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Moving to San Francisco

When you move to San Francisco, you will not be disappointed, whether you are coming for superb weather and stunning scenery or the booming economy and a taste of the California lifestyle. You can trade in Seattle's cold and humid days for a more temperate coastal climate in the Bay Area. San Francisco leaves little to desired employment opportunities, endless outdoor adventures, and a world-class food scene (other than lower rent!). There's no denying that living in the Bay Area is expensive, but many people find it well worth it.

Moving from Seattle, Washington, to San Francisco, California, is more than a short distance south. While similar in some ways, these two cities have very different vibes that make them both enjoyable places to live. When the facts are compared, it is difficult to recommend one. San Francisco is a difficult city to beat with its exciting atmosphere compared to just about any other place in the country.


This article will help you understand why relocating from Seattle to San Francisco could be one of the best decisions you've ever made.

How is the weather in San Francisco?

The weather is a big draw in San Francisco, though Seattle isn't far behind. The town receives only about 6.8 inches of snow per year, far less than one might expect from one of the country's northernmost cities. Seattle has a pleasant climate all year and does not have to deal with the harsh conditions that many Northern cities do during the winter.

If you prefer mild temperatures but want to avoid any winter, San Francisco is the place to be. The town rarely sees temperatures rise above the low-70s, with the lowest average high of the year being 57 degrees. The coastal location helps keep the weather mild, whether it's the middle of summer or the dead of winter. San Francisco also experiences a significant amount of fog each year, which creates a distinct mood in the city and approximately 20 inches of rain spread out fairly evenly throughout each calendar cycle.

How many people live in San Francisco?

San Francisco is a different city than Seattle, one of its most appealing features. There is an excellent package of diversity within its relatively small land area. San Francisco has the second-highest population density per square mile (the first being Manhattan), and the city's small area is home to approximately 800,000 people. This equates to 17,000 people per square mile. Almost every minority group, from Asians to African Americans to Hispanics, is well-represented within the city limits. San Francisco represents the "melting pot" that the United States is frequently advertised as being about and any other city. The Chinese Americans, in particular, have a strong presence in San Francisco, with the Chinatown District being one of the city's most popular attractions. The town is also older-skewing, with a higher median age than many other places. San Francisco has a median age of 38.

The Advantages of Relocating from Seattle to San Francisco

Opportunities for Employment

Although real estate prices are high, San Francisco and Silicon Valley have the highest per capita income in the country. There are numerous job opportunities with major corporations, and it is also an excellent location for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses. Silicon Valley, located in the southern part of the Bay Area, is a global technology center that is home to some of the world's largest companies, including Apple, Alphabet (Google Headquarters), Facebook, Wells Fargo, Viso, Intel, Netflix, Tesla, and many others. The area's growing tech scene attracts talent worldwide, making the Bar Area a magnet for young professionals.

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Lovely weather

San Francisco is famous for its beautiful weather, and it is no exception. Aside from a few low-hanging clouds here and there. Though it has a reputation for being foggy, it pales compared to Seattle's rain and cold temperatures. In the summer, the coldest temperature in the city is around 50 degrees, and temperatures rarely rise above 80 degrees.

Possibilities for Outdoor Activities

Outdoor enthusiasts will feel like they have arrived at paradise in the Bay Area. Aside from the lovely weather, the region has a stunning landscape and a wealth of natural beauty. Muir Woods, just twelve miles north of San Francisco, is a fantastic place for hiking and walking among the majestic redwoods. Here residents can also take a ferry to Angel Island, some of the best mountain biking trails with breathtaking views. If you enjoy a little snow on occasion, San Francisco is only a short drive away from incredible skiing destinations such as Lake Tahoe, which is only three hours away. You can also enjoy the coastal lifestyle by relaxing on the beach, boating, fishing, and participating in other water sports. San Francisco is also home to some of the best public parks in the country, including Golden Gate Park, the Presidio, and Dolores Park.

Cultural Varieties

San Francisco is known as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking cities in the United States. Being the birthplace of the gay rights movement, it welcomes and celebrates all people regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Furthermore, the Bay Area is home to transplants from all over the world, and these cultures are embraced and welcomed. It truly is a city where everyone feels at home!

Excellent for Dog Lovers

If you're moving with your canine companion, you're in for a treat. San Francisco is known as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country, with a dog park in nearly every neighborhood. Pets are welcome in most condos and apartments, and some businesses even allow dogs. Consider a city where you can take your dog to a coffee shop!

