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Some call it The First State, others call it The Small Wonder. Delaware sure does have many nicknames, which is justified considering how much this mid-atlantic state has to offer. With no sales tax, really low income tax, wonderful people and even more fantastic beaches to offer, it’s hard to come to grips with the fact that anyone would move out of Delaware. But if at all someone has to, they won’t have to struggle to find moving companies in Delaware.

Delaware might be the second smallest state in the US, but it is still quite densely populated. Which means, there certainly are a lot of good moving companies in Delaware. But there are a few things you should also do from your end to avoid taking the service of some substandard run-of-the-mill moving service provider. Before we share the top moving companies in Delaware, let us help you with some tips on how to pick a good one.

How To Pick A Moving Company In Delaware?

It’s not about going with the most premium service or even the cheapest one. And neither is it about choosing a moving company which provides every possible service there is to offer. Think of it as picking a partner. Both you guys are supposed to complement each other and add value. The moving service provider being good just isn’t good enough. It also boils down to what exactly you need. Which is why it’s crucial to plan things out inside your head.

Planning things and knowing where exactly you need help will save you a lot of time, energy and even money. So in case you’re a bit all over the place, anxious about the various challenges that can come with moving, take a step back. Calm yourself down and maybe put on some soothing music while you’re reading this… Now, just ask yourself these simple questions - they will really help you in picking the right moving company in Delaware for you.

  1. Are you moving within Delaware or out of Delaware?
  2. Will your move be for a distance of less than 100 miles or more than that?
  3. Do you live in a home or an apartment? How big is it (1-bedroom, 2-bedroom or more)?
  4. Would you be moving alone, with a spouse/partner/friend or with your family?
  5. Are there children and/or elderly people moving with you?
  6. Would you say that you have a lot of stuff to be moved/shipped, an average amount or very few?
  7. Out of transportation, packing, crating and uncrating, vehicle shipping and storage space, how many of these services would you require?

If you already had all of these planned, kudos to you! But in case you didn’t, now is as good a time to start as any. The answers to these questions will reduce the amount of time you spend just trying to explain your needs to a moving service provider - perhaps even help you avoid paying for a service you didn’t actually need. Or worse, missing out on something because the stress of the move sure did well enough to let things seep through little cracks.

We understand that organizing and planning for a move can be pretty daunting. The process of finding a good moving service in Delaware can also be quite overwhelming, considering there are so many clustered in The Small Wonder. But hey, there are some really simple things you can do to help yourself filter out some of the moving service providers.

For starters, reviews shared by platforms like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor can be pretty insightful. They are all service oriented companies and their reviews are almost always reliable. Then there’s also Google Reviews and Better Business Bureau. With that being said, we’ve collated a list of some of the best moving companies in Delaware that you can consider for your packing and moving needs.


7 Top-Rated Movers in Delaware

  1. First-Rate Movers
  2. G & G Moving
  3. Keep It - Moving & Labor LLC
  4. Delaware Moving and Storage
  5. The Move Crew
  6. ASC Moving & Delivery
  7. Two Men and a Truck

1. First-Rate Movers

First Rate Movers logo

Formed by Brett Hyson; a former property manager in the self-storage industry, First-Rate Movers focuses on making packing and moving easy in the state of Delaware. They’re very much a local company, with Georgetown, Ocean View, Bethany Beach, Dover and Milton all coming under their area of operations. Of course, there are many other places in the state of Delaware, where First-Rate Movers are accessible from and can help with their services.

When it comes to packing materials, the company focuses on making sure their practices are environment friendly. While the packing supplies they sell are cheap, quality still remains an important part of it. First-Rate Movers help with services such as Loading & Unloading too, apart from also lending a helping hand with packing your belongings, or even unpacking them. You can also take their Loading/Unloading & Packing/Unpacking services individually.

First-Rate Movers are accredited by Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+. If you need help with removing junk during a move, they also have a sister company called First Rate Junking & Hauling.


First-Rate Movers Reviews

Google Reviews - 4.5/5
Angie’s List - 4.8/5

2. G & G Moving

G & G Moving logo

Based out of Delaware’s New Castle County, G & G Moving was formed back in the year 2010. For all intents and purposes, they are a family owned business, run by the couple Vernon and Jessica Gibson. Locally, the company has completed several moves in the decade of their existence. But make no mistake, G & G moving doesn’t just serve Delaware. They also extend their services to several other states in the east coast and the US in whole.

Be it moving something as delicate as a huge piano or even assembling/disassembling furniture, G & G Moving have trained professionals to handle the task. In fact, they are also experts at packing and moving LED TV Screens. Moreover, the company also provides custom wooden crates, as well as uncrating service. Looking for a temporary storage space? They got that covered too! Basically, they’re a full-service packing and moving company.

With experts in every segment like moving, transportation and handling electronic appliances, it’s easy to see why they have an A rating on Better Business Bureau.


