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Alex Sherr is the founder of 9Kilo Moving. He has been in the moving and relocation industry for more than 17 years, making him an expert in his field. Alex started as a helper, dispatcher, and driver and has worked his way up to owning his own company. He takes great pride in his work and enjoys helping people relocate.

Best Moving Companies in Raleigh

A city that’s vibrant and thriving with a young populace, great quality of life and job opportunities abound, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are moving to Raleigh. The capital of North Carolina, it has also been touted as one of the best places to live in the state and the Southeast United States overall. Reading all of this surely may tempt you to move to the City of Oaks, and if you already live here, we know your hearts are swelling with pride!


How To Pick A Moving Company In Raleigh?

While hiring a moving company can surely take away a lot of stress of moving, you still need to consider a lot of factors when you’re hiring one:

  1. Are you moving within the city, or to another city in North Carolina or out of the state altogether?
  2. Is it a local or long distance move?
  3. How big is your house/apartment?
  4. Are you moving alone, or with a spouse, family (including children and/or elderly people) or a partner?
  5. Are there a lot of belongings that you want to pack and move? And would you need help for that?

Once you have the answers to all these questions, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on which moving company you’d want to hire. To make it even easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best moving companies in Raleigh. So read on!


7 Top-Rated Movers in Raleigh, NC

  1. Branch Out Moving and Delivery
  2. Truckin’ Movers Corporation
  3. Your Budget Movers
  4. Athens Moving Experts
  5. Sawyer’s All Carolina Professional Packing and Moving
  6. Little Guys Movers
  7. College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving

1. Branch Out Moving And Delivery

Wouldn’t it be best to hire a moving company that’s locally owned and operated? If you agree, then consider hiring Branch Out Moving And Delivery.

Based in Raleigh, Branch Out Moving And Delivery has over 20 years of experience in the moving industry. This company provides packing and moving services within the city. If you want a professional and personalized service while moving anywhere within North Carolina, then Branch Out Moving And Delivery is the one for you!

It’s not just residential moving services that this company provides; even when it comes to packing and unpacking, Branch Out Moving And Delivery has got it covered. Along with this, there are commercial and storage moving services too.

Branch Out Moving And Delivery prides on its customer-first approach, and the upfront pricing. This means that once you call them, they’ll either send someone to check all the stuff you want moved or provide you an estimate over the phone. Also, you would only be charged for the time the staff works, and that means break times aren’t included in it!


Branch Out Moving And Delivery Contact Details:

Email Address: branchoutdelivery@gmail.com
Contact Number: 919-888-0090
Address: 5321 Pronghorn Lane Raleigh, NC 27610
Operational Hours: 8am to 7pm
Website: branchoutmovinganddelivery.com

Branch Out Moving And Delivery Reviews

Google: 4.8/5
Yelp: 4.5/5

2. Truckin’ Movers Corporation

This moving company in Raleigh has an interesting history. Back in the 1970s, long distance moving was heavily regulated which resulted in high costs. So Truckin’ Movers thought of a way which enabled them to move families circumventing the laws (legally, don’t worry!). This simply goes on to show the company’s dedication to the customers.

Truckin’ Movers was founded in 1976. And in its many years of service, the company has established itself as among the leading moving companies in Raleigh, with half of its business coming from referrals of satisfied customers. It’s no surprise that Truckin’ Movers has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

In Raleigh, Truckin’ Movers provides services including local and long distance moving. For moving within the state, you’ll require a North Carolina Long Distance move regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission, which is a service that Truckin’ Movers provides.

If you’re moving out of North Carolina, Truckin’ Movers has got it covered for you. Depending on whether you’re moving east or west of the Mississippi River, you’ll be moving with a Truckin’ Movers crew or with one of their partner companies respectively. For those moving out of the US, no problem! Truckin’ Movers provides international moving services too, which includes the customs documents and paperwork that you’ll need for your goods.


