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The moving market today has got so many options for moving companies, it’s overwhelming. Picking the right moving company is a stressful task of navigating through websites and customer reviews to finally find one you hope will handle your move well. Turn to us in all this mess; we’ll help you strike gold with our honest, upfront reviews and tools to find the perfect company. Read our JK Moving Services review to get the low-down on one of the big names in the moving industry.


Overview Of JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services was founded over four decades ago by Charles Kuhn, a then 16-year-old who even at that age knew that the moving industry needed improvement. Today, JK Moving Services is the largest independent moving company in North America. Over the years, Kuhn gained repute as a savvy businessman, and under his leadership, JK Moving has performed moves for several major entities, even the Pentagon and US presidents! It’s no surprise then that it has also been accredited with an A+ from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and has won several awards, including many from the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association.)

What Services Does JK Moving Services Offer

Residential Moving & Storage Services

JK Moving does residential moves for people who need to move locally, within America, and also internationally. However, they have physical locations only in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. They act as brokers for people who want to move outside of these areas, which means that your move may just be packed and delivered by another company. These other companies are usually partners or agents, and also handle storage services outside these 3 locations. Long distance moves have the added benefit of GPS tracking for your peace of mind.

JK Moving also has something special for small moves crossing large distances: anyone moving from an apartment, a condo, a townhouse, or a small home can get to their destination, anywhere in the country, in less than 9 days.

JK Moving Services extends its professionalism to outside the United States as well, since it’s one of the top 3 US-based OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) members, which is an international network of some of the world’s best overseas moving companies. It is also one of the 31 FIDI (International Federation of International Movers) certified moving companies in America and a governing member of the International Association of Movers.

Commercial Moves

JK Moving Services has a range of commercial moving services across various industries. It happens to be the largest office movers in the DC Metro area and has a detailed process to make your office move as easy as possible. This includes going beyond the expected with secure shredding services for unwanted records, as well as recycling, archiving, and digital storage services.

Apart from office moves, JK Moving Services also handles things like the multiple projects that come with facility management, moving critical IT technology, archive services, and storage at their government-rated storage facilities. Data center relocation is handled by JK technology service, their IT technical services division.

Employee Relocation & Government Moves

When it comes to job relocation packages, companies are often in search of a one-stop solution that both they and their employees will be happy with. JK Moving Services provides just that—a comprehensive service customized to perfectly match everyone’s needs and leave all parties happy. Likewise, no matter what branch of the government, JK Moving’s crew will pass all vetting checks and handle the move and its complexities with professionalism and privacy.

JK Moving uses their efficient AI-powered virtual survey to make the process easier for employees, and clients can use their customer mobile app for even more convenience. Job relocation packages and government moves, both use these two features.

Packing Services

While most other moving companies offer some level of packing services, JK Moving goes the extra mile to customize its services to fit your needs.

If you’d rather not deal with any of the packing and leave it all to the pros, opt for their full-service packing. Not only do they use the best of their knowledge and packing materials to pack everything securely, but they also use the right boxes for everything and inventory-tag all your items. Opt for fragile-only packing if you don’t trust yourself with those antiques and precious crystal sets. If you’re the type to DIY your way through things, JK Moving Services can send you all the packing supplies you could possibly need.

The JK crew is meticulously trained, and once you’ve reached your destination, they can also unpack everything down to the last salt-shaker.


How To Contact JK Moving Services

Option 1

JK Moving Services makes sure that potential clients have no problems when it comes to contacting them. You’ll see a tiny blue chat bubble on the bottom right of your page, click on it to get into a live chat with a representative. Alternatively, you’ll be asked to add your name, mobile number, and message or question, and shortly one of their representatives will call you up.

Alternatively, you can request a quote from them: simply click “Get A Quote”, fill up a few personal details like your name, mobile number and email address, and a few details about your home (size, number of bedrooms.) Fill in your moving date and the ZIP codes of your current and destination addresses, and hit “Submit”. You’ll soon be contacted by either email or phone.

Option 2

There’s not just one number to contact JK Moving Services, but different numbers depending on what your need is. This number also serves as the number to dial for residential, international, and government moves.

Option 3

You can also send an email to JK Moving Services and wait to be contacted by them. General queries and questions related to residential moves can be sent in at info@jkmoving.com, while queries related to commercial moves can go to commercial@jkmoving.com.

