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Negotiate with Movers

Negotiating with a moving company is essential if you plan to hire someone to help you. You cannot spend the money that some movers will ask for, and you might not use half the services that are “provided” in your contract. Use the tips below to learn how to negotiate with a mover. You can reduce the stress of your move if you spend less money, find the right mover, and get the services that you need.


Can You Negotiate With A Moving Company?

Every moving company that you work with will allow you to negotiate with them. These movers want your business, and they would prefer to negotiate with you instead of losing your business. You should ask the company if they are flexible, and you might learn about some discounts that can be offered upfront. You should also ask the company to show you an estimate before you start negotiating.

Following the below 9 smart negotiation steps will help you save money when hiring movers

  1. Get An Estimate From As Many Companies As Possible
  2. Research Every Company
  3. Look For Special Discounts
  4. Look for Seasonal Sales
  5. Remove Services You Do Not Need
  6. Remove Items That Make The Move Too Expensive
  7. Ask The Mover To Match The Price From Another Mover
  8. Check On Additional Fees Or Charges
  9. Be Persistent When Reaching Out To Movers


Get An Estimate From As Many Companies As Possible

You can get an estimate from several companies in the area, and you should compare those estimates as much as possible. You can narrow down the list of companies that you want to work with, and you should be sure to reach out to those companies to start negotiating. You can get to know these companies, and you can do your research while you start your negotiations.

You should ask for an email and printed version of the estimate because printed copies are easier to read.

Research Every Company

You should research every company before you start negotiating. You can research these companies to learn how they provide their customer service, how they look after their customers, or if they have any judgments against them. You can even call referrals that the company provides. If you find anything that makes you uncomfortable, you can move on. At the same time, you may want to get some recommendations from friends and family that might have used these companies in the past.

As you research these companies, you may need to call them more than once to ask questions. If the customer service begins to deteriorate, you may want to choose a company that is much kinder and more accommodating.

Look For Special Discounts

You should look for companies that offer special discounts. Special discounts are a good way for you to find a company that will work with you. A company that can provide you with a good discount will work with you to adjust your services. This is a good way for you to get a simple discount, and you might also want to invest in a company that you know might give you more discounts.

Special discounts might include special services that you need, or you might get a discount on the truck that you plan to use. Some families need to use more than one truck to complete a major move, and you could get a discount on the second truck.

If you are buying moving supplies from the mover, you could get a discount on those supplies. If you really need the mover to pack everything for you, you can get a discount on packing services. You could even get a discount on the moving package if you book far in advance. You are giving the mover peace of mind because they know they have a new customer, and you will get a percentage discount for scheduling early.


Look For Seasonal Sales

A lot of people move in the summer because the weather is nice and the kids do not need to miss school. Seasonal sales will help you get a very good rate on moving services, and you can schedule a time in the future that helps you solidify your move. You could even ask the mover if they plan to offer a summer sale. Tell them that you will move with them in the summer if they can give you the summer sale price.

Remove Services You Do Not Need

You can remove services from the contract that you do not need. A lot of moving companies will offer you packing services, a large truck, special furniture pads, and a host of other services you will not use. You should go through the entire contract to remove everything that you do not need. You could cut your moving costs in half if you remove every service you do not want.

You can also make clutch decisions about how you will pack, move, and manage your personal items. If you think the mover is charging too much for packing, you can pack on your own. If the company is charging too much to pack precious or fragile items, you might pack those items on your own.

If the mover wants to haul a vehicle for you, you can ask them to remove that charge from the move. You can ask a friend or family member to drive the other car for you. As you adjust the estimate, you will continue to save money.

Remove Items That Make The Move Too Expensive

You should remove items from the truck to make the move less expensive. When you remove items from the truck, you will lighten the load. The mover will charge less, and they will pay fewer fees if the move covers several hundred miles. Talk to the mover about how removing items from the truck might benefit you. You may prefer to move some items to the house yourself, and you can leave only the most complex items for the movers.


Ask The Mover To Match The Price From Another Mover

You should ask movers to match prices from the other movers you have talked to. You need to make sure that you have approached every mover to see what they will do. You may be surprised by the way a mover responds, and you will get the best price because you were bold enough to ask. Some movers will not want to match prices, but they will offer a discount that will give you all the services you want for a good price. You need to be open-minded when you are talking to movers because every business is different.

Check On Additional Fees Or Charges

Some movers will add additional fees to your bill that might include tiny things you do not want to pay for. Ask to see a complete receipt for the move, ask to remove these fees, and do not budge until the fees are removed. When you agreed to pay for the move, your contract should contain all the charges that you are liable for. If those charges are not on the contract, you should not pay.

Be Persistent When Reaching Out To Movers

You should be persistent with movers when you are asking about an estimate or discount. Some movers will not give you what you want the first time you reach out to them, but you can continue to call the mover to ask if they have any new sales or deals. You can wear down the mover until they give you what you want, and you can get the lowest price possible because you worked hard to get a discount.