Truckin’ Movers Corporation Contact Details:

Email Address: sales@truckinmovers.com
Contact Number: 919-682-2300, 800-334-1651
Address: 1031 Harvest Street Durham, NC 27704
Operational Hours:  Monday to Friday – 8am to 5pm, Saturdays – 9am to 1pm, Sundays closed.
Website: truckinmovers.com

Truckin’ Movers Corporation Reviews:

Google: 4.9/5
Yelp: 4/5

3. Your Budget Movers

We probably don’t need to mention the USP of this moving company as it’s right in the name. What Your Budget Movers strives to do is provide affordable moving and storage services, but at the same time not compromise on the quality of service whatsoever.

Your Budget Movers is based out of Cary, but provides moving services all around North Carolina, especially in The Triangle. They include local and long distance moving, and with trained moving staff handling your belongings, all you need to do is sit back. Let them do the loading, driving and unloading once they reach your new home/apartment.

If you want to bring down costs a bit and don’t mind driving your own truck, you can simply hire Your Budget Movers for just the loading and unloading. For those moving temporarily for a few days to months, they can have their belongings safely stored away with the company. And let’s face it, you’ll find a lot of unnecessary stuff once you’re done packing. Just let Your Budget Movers purge you of all that junk!

Should you want to estimate the prices for moving, you can check out their website and get a free quote. It’s as simple as that!


Your Budget Movers Contact Details:

Email Address: info@yourbudgetmover.com
Contact Number: 919-504-2203
Address: 1145 Executive Cir, Cary, North Carolina 27511, United States
Operational Hours: 9am to 6pm
Website: yourbudgetmover.com

Your Budget Movers Reviews:

Google: 4.9/5
Yelp: 4.5/5

4. Athens Moving Experts

Athens Moving Experts are exactly what their name suggests. It was founded fairly recently in 2015, but in a few short years, it has grown to become a highly-rated moving company in the North Carolina Triangle region, with its base in Raleigh.

What Athens Moving Experts prides itself on is its ability to meet and exceed customer expectations consistently. This company provides services that include full-service moving that comprises both residential and commercial moves. If you’re moving out of state or would rather drive to your new house on your own, Athens Moving Experts provides loading and unloading services too. Of course, they also offer packing services. This means that you pay a small price for the packing materials and let the professional staff do their thing!

What sets Athens Moving Experts apart from the other moving companies in Raleigh is that the staff is trained and equipped to handle heavy and fragile goods. Want to move that grand piano, that priceless statue or your gun safe? No sweat! Just let Athens Moving Experts know and they’ll handle it for you!

Once you’ve reached your new house, it’s possible that you may want to move things around a bit out of requirement or aesthetics. Whatever the reason may be for your interior rearrangement, the Athens Moving Experts staff will do it.

If you want a free quote or get in touch with the moving experts, you can call contact them via email or phone provided below.


Athens Moving Experts Contact Details:

Email Address: move@athensmovingexperts.com
Contact Number: 919-760-7774
Address: 6601 Hillsborough St #111, Raleigh, NC 27606
Operational Hours: 8am to 6pm
Website: athensmovingexperts.com

Athens Moving Experts Reviews:

Google: 4.9/5
Yelp: 4.5/5

5. Sawyer’s All Carolina Professional Packing and Moving

This family-owned-and-operated packing and moving company has bases in multiple locations across North Carolina and in Florida. Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial move, Sawyer’s All Carolina Professional Packing and Moving is a moving company in Raleigh that you can seriously consider.

Sawyer’s All Carolina Professional Packing and Moving provides services including local and long distance moving across the US. For those who don’t want to be bogged down by the task of packing stuff, ask the staff to do it for you. Then you could load your belongings in the truck, if at all you’d like to do it yourself.

Sawyer’s All Carolina Professional Packing and Moving shines when it comes to the handling and packing of fragile items, valuables and furniture – that too at no additional cost! The packing services provided by them include assembly and disassembly of furniture and packing of valuable items. The years of experience they have in the industry greatly helps in the professional way of handling things!