G & G Moving Reviews

Google Reviews - 4.7/5
Thumbtack - 4.9/5

3. Keep It-Moving & Labor, LLC

If you’re looking for a local moving service provider in the Camden region of Delaware, Keep It-Moving & Labor, LLC is as good as it gets. Arguably the best review any moving company can have across various different platforms, they even have a 4.9/5 to show for in HomeAdvisor. Could very well be a case of serving only limited areas but getting it right in every sense of the word. FYI - they also serve a few other places beyond Delaware.

Just in case you were wondering, the neighboring states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland are also places they cover on certain occasions. In terms of service, you could reach out to them for something as little as buying packing material or even having them do the packing. They also provide a complete packing-service, along with handling the loading and unloading of the boxes. If needed, you can request and have them help you unpack too.

With such amazing reviews everywhere, this trajectory was sure to continue on Better Business Bureau too, where they have an A+ rating as an accredited business.


Keep It-Moving & Labor Contact Details

Keep It-Moving Reviews

Google Reviews - 5/5
Bird Eye - 5/5

4. Delaware Moving and Storage

Delaware Moving & Storage logo

Having been formed in the year 1984, Delaware Moving and Storage is the oldest moving service provider in our list. A laudable fact about the company is that they were once awarded the US Small Business Administration Family Owned Business of the Year Award. Primarily, as their name suggests, Delaware Moving and Storage is a local moving company in Delaware. Chester, Kent and Sussex are some of the counties in Delaware they cater to.

However, the company is teamed up with Wheaton Worldwide Moving. So that helps them handle long distance and interstate moves alike. Also, both residential and commercial moves can be carried by Delaware Moving and Storage. If that wasn’t enough, they can also assist you if you have to take care of interoffice moves. You can choose full-service packing, partial packing or just transportation. Moreover, they also have storage spaces you can rent.

Delaware Moving and Storage is certainly reliable as a moving company in Delaware, with an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau to show for.


Delaware Moving and Storage Contact Details

Delaware Moving and Storage Reviews

Google Reviews - 4.3/5
Angie’s List - 3.7/5

5. The Move Crew

The Move Crew logo

Another company that’s based out of Delaware itself, The Move Crew offers a wide range of services, and they come with over a decade of experience in the industry. While the company offers a variety of local services, The Move Crew is accessible in a lot of states in and around the east coast. Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina are the states they cater to.

Be it long distance move or short distance ones, The Move Crew got it covered. For those who prefer letting the experts handle packing, you can trust them with that task too. In case you were wondering, they have enough experience in handling everything from day-to-day household items, much larger furniture to shipping vehicles, be it a car or a motorbike. In fact, they also offer Junk Removal service, which totally comes in handy after you move.

You can find the license number for their registration with the US Department of Transportation on their website.


The Move Crew Contact Details

The Move Crew Reviews

Google Reviews - 4.7/5

6. ASC Moving & Delivery

ASC Moving & Delivery logo

A company that was formed in the year 2005, based out of the little town Willmington, ASC Moving & Delivery is a family owned and operated moving service provider. Doesn’t matter if you’re living in an apartment, a condo, a house or even a storage unit, they cater to all kinds of residential move. Depending on your requirement, you could use their services for partial packing, full-service packing or even just transportation with loading and unloading.

ASC Moving & Delivery, can just as well help you with the assembly and disassembly of furniture, or packing and moving delicate items like a flat screen TV or any glassware. When taking their Loading & Unloading Services, they make sure that appropriate padding and other equipment to ensure the safety of your belongings. ASC Moving & Delivery operate across all of the US, while also helping with rearrangement of furniture within your home.

The company also has great capability to handle Commercial Delivery & Freight Services. ASC Moving & Delivery not only has an MC license with the US Department of Transportation, they are also accredited with Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.


ASC Moving & Delivery Contact Details

ASC Moving & Delivery Reviews

Google Reviews - 4.8/5
Yelp Reviews - 4/5

7. Two Men and A Truck

Two Men and a Truck logo

With over 3 decades of experience under their belt in the moving industry, Two Men and A Truck certainly are one of the better known moving companies, not just in Delaware, but across the country too. Don’t get confused though. Delaware is just one of their over 300 franchises that’s spread across the entire country, making them one of the biggest moving service providers in Delaware. However, Lansing, Michigan is where their headquarters sits.

Two Men and A Truck have all kinds of services you could possibly need. Be it short distance residential move, long distance moving or simply moving things around within your house, they have services for each of these things. Piano, Large Appliances, Shipping Vehicles, Corporate Moves, they literally handle it all. Need a storage space? They got that too. Worried about your belongings during a move? They have insurance coverage as well.

Goes without saying, Two Men and A Truck is a very well established moving service provider in the US. Since they operate in a franchise model, each franchise has their unique license registered to that specific location. And of course, they’re accredited to the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating too.


Two Men and A Truck Contact Details

Two Men and A Truck Reviews

Google Reviews - 4.7/5
Angie’s List - 4.3/5


When it comes to moving companies in Delaware, there’s something for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to let them do everything for you. But it helps having the option of choosing someone well equipped to deal with your prized possessions. Be it for a local move or a long distance move all the way to the west coast, these are surely some of the best moving companies in Delaware who can handle all your packing, moving and shipping needs.