This article will help you understand why relocating from Seattle to San Francisco could be one of the best decisions you've ever made.

There's so much to see and do

In San Francisco, there are numerous exciting activities and sights to see. You can spend the day relaxing on the beach, visiting one of the city's eccentric dive bars, touring the Museum of Modern Art, or taking a ferry to Alcatraz. There are also two Major League Baseball teams, two NFL teams, and a professional hockey team to root for in the Bay Area. There are numerous festivals, incredible shops, and some of the world's best restaurants. If you like a weekend getaway, San Francisco is close to several unique locations, including the redwoods, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe, to name a few.

Moving from Seattle to San Francisco Cost

You may be worried about the cost of your relocation as you plan your move from Seattle to San Francisco. Long-distance moves can be costly, so it's critical to shop around for the best deal. The average cost of a move from Seattle to San Francisco is $2,416.78. Of course, the final cost will be determined by the number of items being relocated and any additional moving services such as packing and unpacking.


Additional Factors to Consider When Choosing Between San Francisco and Seattle

The population of San Francisco vs. Population of Seattle

Both Seattle and San Francisco are large cities, but they differ significantly in sprawl and density. Do you prefer living in a massively populated urban area like San Francisco to living in a more big city like Seattle? San Francisco is 47 square miles in size, with a metro area of 3,524 square miles. The San Francisco population is just 881,000 with a population density of 18,790/square miles – the second most densely populated American city. With 4.7 million residents, the San Francisco metropolitan area is the country's 12th largest.

Compared to San Francisco, Seattle has a city population of 753,000 and a metro population of 3.9 million. The Seattle metropolitan area is 8,196 square miles and has a lower population than the San Francisco Bay Area. The population density is hardly half that of San Francisco.

San Francisco's Crime Rate vs. Seattle's

In terms of crime, how does San Francisco compare to Seattle? Both of these cities have higher crime rates than the national average: Seattle has a rate of 126 percent more than the overall national average, while San Francisco has a rate of 141 percent higher. Both of these cities have soaring rates of violent crime, but San Francisco also has a higher property crime rate. There are 5,829 reported crimes per 100,000 people in Seattle, compared to 6,225 in San Francisco.

San Francisco vs. Seattle sports

Sports are very popular in San Francisco! If you're a sports fan, you'll want to consider the pro sports teams when deciding whether to live in San Francisco or Seattle. The San Francisco 49ers (NFL), San Francisco Giants (MLB), San Jose Earthquakes (MLS), Golden State Warriors (NBA), and San Jose Sharks all play in the San Francisco Bay area (NHL). The San Francisco Giants have won eight World Series and play at Oracle Park.

San Francisco vs. Seattle Weather

One of the highly essential aspects to consider when deciding where to live is based on the weather. While Seattle and San Francisco are coastal cities, their climates vary. Seattle is known for its 38" of rain per year but only 5" of snow per year and its Mediterranean climate. San Francisco has a Mediterranean climate with cozy, dry summers and wet, mild winters. San Francisco receives approximately 25" of rain per year and gets no snow. The winters in Seattle are cool and moist, while the summers are relatively dry. Because of Puget Sound, extreme cold or heat are uncommon in Seattle.

This article will help you understand why relocating from Seattle to San Francisco could be one of the best decisions you've ever made.

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Moving from Seattle to San Francisco is a difficult task in general. Still, don't let it turn into a journey unknown. As a result, make a thorough plan. Learn about the city you'll be visiting. If not in person, you can find out about it through the internet, brochures, or your professional movers. After all, your movers are your most important allies. As previously stated, both cities have advantages and disadvantages. However, it is entirely up to you. You'll be able to handle everything if you keep a positive attitude. Take the best of what San Francisco has to offer. After all, we believe it must provide numerous opportunities for new residents. All that remains is for you to enjoy.



What is the cost of moving from Seattle to San Francisco?

The average cost of a move from Seattle to San Francisco is $2,416.78. Of course, the final price will be determined by the number of relocated items and any additional moving services such as packing and unpacking.

Is it better to live in Seattle or San Francisco?

San Francisco is famous for its diversity, incredible cuisine, and exciting nightlife, but it comes at a high price. Seattle offers more affordable housing and high-paying tech jobs but with fewer cultural attractions and amenities.

Is San Francisco's terrain as hilly as Seattle's?

San Francisco is a hilly city, but its hills are not the same as Seattle's. Because much of San Francisco was built on landfills, large areas of the town are perfectly flat (for example, the Marina and the Financial District).

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