The company’s way of working involves not rushing to get the job done. Customer satisfaction is Sawyer’s All Carolina Professional Packing and Moving’s priority. Whatever your choice of service may be, the company takes into account your requirements before getting down to work so as to ensure a hassle-free move.

If packing and handling of fragile items is your priority, you can contact Sawyer’s All Carolina Professional Packing and Moving and get a free quote.


Sawyer’s All Carolina Professional Packing and Moving Contact Details:

Email Address: ncmoving12@yahoo.com
Contact Number: 919-609-5583
Address: 3434 Edwards Mill Rd #112, Raleigh, NC 27612
Operational Hours: 8am to 8pm
Website: carolinamoveus.com

Sawyer’s All Carolina Professional Packing and Moving Reviews:

Google: 5/5
Yelp: 4.5

6. Little Guys Movers

This moving company is little only by name. Established in 1992, Little Guys Movers had a humble beginning and over time, it now has franchises across eight states in the US. Staying true to its roots, Little Guys Movers prioritizes hard work and doing right by its customers above everything else.

Little Guys Movers provides the usual residential and commercial packing and moving services. But the reason this company is in the list of the best moving companies in Raleigh is because of the variety of services it offers. Whether you’re planning a local or a long distance move, whether you want stuff moved from a house or an apartment or even shuffling stuff around, the Little Guys will take care of it no problem!

You’ll only be too aware how cumbersome it is to pack and load a piano. When you leave it to the care of the Little Guys, there’ll be no reason to worry as they’re trained and equipped with the right tools. If it still makes you anxious, the full value protection provided can help reduce that feeling a little!

If there are elderly loved ones in your house, you’d know that they’ll require special care and attention when moving. Little Guys Movers promise to be polite and professional when dealing with and helping them move. This specialized service by Little Guys Movers helps set them apart from the other moving companies in Raleigh.


Little Guys Movers Contact Details:

Email Address: raleigh@littleguys.com
Contact Number: 919-694-4184
Address: 1301 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
Operational Hours: 8am to 6pm
Website: littleguys.com

Little Guys Movers Reviews:

Google: 4.9/5
Yelp: 4.5/5

7. College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving was established in 2005 by, you guessed it, two college buddies. Now it has franchises in the US as well as Canada. The name sure sounds fascinating, and this moving company can be just as intriguing. As the name suggests, this company has the distinction of being a moving and junk removal company, and a lot more!

The services rendered by College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving in Raleigh include the usual local moving. Understanding that no two customers’ requirements are the same, the company provides customized services to ensure customer satisfaction. This includes, and is not limited to, specialized moving services for senior citizens.

Being a franchise that’s spread across the US, College HUNKS also provides limited interstate moving services that they promise to be cost-effective, fast and safe. If you’re looking to just store your belongings in a safe place, you can avail of College HUNKS’ storage facilities. Whether you want to store a room’s worth of stuff or one entire vehicle, College HUNKS can provide that.

The other major aspect of College HUNKS is its junk disposal service. Whether you want to clear your house or garage of unnecessary clutter or a cleanup after a storm, College HUNKS is a company you can turn to. And what’s more – College HUNKS also strives to recycle and donate most of the junk, so you can rest easy knowing that the things you no longer require are being put into good use, and you’re doing your bit to help the planet!


College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving Contact Details:

Email Address: stressfreeservice@collegehunkshaulingjunk.com
Contact Number: 919-635-9327
Address: 6212 Westgate Road, Suite C, Raleigh, NC 27617
Operational Hours: Monday to Saturday – 8am to 9pm, Sundays – 9am to 6pm
Website: collegehunkshaulingjunk.com

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving Reviews:

Google: 4.8/5
Yelp: 3.5/5


There definitely are a lot more moving companies in Raleigh, but what we’ve chosen here are some of the very best. Depending on what your requirements are and what your budget is, you can choose any of the above and be assured of a packing and moving service that’s top notch, and lets you get some respite from the stress of moving.