both.

However, Tempe loses a few brownie points because of no major professional sports teams. But this doesn't mean this city is void of any sports atmosphere. The Sun Devils, Arizona State University's athletic team, takes part in baseball, basketball, as well as in other major inter-college events, and the Los Angeles Angels train at the Tempe Diablo Stadium.

Key Attractions

  • Tempe Center for the Arts: This landmark that is made up of marbles and tiny mirrors is highly visible from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The mirrors take advantage of Arizona's strong sun by reflecting them and creating a kind of shimmering effect. You will surely stand in awe once you glance up and down the structure.
  • Tempe Marketplace: If you need a place to hang out with your friends, or dine with your spouse, then this is the place in Tempe you need to come to. Along with the array of shops, restaurants, theatres, and coffee houses, the place is decorated with eye-catching warm lighting. Whether you’re shopping or dining,  the Tempe marketplace will be a surreal experience.   

The Best Schools Serving Tempe


  • Fuller Elementary School, East Cornell Drive, Tempe School District
  • Ward Traditional Academy, East Hermosa Drive, Tempe School District
  • Hudson Elementary School, East Malibu Drive, Tempe School District


  • Tempe Academy of International Studies, South College Avenue, Tempe School District
  • Connolly Middle School, East Concordia Drive, Tempe School District
  • Banner Children's Academy, 1410 W. 10th Place Tempe, Parent Rating Average: 5/5


  • Corona Del Sol High School, East Knox Road, Tempe Union High School District
  • Desert Vista High School, 16440 South 32nd Street, Tempe Union High School District
  • McClintock High School, East Del Rio Drive, Tempe Union High School District

4. Queen Creek

Population: 43,129

Median Home Value: $348,600

Median Rent: $1,590

Median Household Income: $105,729

Commute Time To Work: 33.5 minutes

Violent Crimes Per Year (US Average is 22.7): 10.2

Property Crimes Per Year (US Average is 35.4): 27.3

Unemployment Rate (US Average is 6.0%): 4.8%

A Little Bit About Queen Creek

Queen Creek has a much cozier small-town vibe than the other Phoenix suburbs mentioned above. If that is what you're looking for, then you need to come to this place. Being a small town, the tight-knit community is always there to help you with fixing your car or just getting things done around the house in general.

The American Heritage Festival is held annually to celebrate and educate the people about America’s rich vibrant culture.

Key Attractions

  • Barney Family Sports Complex: Queen Creek doesn't offer much when it comes to sports entertainment. The least you can enjoy is the soccer, volleyball, and roller hockey competitions organized by various departments.
  • Schnepf Farms: This place has a variety of things ranging from petting zoos to train rides. Due to the increased number of tourists from far and wide come, this place became a tourist attraction and was also titled ‘Arizona Treasure’ by the Arizona Office of Tourism.

The Best Schools Serving Queen Creek 


  • Queen Creek Elementary School, 23636 S. 204th St, Queen Creek Unified District
  • Jack Barnes Elementary School, 20750 South 214th Street, Queen Creek Unified District
  • Desert Mountain Elementary School, 22301 South Hawes Road, Queen Creek Unified District


  • Newell Barney Middle School, South Sossaman Road, Queen Creek Unified District
  • Willie & Coy Payne Jr. High School, South Higley Road, Chandler Unified District
  • Sossaman Middle School, Jacaranda Boulevard, Higley Unified School District


  • American Leadership Academy - Queen Creek, 23908 S Hawes Rd, American Leadership Academy Inc
  • Queen Creek High School, East Ocotillo Road, Queen Creek Unified District
  • Dr. Camille Casteel High School, South Power Road, Chandler Unified District


Some Notable Mentions

Paradise Valley

Population: 14,362

Median Home Value: $1,516,200

Median Rent: $2,547

Median Household Income: $211,393

Commute Time To Work: 23.5 minutes

Violent Crimes Per Year (US Average is 22.7): 8.6

Property Crimes Per Year (US Average is 35.4): 25.2

Unemployment Rate (US Average is 6.0%): 6.1% 


Population: 80,371

Median Home Value: $290,800

Median Rent: $1,375

Median Household Income: $83,866

Commute Time To Work: 30 minutes

Violent Crimes Per Year (US Average is 22.7): 15.8

Property Crimes Per Year (US Average is 35.4): 37.4

Unemployment Rate (US Average is 6.0%): 5.9%

Fountain Hills

Population: 24,729 

Median Home Value: $402,100

Median Rent: $1,259

Median Household Income: $85,200

Commute Time To Work: 26.2 minutes

Violent Crimes Per Year: 245

Property Crimes Per Year: 47

Unemployment Rate (US Average is 6.0%): 4.4%

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The suburbs surrounding Phoenix perfectly encapsulates all the opportunities and amenities of a major city. With each suburb having good housing, an efficient cost of living, and a distinct job market, we can be sure that living in the suburbs will be a pleasant and wonderful experience for you and your family.



What Is The Best Suburb Of Phoenix?

No suburb in Phoenix is free from flaws, but Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Tempe are definitely places that you must check out.

What Is The Best Suburb Of Phoenix to Raise A Family In?

Any suburb listed here is an ideal place to raise a family, but based on education and safety, we will go with Scottsdale and Fountain Hills.

What Is The Most Expensive Suburb In Phoenix?

Based on real estate prices, Paradise Valley is the most expensive suburb surrounding Phoenix.


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