JK Moving Service Headquarters (Virginia) Address:

44112 Mercure Circle Sterling, Virginia 20166

JK Moving Service Maryland Address:

7561 Lindbergh Drive Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879

JK Moving Service Washington D.C. Address:

1455 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20004

Fee Structure Of JK Moving Services

There isn’t much about JK Moving Services’ pricing structure online, but they do list out a few of the factors that can impact it. Finalizing your quote begins with an in-house or virtual estimate where the representative from the company will come over to look over a few things like:

  • The size of your furniture and any oversized pieces
  • Whether your hallways and passages are narrow
  • Discussing how much of their packing services will be needed
  • The distance of the move

From these, more essential details like the hours it’ll take to pack and load everything, the number of crew members, and the size of the truck will be determined. Long distance moves also have the weight of your shipment factored in. Add in any additional services you opt for, and this gives you your estimate.


Why Choose JK Moving Services

If you doubt the reputation that JK Moving Services has built over the years, think again. Simply looking them up online leads you to a number of articles and interviews about the company and its founder, Charles Kuhn. The company has received a number of accolades and awards over the years as a testament to its excellent service. When JK Moving Services says they train their employees, they mean it — a two-story house built in their warehouse is the training area for their crew. They also get customer service training, so you know you’re getting experienced hands to handle your move.

When it comes to the move, you have a swanky app to keep an eye on things from your phone screen. Every move gets a personal move coordinator, and with 24/7 live customer service, you can rest assured that they’ll be around to tackle any obstacle that comes up. Their storage facilities also have 24/7 video surveillance, and you can even opt for climate-controlled storage for those expensive, valuable items that can’t make it home just yet. There’s no doubt about the fact that when it comes to the moving game, JK Moving Services has a Royal Flush.

Things To Keep In Mind About JK Moving Services

The most upfront, obvious downside when moving with JK Moving Services is their restricted regions of service. Concentrating all their efforts into the regions of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC has certainly helped them maintain their well-oiled services, but it means that people outside these regions will have to work with an agent. The biggest worry is that despite being vetted thoroughly by JK Moving Services, the agents aren’t the same as the company at the end of the day, and that you aren’t promised the exact same service.

A second, less worrisome downside is that the only way you can get an estimate for your move is after a long, detailed conversation. Granted that this makes the quote a lot more accurate, but the convenience of an online, instant ballpark estimate goes a long way when it comes to picking moving companies. Finally, its online reviews are fairly polarized - while the positives are all 5-starred praises, the negative reviews are all complaints. There’s no balance, or middle ground, which can be seen as a red flag.

Our Take On JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services has one of the most impressive resumes in the moving industry; after all, being trusted for moves by the government is a massive statement in itself. Clearly, they put in the work, what with their background-checked, stringently-trained crews, and their attention to detail. The use of technology only serves to make the move that much easier for you. Our only bone to pick is the restricted area of service and what it means for people outside of it. Our advice? Opt for them anyway, and make sure you do a little reading up about the partner company that’ll handle your move. Considering that JK Moving only partners up with AMSA-certified movers, you should be in good hands.



Is JK Moving Good?

Yes, all things considered, JK Moving Services seems to be a good company that you can trust. Most impressive is their resume, which states that US presidents have opted for their moving services.

Who Owns JK Moving?

JK Moving Services is owned by Charles Kuhn, the founder of the company. Kuhn was inspired to start a company when at the age of 16, his family underwent a series of badly-handled moves.

How Many Employees Does JK Moving Have?

JK Moving has approximately 890 employees. The company is known for its exceptional benefits for its employees that include a choice of two healthcare coverage plans and a number of wellness programs.

What is JK Moving's deposit policy?

JK Moving is a company that understands how expensive moving can be. They require small, affordable deposits as low as $250 to ensure the move goes smoothly and without any surprises.

Is JK Moving registered as a carrier or a broker?

JK Moving is registered as a carrier with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA regulates the transportation of people and goods to protect public safety. This means that JK Moving must have been inspected by federal officials, comply with specific driving hours regulations for commercial drivers, follow the rules on motor vehicle equipment standards, maintain liability insurance coverage at all times during operation's under authority granted by its registration number or permit."

How is JK Moving Services rated?

JK Moving Services has a rating of 3.5 stars on Yelp and is praised for its efficiency, professionalism, customer service skills, and reliability in delivering promises made to customers without being overpriced.
What days are JK Moving Services open?

JK Moving Services is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Who owns JK Moving?

At the age of 16, Charles Kuhn saw a need for change in the moving industry. He created JK Moving Services, committed to providing superior customer service and innovation within an otherwise unregulated market.

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